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Mohamad Barakat is a Brazilian ophthalmologist of Lebanese descent practicing in São Paulo.[1] He posed in social networks with Paolo Guerrero as well as with Brazilian football stars Kaká, Rivaldo, and Nilmar, and has nearly a million followers on Instagram.[2][3][4][5][6] A 2013 under-cover report showed him to easily prescribe hormones and questioned his academic title in endocrinology that reportedly is not recognized by the respective Brazilian authority, and an investigation for unethical practices was started in 2017.[7]

Mohamad Barakat in 2015

Barakat calls himself a nutritionist, published a book on how to live a healthy life and is a frequent guest talking on the topics on radio and television.[8][9]

The singer Netinho accused Barakat of having ruined his health with steroids, for which Barakat sued him but lost. Netinho keeps written documentation of his treatment by Barakat.[10][11] Barakat is married and has a daughter.[1]


  • Book: Pilares para uma vida saudável - Pandorga 2017[12] ISBN 8584421769
  • Book: Ressignificando sua vida - Pandorga 2018[13] ISBN 8584422889


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