Drag Racer (video game)

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Drag Racer
Drag Racer logo.png
Developer(s) XMG Studio, Phantom Games
Publisher(s) XMG Studio, Phantom Games
Platform(s) Adobe Flash, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad
Release 2003, 2009, 2010, 2012
Genre(s) Gaming, Family & Arcade, Racing
Mode(s) Single Player, Multiplayer

The Drag Racer franchise is a series of games that were developed by Adam Telfer, who started designing this Flash game at the age of 14. The game, first released in 2003 was later ported to iOS devices (iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad) as a partnership with XMG Studio. The core game-play in Drag Racer is quite simple. Players purchase cars that they customize, upgrade, tune and then race opponents in an effort to win credits that allows them to upgrade existing cars or buy new ones.

The PC version has over 50 million views on newgrounds and has a huge active user-base.[citation needed] After the game was ported to iOS devices by XMG Studio, the version has acquired more than 2 million downloads resulting in hundreds of millions of races.[citation needed] The current iOS versions available on iTunes are Drag Racer Pro Tuner and Drag Racer Perfect Run.

Game Description[edit]

Drag Racer is a series of racing games that allows users to create and customize cars and race them on a drag racing strip. The controls are intuitive (just a gas pedal and gear shifter) but the races are exhilarating and challenging. The players can manually tune their cars for better performance by reducing the weight, adding nitrous oxide, enhancing the engine, computer, drivetrain, exhaust and induction or upgrading the ignition and more. Additionally, the player can choose from a near endless number of customization options, ranging from simple paint (the colours are in RGB), to editing the outside parts (like rims, spoilers etc.), adding decals and finishing the look with the integration of a picture of you own.

Drag Racer: Flash Game was released in 2003 [1] by Adam Telfer. It was launched on Newgrounds, where it currently has 50 million users, making it one of the top 10 flash games of all times according to flash games site newgrounds.com. Version 2 of Drag Racer was launched and featured on the first page for almost 2 years.[2] In 2004[3] version 3 was launched on Newgrounds and featured on the front page for over 1 year.

Drag Racer: Perfect Run Drag Racer Perfect Run was the first Drag Racer game to be ported onto the iOS platform by XMG Studio. After just four short months of coding, Perfect Run was launched into the Appstore in 2009

Drag Racer: ProTuner Drag Racer: ProTuner Pro Tuner was first released on iOS in December 2009.[4] The side-scrolling racing game features over 40 cars, trucks and bikes to select from. The game allows players to customize their drag racer with paint jobs, custom decals or even personalized pictures or photos. Once designed the player can post screenshots of his dragster to Facebook and share it with friends. You can put your car to the test against your friends to see if your Dragster is as fast as you think it is. Players can tune gear ratios, tire compounds, and boost suspension to maximize the performance of their cars and achieve superior results.

Drag Racer: World Drag Racer World is the 4th entry in the Drag Racer series since it was first developed for iOS in 2009. Drag Racer World allows players to "pimp" their rides and challenge friends to race online. Players can customize their dragster by upgrading, painting or tuning for ultimate performance. Players can connect with the Drag Racer World online community and become part of the largest global racing circuit. Winning races will earn you in-game "points" to spend on customizing, upgrading and buying higher performance cars. Drag Racer World is the long-awaited sequel to the original Drag Racer : Pro Tuner franchise. Global release is expected in - May 2012.[5]

Version History[edit]

  • Drag Racer (flash based): Released in 2003[6]
  • Drag Racer v2 (flash based): Released in 2003[7]
  • Drag Racer v3 (flash based): Released in 2004 [8]
  • Drag Racer: Pro Tuner (iOS based) [9]
  • Drag Racer: Car Creator (iOS based)
  • Drag Racer HD (iOS based)
  • Drag Racer World (iOS based) [10]