Mohammad Zahoor

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Mohammad Zahoor
Mohammad Zahoor's Portrait.jpg
Born (1955-08-01) August 1, 1955 (age 65)
Alma materDonetsk National Technical University
OccupationEntrepreneur, philanthropist
Net worthUSD $1 billion (2015)[1][2]
Spouse(s)Kamaliya Zahoor
ChildrenTanya Zahoor, Arman Zahoor, Mirabella Zahoor, Arabella Zahoor

Mohammad Zahoor (born August 1, 1955, in Pakistan) is a Ukraine-based, British businessman of Pakistani origin. He is the founder and owner of the ISTIL Group, the former publisher of the Kyiv Post, the co-founder of the Ukrainian Music Awards (YUNA) and a philanthropist.[3]

Early life[edit]

Zahoor was born in Karachi, Pakistan. His father was in the civil service. At school Zahoor was interested in sports (cricket, field hockey, basketball, gymnastics, tennis, and athletics). His hobby was collecting stamps and singing. Zahoor continued singing during studying at college and university.

After receiving a scholarship in 1974, Zahoor studied metallurgy at Donetsk National Technical University (then Donetsk Polytechnic Institute) in Ukraine. He later obtained his PhD from the same university in 2007.[4]


After earning his PhD from Donetsk National Technical University, Zahoor moved back to Pakistan to work at Pakistan Steel. In 1987, he moved to Moscow where he entered a partnership with a Thai steelmaker and ran Metalsrussia, a Hong Kong-registered trading company.[1]

In 1996, Zahoor bought Donetsk Steel Mill. He bought other steel mills in various countries.[1][5]

In 2008, Zahoor sold Donetsk Steel Mill to Russian parliamentarian Vadim Varshavsky, for a sum believed to be around $1 billion.[2][1]

In 2009, Zahoor bought the Kyiv Leipzig Hotel for $36 million.[4] That year he bought Ukraine's oldest English language newspaper, the Kyiv Post, for $1.1 million from its founder, American-born Jed Sunden.[2] In 2018, he sold the Kyiv Post to Syrian Adnan Kivan for $3.5 million.[6]

Zahoor was interviewed by the Financial Times on the economic situation in Ukraine, specifically the prospects for inward investment.[7][8]

Zahoor contributed to the Huffington Post on topics relating to Ukrainian/Russian economics and politics.[9]

Personal life[edit]

In 2003, Zahoor married Ukrainian singer Kamaliya.[10] They have two daughters, Mirabella and Arabella.[11] He has a daughter, Tanya, and a son, Arman, from his first marriage.[12]


At the yearly charity event 4th St. Nicholas Charity Night in Ukraine[13]
Awarding the Ukrainian bands Pianoboy and Morphom for the best duet at YUNA-2018[14]

Zahoor takes part in many different projects, in Ukraine and abroad. He donated to the restoration of the Odessa State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, a building in a university in Taxila, (North Pakistan), and the Cardiac Research Center in Pakistan. Zahoor supports sport teams and the Ice Hockey Federation of Ukraine.[15]

He and Kamaliya founded the Kamaliya and Mohammad Zahoor Charitable Foundation to help children in need. The foundation organizes annual charity nights to raise money.

In 2017, during the annual charity event 4th St. Nicholas Charity Night in Kyiv, Ukraine, $50,000 was raised through auction and ticket sales for buying 10 Drager Siemens Infinity Delta XL patient monitors for the State Children’s Cardiac Center in Kyiv.[13]

In 2011, Zahoor became the co-founder of the Ukrainian Music Awards (YUNA).[16]

In the media[edit]

In 2013, Zahoor and Kamaliya appeared on Meet the Russians, a British reality show produced by FOX TV about wealthy Russians who live in London, England.[17][18]


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