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Stayton Mail
Owner(s)Gannett Company, Inc.
Headquarters400 N. 3rd
P. O. Box 400
Stayton OR 97303[1][2]
OCLC number30722127

The Stayton Mail is a weekly newspaper serving Stayton in the U.S. state of Oregon, founded in the mid-1890s.[3][4][5] It is published by the Statesman Journal;[6] both papers, along with the nearby Silverton Appeal Tribune, are owned by the national Gannett Company.[7][4]

E. F. Bennett, who had previously tried to buy the Stayton Times (now defunct), started the Mail in 1896.[8] Bennett sold it to H. E. Browne, who later founded the Silverton Tribune, in 1900.[8] Editor Fred G. Conley made a substantial investment in a Mergenthaler typesetting machine in 1908, and changed the publication schedule from weekly to semi-weekly in January 1909.[9] The paper continued to change hands among people associated with various local papers, including the Salem Statesman, a number of times through the late 1930s.[8]


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