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Richie Culver (born 1983) is a British contemporary artist who works with painting and sculpture. He grow up in Hull, working on a caravan site as a teenager where he began photographing the people around him, Richie soon started seeing similarities between his own experiences and the iconic photographs of Larry Clark and Nan Goldin. Self-taught, Richie art began with collaging his photographs, and then expanded to other mediums such as painting.[1].

He came to prominence in 2010 with a piece in a group show at the Tate Modern as part of The Museum of Everything show.

Richie Culver is now considered a multidisciplinary artist, creating sculptures, paintings and collages. Richies paintings are mainly in a playful and sketchy style, depicting abstract figures often poking fun at society, life and encorperating pop culture [2]. Culver has always found interested in and drawn inspiration from Brutalism, forms of combat and anarchic undertones like the K Foundation, A number of high profile collectors have began to collate his work, including; Harry Blain of Blain Southern Gallery as well as Tate Modern and the Soho House Group.[3][dead link]

He has gone on to show internationally and is currently represented by Lehman + Silva in porto, portugal.[4]

Along with his passion for art, Culver has experimented within the world of fashion[5]. In 2012 he collaborated with Eastpakon a range of bags to help raise funds against AIDS.[6] In 2014 he collaborated with Topman to produce a collection of limited edition tees, tops and caps.[7] Culver combines car boot sale finds and Savile Row tailoring with Highly regarded and established designers such as Raf Simons and Gosha Rubchinskiy to construct a modern aesthetic[8]

In 2018 he was the first Hull born artist to show at Humber Street Gallery, Hull. where he showcased his exhibition; No One Knows me like Dawn from the Jobcentre[9] as part of the Hull UK City of Culture 2018. The Exhibition showcases a period in Richies life where he would spend fortnightly meetings with his Benefits Supervisor. The paintings in the exhibition depict the days between the visits to the jobcentre. [10][dead link]


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