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Zach Everson
Personal details
AwardsLowell Thomas Award from the Society of American Travel Writers

Zach Everson is an American journalist best known for his 1100 Pennsylvania newsletter that reports on Donald Trump’s alleged use of his presidency for personal gain. [1] Previously Everson was a travel and food writer.[2]


Everson has reported about the Trump Organization for publications including Vanity Fair, [3] Politico, [4] Slate,[5] Mother Jones,[6] and Pro Publica and WNYC Studios' Trump, Inc.[7]

As a travel writer, Everson reported on the Trump International Hotel Washington, D.C.’s opening for Fox News in October 2016[8] and later for Condé Nast Traveler.[9] That article on the 2018 Lowell Thomas Gold Award for Travel News/Investigative Reporting from the Society of American Travel Writers.[10]

He later quit travel writing to report full-time on the Trump D.C. hotel.[11]

Everson often uses open-source intelligence to identify customers at Trump properties.[8] In Commentary Magazine, journalist Matthew Continetti complimented Everson's tracking of Trump's possible conflicts, but suggested Everson was playing to liberal biases. [12]

As of February 2020, Everson had spotted more than 24 Trump cabinet members at the hotel and 32 of the 53 Republicans serving in the Senate.[13] And he spotted representatives of at least 33 foreign countries through October 2010.[14]


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