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TERRA PRIME is a water-based and environmentally safe polymer prime coat. Terra Prime was invented at University of Texas at Austin. The material as compound is the mixture of different solids and polymers. It is supplied as in concentrated compound or ready to apply diluted forms. Terra Prime is used as Prime Coat for road constructions and with high surface strength it is preferred over oil based alternatives like MC-30 or AEP.


The material is available in liquid form with 6 months of shelf life at room temperature. Service temperature aboe 35 °F. It looks and feels like asphalt emulsions except the Volatile organic compound (VOCs). It is commonly used in road construction. Extensive testing coordinated between University of Texas at Austin and the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) determined that Terra Prime is a notable alternative to cut-backs.[1]


The material is used for the road construction for preserving the road base and making it impermeable and sealed, if weather conditions change before the Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) application. Also polymer structure keeps the road base in place by forming an impermeable surface sheet.[2]

Terra Prime on TxDOT Road SH-195


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