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Russian Civil War
Clockwise from top:
Soldiers of the Don Army in 1919; a White infantry division in March 1920;
soldiers of the 1st Cavalry Army; Leon Trotsky in 1918; hanging of workers
in Yekaterinoslav by the Austro-Hungarian Army, April 1918.
DateNovember 7, 1917 – October 25, 1922/June 16, 1923[5][6]
(Revolt against Soviet rule continued in Central Asia until 1934)
LocationRussia Former Russian Empire: Persia
  • Establishment of the Soviet Union
  • Independence of Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland[7]
  • Belligerents

    Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic Soviet Russia

    Soviet Union
    (from 1922)

    Left SR
    Green armies


    Russia White Movement

    Allied Intervention:
     United Kingdom

     United States

    Green armies


    Newly emerged republics:

    German-led intervention:  Germany

    Tambov rebels
    Kronstadt rebels


     Ottoman Empire


    Various anti-soviet factions also fought among each other.
    Commanders and leaders

    Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic Vladimir Lenin
    Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic Leon Trotsky
    Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic Jukums Vācietis
    Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic Sergey Kamenev

    Nestor Makhno

    Russia Alexander Kolchak Executed
    Russia Lavr Kornilov 
    Russia Anton Denikin
    Russia Pyotr Wrangel

    United Kingdom Edmund Ironside
    United States William S. Graves
    United States George E. Stewart
    Empire of Japan Yui Mitsue

    Alexander Antonov 

    Nestor Makhno

    Józef Piłsudski
    Finland CGE Mannerheim
    Symon Petliura

    German Empire Wilhelm II
    German Empire Rüdiger von der Goltz

    Stepan Petrichenko

    Enver Pasha
    Alim Khan
    Sayid Abdullah

    Ottoman Empire Mehmed VI

    Bogd Khan

    Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic 3,000,000[8]
    [need quotation to verify]

    Russia 2,400,000[9] Unknown
    Casualties and losses


    • 259,213 killed
    • 60,059 missing
    • 616,605 died of disease/wounds
    • 3,878 died in accidents/suicides
    • 548,857 wounded/frostbitten[8]
    At least 1,500,000 Unknown
    Total of 5,000,000–9,000,000 deaths[10]
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