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Drag pageantry is a highly developed form of pageantry for female impersonators and trans women, styled after traditional beauty pageants or beauty contests for cisgender women.

In more recent years, it has also evolved into a highly developed form of pageantry for male impersonators and transmen, modeled in the same style and spirit as female-centered pageantry (see above).

National pageants in the United States[edit]

National drag pageants became enmeshed within the gay community during the 1970s, and have become increasingly prevalent since. The first drag pageants were held in individual gay bars, and discothèques during the post Stonewall era. Drag pageants evolved independently, in the decade subsequent to the first gay Mardi Gras coronations.

Miss Gay America[edit]

Mirroring the format of the Miss America contest, the first national gay pageant Miss Gay America (MGA) was held in 1972 at the Watch Your Hat & Coat Saloon in Nashville, Tennessee, Nashville's first gay dance and show bar. Jerry Peek opened this bar in 1971, and it was an instant sensation, not only with gay patrons, but also with the straight crowd. Norma Kristie, state representative of Arkansas, was crowned as the winner of the 1973 Miss Gay America Pageant, and in 1975 Norman "Norma Kristie" Jones took ownership of the pageant from Jerry Peek, who founded the Miss Gay America Pageant. Norman Jones would form Norma Kristie, Inc. and operate the pageant and its network of preliminaries for the next 30 years.

Since its inception, MGA has prided itself as a showcase for pure female impersonation: Contestants must be men who live as men, achieving a convincing feminine illusion solely through their own ingenuity, creativity, and resourcefulness. Bodily feminization via female hormones, breast implants, and/or injectable fillers such as liquid silicone is strictly forbidden (plastic surgery and fillers above the neck are permitted, however). An interview in male attire is a key component of the pageant; contestants are judged not only for their poise and articulateness but for their overall masculine presentation—points may be deducted for feminine aspects such as overly plucked eyebrows or long fingernails.

In February 2005, the Miss Gay America pageantry system was purchased by Larry Tyger and Terry Eason of L & T Entertainment. Currently, contestants are judged in 5 categories: Male Interview, Solo Talent, Evening Gown, Stage Question & Answer, and Production Talent.

On February 4, 2016, Michael Dutzer and Rob Mansman of Mad Angel Entertainment purchased the Miss Gay America pageant From L & T Entertainment.[1]

Former titleholders[edit]

Year Titleholder Given name First alternate Second alternate Third alternate Fourth alternate Crowning venue Notes
1973 Norma Kristie, Miss Gay Arkansas Norman Jones Charlie Brown, Miss Gay Georgia Genie Dee, Miss Gay ? No record No record Watch Your Hat & Coat Saloon, Nashville, TN Retired
1974 Lady Baronessa, Miss Gay Illinois Carmel Santiago Roski Fernandez, Miss Gay Florida, Alt. Billie Boots, Miss Gay Florida No record No record Glass Menagerie Nightclub, Nashville, TN Deceased, 1992 - *1
1975 Shawn Luis, Miss Gay Illinois Shawn Ocampo Roski Fernandez, Miss Gay Florida Michael Andrews, Miss Gay ? Jodi Lane, Miss Gay Texas No record Atlanta Americana Hotel Ballroom, Atlanta, GA Retired; underwent gender reassignment.
1976A Shan Covington, Miss Gay South Shan Covington Michael Andrews, Miss Gay Southwest Dani Daletto, Miss Gay Michigan Shannon Forrester, Miss Gay Texas No record Depository Nightclub, Houston, TX Decrowned, Deceased, 1998 - *2
1976B Dani Daletto, Miss Gay Michigan Jose Mondelano X X X X Vapors Nightclub, Hot Springs, AR Deceased, 1989
1977 Michael Andrews, Miss Gay South Michael Androlewicz Naomi Sims, Miss Gay Texas Shannon Forrester, Miss Gay Southwest Jimi Dee, Miss Gay South, Alt. Rachel Wells, Miss Gay Georgia Old Plantation Nightclub, Houston, TX Deceased, 1989
1978 Jimi Dee, Miss Gay South Jimmy Dillard Hot Chocolate, Miss Gay ? Lady Shawn, Miss Gay ? Ginger Roberts, Miss Gay ? Lisa King, Miss Gay ? Machinist's Hall, St. Louis, MO Deceased, 1996
1979 Rachel Wells, Miss Gay South, Alt. John Greenwell Hot Chocolate, Miss Gay Texas Lady Shawn, Miss Gay South Lisa King, Miss Gay ? No record Fox Theater, Atlanta, GA Retired [2]
1980 Hot Chocolate, Miss Gay East Coast Larry Edwards Lady Shawn, Miss Gay Texas Dana Manchester, Miss Gay South Satyn DeVille, Miss Gay Georgia Donna Drag, Miss Gay Midwest Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA Active, Las Vegas Headliner
1981 Lady Shawn, Miss Gay East Coast Shawn Danny Marshall Genevieve Ryder, Miss Gay Great Lakes Jennifer Foxx, Miss Gay Michigan Lindsey Love, Miss Gay Texas No record Masonic Temple, Detroit, MI Deceased, 2005
1982 Jennifer Foxx, Miss Gay North Bobby Bruno Francesca Wakeland, Miss Gay ? Tasha Kohl, Miss Gay Southwest Naomi Sims, Miss Gay ? No record Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, TX Active
1983 Francesca Wakeland, Miss Gay Tri-States Jon Meadows Naomi Sims, Miss Gay Southwest Tasha Kohl, Miss Gay Texas Trudy Tyler, Miss Gay South, Alt. Liza Blue, Miss Gay North Carolina, Alt. Ovens Auditorium, Charlotte, NC Retired
1984 Tasha Kohl, Miss Gay Mid-America Jerry Faulkner Naomi Sims, Miss Gay South Stella Starr, Miss Gay North Carolina Candi Stratton, Miss Gay Illinois, Alt. No record Oklahoma City Convention Center, Oklahoma City, OK Retired From Regular Performances
1985 Naomi Sims, Miss Gay Tri-States Newman Braud Fritz Capone, Miss Gay Kansas Melinda Ryder, Miss Gay Missouri No record No record Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, TX Deceased, 1992
1986 Lauren Colby, Miss Gay North Carolina, Alt. Robb Robinson Diana Black, Miss Gay Great Lakes Toni Lenore, Miss Gay North Carolina No record No record Indianapolis Convention Center, Indianapolis, IN Active
1987 Blaze Starr, Miss Gay Tri-States David Brazil Cherry Lane, Miss Gay Arkansas, Alt. Kelly Ray Shelton, Miss Gay North Carolina No record No record Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, TX Retired
1988 Cherry Lane, Miss Gay Tri-States Michael Smothers Rachel Masters, Miss Gay Texas, Alt. Valerie Lohr, Miss Gay Texas No record No record Fox Theater, Atlanta, GA Retired
1989 Vicki Vincent, Miss Gay Mid-Atlantic Roger Piatt Brandi Alexander, Miss Gay North Sweet Savage, Miss Gay Texas No record No record Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, TX Active
1990 Brandi Alexander, Miss Gay Great Plains Randy Fenoli Valerie Lohr, Miss Gay Mid-West Tiffany Bonét, Miss Gay Atlantic Coast Charity Case, Miss Gay Illinois Sweet Savage, Miss Gay Southwest Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, TX Retired
1991 Valerie Lohr, Miss Gay South, Alt. Gary Lytle COCO, Miss Gay South Tiffany Bonét, Miss Gay Mid-Atlantic Leslie Rage, Miss Gay New York Donna Day, Miss Gay Heart of America, Alt. Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, TX Active
1992 Tiffany Bonét, Miss Gay Mid-East Acey Hendricks Leslie Rage, Miss Gay Mid-Atlantic Blair Williams, Miss Gay North Carolina Amazing Grace, Miss Gay Texas Coco, Miss Gay D.C., Alt. Majestic Theater, Dallas, TX Active
1993 Leslie Rage, Miss Gay Mid-East Leslie DeLaCruz COCO, Miss Gay Southwest, Alt. Dieta Pepsi, Miss Gay Heart of America Tumara Mahorning, Miss Gay Missouri Kelly Cruise, Miss Gay Arkansas Majestic Theater, Dallas, TX Deceased, 1995
1994 Jacqulyn DeVaroe, Miss Gay Delta States, Alt. Darius Cordell Ramona LeGér, Miss Gay Miss Gay Mid-East, Alt. Coppa Lamé, Miss Gay Mid-America Blair Williams, Miss Gay Mid East Kerri Nichols, Miss Gay North Carolina Majestic Theater, Dallas, TX Retired
1995-A Ramona LeGér, Miss Gay Mid-East Louis Marcello Patti Le Plae Safe, Miss Gay Gulf States, Alt. Nicole DuBois, Miss Gay Southern Elegance Dieta Pepsi, Miss Gay Great Plains Loreal Chillane, Miss Gay Gulf States Majestic Theater, Dallas, TX Deceased, 1995 - *3
1995-B Patti Le Plae Safe, Miss Gay Gulf States, Alt. Rodd Grey X X X X Robinson Center Music Auditorium, Little Rock, AR (During the 1996 Pageant) Active
1996 Kerri Nichols, Miss Gay Mid-America Jeff Capell Lauren Taylor, Miss Gay Texas Linda Carrero, Miss Gay Mid-East Kofi Lana Eastman Robinson Center Music Auditorium, Little Rock, AR Active
1997 Lauren Taylor, Miss Gay Mid-West, Alt. Darrell Cantu Laken Edwards, Miss Gay Texas Lana Eastman, Miss Gay Mid-West Shae Shae LaReese Dieta Pepsi Ovens Auditorium, Charlotte, NC Semi-Retired
1998 Maya Montana, Miss Gay Virginia Renante Borromeo Linda Carrero, Miss Gay Mid-America Lana Eastman, Miss Gay Mid-East Kirby Kolby Celia Putty Ovens Auditorium, Charlotte, NC Active
1999 Linda Carrero, Miss Gay Mid-South, Alt. Omar Reyes Kirby Colby, Miss Gay West Virginia Catia Lee Love, Miss Gay ? Charity Case Jessica Daniels Athena Theater, Little Rock, AR Active
2000 Catia Lee Love, Miss Gay Mid-America Aron Harvey Charity Case, Miss Gay Southern Elegance Kirby Kolby, Miss Gay ? Sabrina White Laken Edwards Lincoln Theater, Washington D.C. Active
2001 Charity Case, Miss Gay Central States Mark Coleman Sabrina White, Miss Gay ? Dominique Sanchez, Miss Gay ? Truly Fabu Laken Edwards Athena Theater, Little Rock, AR Active
2002 Sabrina White, Miss Gay Mid-Atlantic Russell Marcum Kitty Bob Aimes, Miss Gay Oklahoma Dominique Sanchez Angela Dodd, Miss Gay Arizona, Alt. Victoria DePaula Dallas Convention Center-Dallas, TX Active
2003 Dominique Sanchez, Miss Gay Mid-America Chris Williams Jayda Alexander, Miss Gay Louisiana, Alt. Angela Dodd, Miss Gay Arizona Raquel Chevallier, Miss Gay Florida, Alt. No 4th Alt this year Athena Theater-Little Rock, AR Active
2004 Rachael Erikks, Miss Gay Heart of America Ray Robertson Alana Steele, Miss Gay Indiana Truly Fabu, Miss Gay Mid-Atlantic Kitty Bob Aimes Raquel Chevallier Athena Theater, Little Rock, AR Active
2005 Raquel Chevallier, Miss Gay Tri-States Scott Peters Alina Meletti, Miss Gay Florida, Alt. Alyssa Edwards, Miss Gay Texas Chantel Reshae Alana Steele Athena Theater, Little Rock, AR Active
2006 Nicole DuBois, Miss Gay Mid-America Tommy Davis Coti Collins, Miss Gay East Coast Victoria Parker, Miss Gay ? Alyssa Edwards Layla Larue, Miss Gay Texas Cannon Center, Memphis, TN Active
2007 Luscious, Miss Gay Western States Monica Gates Coti Collins, Miss Gay North Carolina Alina Maletti Victoria DePaula China Collins Cannon Center, Memphis, TN Active
2008 Mikaila Kay, Miss Gay Western States, Alt. Josh Bolin Layla Larue, Miss Gay Southern Elegance, Alt. Victoria DePaula, Miss Gay Midwest Coti Collins Chanel Reshae Holiday Inn Select Airport Ballroom, Memphis, TN Active
2009 Victoria DePaula, Miss Gay D. C. Carl Glorioso Chantel Reshae, Miss Gay East Coast Coti Collins, Miss Gay Mid-East Alyssa Edwards China Collins Millennium Hotel Ballroom, St. Louis, MO Active
2010-A Alyssa Edwards, Miss Gay Heartland, Alt.[3] Justin Johnson Coco Montrese, Miss Gay Heart of America Jessica Jade, Miss Gay D. C. Sally Sparkles Kristina Kelly Millennium Hotel Ballroom, St. Louis, MO Active, Decrowned - *4
2010-B Coco Montrese, Miss Gay Heart of America Martin Cooper X X X X The Grey Fox Nightclub, St. Louis, MO Active
2011 Coti Collins, Miss Gay D. C. David Lowman Jessica Jade, Miss Gay Mid-East Chantel Reshae, Miss Gay Gulf States Sally Sparkles, Miss Gay Heart of America, Alt. Tajma Stetson, Miss Gay Missouri, Alt. Lifestyles Pavilion Auditorium, Columbus, OH Active - *5
2012 Kirby Kolby, Miss Gay D. C. Mark Smith Jessica Jade, Miss Gay Atlantic States Jenna Skyy, Miss Gay Texas Araya Sparxx Blair Williams Capitol Theater at the Riffe Center, Columbus, OH Active
2013 Sally Sparkles, Miss Gay Mid-America Michael Sharp Blair Williams, Miss Gay Mid-America, Alt. Jessica Jade, Miss Gay Southern Elegance Kofi, Miss Gay Mid-West Deva Station, Miss Mid-America, Alt. Sheraton Hotel Ballroom, Columbus, OH Active
2014 Jessica Jade, Miss Gay East Coast Billy Wilson Blair Williams, Miss Gay D. C. Christa Collins, Miss Gay MO Kofi Truly Fabu Millennium Hotel Ballroom, St. Louis, MO Active
2015 Blair Williams, Miss Gay Southern States Todd Mauldin Truly Fabu, Miss Gay Eastern States, Alt. Kelly Ray Shelton, Miss Gay North Carolina Dextaci Adria Andrews, Miss Gay Missouri Millennium Maxwell House Ballroom, Nashville, TN Active
2016 Asia O'Hara, Miss Gay Texas Antwan Lee Kelly Ray Shelton, Miss Gay Southeast Dextaci, Miss Gay Miss Gay Southern States Truly Fabu Nevaeh McKenzie, Miss Gay Arizona Holiday Inn Express Airport Ballroom, Memphis, TN Active
2017 Suzy Wong, Miss Gay Western States Arnold Myint Kelly Ray Shelton, Miss Gay Heart of America Sofia Anderson, Miss Gay Texas Savannah Stevens, Miss Gay Arizona Dextaci Holiday Inn Express Airport Ballroom, Memphis, TN Active
2018 Deva Station, Miss Gay Heart of America Brooke Lynn Hytes, 1st Alt Miss Gay Heart of America Kelly Ray Shelton, Miss Gay New York America Dessie Love Blake, Miss Gay Northeast America Mary Nolan, 1st Alt Miss Gay Northeast America Hyatt Regency, New Orleans, LA Active
2019 Andora Te'tee, Miss Gay New York America Michael Collins Dessie Love Blake, 1st Alt Miss Gay New York America Sofia Anderson, Miss Gay Nevada America Janessa Highland, Miss Gay Missouri America Alexis Mateo, Miss Gay Florida America Ferrara Theatre at America's Center, St. Louis, MO[4] Active
  • *1 Lady Baronessa's full name was "The Lady Baroness Maria Andrea del Santiago."
  • *2 Shan Covington had his title revoked for conduct unbecoming a Miss Gay America titleholder. The title was offered to the 1976 First Alternate, Michael Andrews, who passed it up because he wanted to win the title. The title was then passed to the 1976 Second Alternate, Dani Daletto. Dani Daletto was crowned in a special ceremony at the 1976 Miss Gay South Pageant held at Vapors Nightclub in Hot Springs, AR.
  • *3 Ramona LeGer' died 5 months into his reign. 1995 First Alternate, Patti Le Plae Safe, requested not to be crowned or wear the crown during the pageant year in Ramona's memory. Patti La Plae Safe served as the official Miss Gay America Representative, until the night of the 1996 Miss Gay America Pageant, at which he was finally crowned the official 1995 Miss Gay America in a special ceremony.
  • *4 Alyssa had his title revoked due to scheduling conflicts with previous engagements and his Miss Gay America duties. The title was passed to the 2010 First Alternate, Coco Montrese, who was crowned in a special ceremony at The Grey Fox Nightclub in St. Louis, MO.
  • *5 Coti Collins is the longest competing Miss Gay America winner. His first appearance at Miss Gay America was in 1988 as the First Alternate from the Miss Gay West Virginia America franchise.

Miss Continental[edit]

As Miss Gay America grew in popularity and prestige, many professional female impersonators who lived full-time as women found they were unable to compete in the pageant due to its longstanding rule barring transgender contestants. Aside from the prestige of holding a national title, MGA afforded its winner guaranteed show bookings at every state preliminary held during the title year; thus, the MGA crown turned what was often local, part-time work into a full-time job. Because many trans women also use drag shows as a source of income, it was only natural that a pageantry system would evolve to meet their needs.

In 1980, Chicago nightclub promoter Jim Flint, owner of the Baton Show Lounge, filled this void with the creation of the Miss Continental U.S.A. Pageant. Contestants were scored in interview, swim wear, talent, and evening gown; for the finalists, an on stage question. A number of notable winners either were "boy queens" at the time that they won or have never pursued gender transition—including Chilli Pepper, the first Miss Continental, Michelle Dupree, Miss Continental 1998, Naysha Lopez, Miss Continental, 2013 and Brooke Lynn Hytes, Miss Continental 2014–15—but over time the Continental Pageantry System became renowned for its "titty girls," or pre-/non-operative transsexual contestants. On January 7, 2019 Jim Flint released a statement that Continental would be the second pageant out of the top 5 to allow post-operative contestant to compete in its pageants, the only other National System that allowed that until this time was All American Goddess. Today, Miss Continental has preliminaries representing various U.S. states as well as Canada and Europe.

(All winners were crowned in Chicago, Illinois)

List of Former Miss Continental Titleholders
Year Titleholder First alternate Second alternate Third alternate Fourth alternate Fifth alternate Notes
1980 Chilli Pepper Andrea Necole Dina Jacobs Tiffany Arieagus Amber Richards Active
1981 Heather Fontaine Tiffany Arieagus Amber Richards Dana Douglas Chena Black Active
1982 Tiffany Andretta Arieagus Dena Jacobs Cherine Alexander Andrea Necole Jahna Reis Active
1983 Chena Black Cherine Alexander ? ? Retired
1984 Cherine Alexander Dina Jacobs Dawn Dupree Candi Stratton Kelly Lauren Deceased
1985 Maya Douglas Candi Stratton Alana Kela Shanté (Alexandra Billings) Tissy Malone Active
1986 Tandi Andrews Dana Douglas Ginger Grant Shanté Alana Kela Deceased
1987 Dana Douglas Shante' Denise Darshell Lauren Michaels Griselda Ginger Grant Active
1988 Kelly Lauren Shanté Whitney Carlysle Nikki Adams Amber Richards Active
1989 Lakesha Lucky Christina D’Angelo Chanel Dupree Ginger Valdez Amber Richards Retired
1990 Chanel Dupree Lauren Michaels Monica Munro Mimi Marks Bobbie Blake Active
1991 Amber Richards Chena Kelly Monica Munro Brandy Lee Kerrin Alexander Deceased
1992 Mimi Marks Cézanne Blincoe Christina Piaget Sasha Valentino Tasha Long Active
1993 Monica Munro Kelly Anderson Michelle Mitchells Natasha Mills Tasha Long Retired
1994 Cézanne Blincoe Paris Frantz Natasha Richards Angela Carrera Sherri Payne Danielle Hunter Active
1995 The Lady Catiria Reyes Natasha Richards Paris Frantz Sasha Valentino Jasmine Bonét Deceased
1996 Paris Frantz Tasha Long Basia Danielle Hunter Tommie Ross WOMAN/SRS
1997 Tasha Long Ashley Kruiz Martina Diamante Danielle Hunter Damianne Dee-Vine (Allanah Starr) Active
1998 Michelle Dupree Silkie Munro Sasha Valentino Erica Andrews Armani Retired
1999 Tommie Ross Erika Norell Michelle Mitchells Kourtney Paige Van Wales Sasha Valentino Active
2000 Danielle Hunter Erika Norell Candis Cayne Amalia Black Tina Sparkles Active
2001 Candis Cayne Yoshiko Oshiro Raquell Lord Sasha Valentino Amalia Black Erica Andrews Active
2002 Yoshiko Oshiro Barbra Herr Armani Stevens Raquell Lord Stasha Sanchez Active
2003 Erika Norell Fontasia L’Amour Stasha Sanchez Lorna Vando Regine Phillips Active
2004 Erica Andrews Sasha Valentino Alexis Gabrielle Sherrington Barbra Herr Regine Phillips Deceased
2005 Domanique Shappelle Sasha Valentino Alexis Gabrielle Sherrington Jasmine Bonet Sasha Colby Active
2006 Victoria LePaige Necole Luv Dupree Regine Phillips Mokha Montrese Jasmine International Active
2007 Necole Luv Dupree Armani Stevens Alexis Gabrielle Sherrington Lorna Vando Jasmine International Active
2008 Tulsi Balram Sasha Colby Mokha Montrese Shantell D'Marco Melania Cortez Active
2009 Armani Stevens Mokha Montrese Naysha Lopez Kim Moore Aurora Sexton Active
2010 Mokha Montrese Sassy Devine Fontasia L’Amour Angel Cavali Melina Varela Active
2011 Alexis Gabrielle Sherrington Fontasia L’Amour Tiffany T. Hunter Stasha Sanchez Jennifer St. Cartier Active
2012 Sasha Colby Fontasia L’Amour Kourtney Paige Van Wales Stasha Sanchez Queen Bee Ho Tiffany T. Hunter Active
2013 Naysha Lopez Brooke Lynn Hytes Stasha Sanchez Aurora Sexton Tiffany T. Hunter Shantell D'Marco Active
2014 Brooke Lynn Hytes Joan Jullian Stratton Queen Bee Ho Aria B. Cassadine Regine Phillips Active
2015 Tiffany T. Hunter Kourtney Paige Van Wales Fontasia L'Amour Serenity Lopez Renaita Ferrara Active
2016 Jazell Barbie Royale Sunny Dee-Lite Brittany Moore Serenity Lopez Regine Phillips Active
2017 Shantell D'Marco Sassy Devine Jasmine Rice Stasha Sanchez Pattaya Hart Active
2018 Stasha Sanchez Raquell Lord Melony VonKruz Pattaya Hart Yeisa Jovovich Active

Miss Continental Plus Winners[edit]

  • 1991 - Ginger Grant (Deceased)
  • 1992 - Denise Russell
  • 1993 - The Lady Catiria Reyes (Deceased)
  • 1994 - Erica Christian
  • 1995 - Carmella Marcella Garcia
  • 1996 - Victoria LePaige
  • 1997 - Dena Cass
  • 1998 - Santana T. Summers (Deceased)
  • 1999 - Terri Williams
  • 2000 - Tumara Mahorning
  • 2001 - Angel Sherdian
  • 2002 - Chevelle Brooks
  • 2003 - Victoria Parker
  • 2004 - Angelica Sanchez
  • 2005 - Amaya
  • 2006 - Desiree Demornay
  • 2007 - Tajma Hall (Deceased)
  • 2008 - Mercedes Tyler
  • 2009 - CoCo Van Cartier
  • 2010 - Roxxxy Andrews
  • 2011 - Chelsea Pearl
  • 2012 - Tanisha Cassadine (Deceased)
  • 2013 - Whitney Paige (Deceased)
  • 2013 - Farra N. Hyte (Succeeded)
  • 2014 - Tahjee Iman
  • 2015 - Kofi
  • 2016 - Natasha Douglas
  • 2017 - KeKe Velazquez-Lord
  • 2018 - Chy’enne Valentino
  • 2018 - Darcel Stevens

Miss Continental Elite Winners[edit]

  • 2004 - Nikki Adams
  • 2005 - Barbra Herr
  • 2006 - Maya Douglas
  • 2007 - Danielle Hunter
  • 2008 - Angel Sheridan
  • 2009 - Michelle Fighter
  • 2010 - Electra
  • 2011 - Daesha Richards
  • 2012 - Dana Douglas
  • 2013 - Kourtney Van Wales
  • 2014 - Lady Charisse Estrada
  • 2015 - Chantel Reshae
  • 2016 - Teryl Lynn Foxx
  • 2017 - Fontasia L'Amour
  • 2018 - Lorna Vando
  • 2018 - Misty Knight *HONORARY (Deceased)
  • 2019 - A'zsia Dupree

Mr. Continental Winners[edit]

  • 2004 - Carl Harris (Dethroned)
  • 2004 - Ray Matthews
  • 2005 - Antonio Edwards
  • 2006 - Tony Desario
  • 2007 - Simba Hall
  • 2008 - Rasean Montrese
  • 2009 - David "Freklz" Hunter
  • 2010 - Christopher Iman
  • 2011 - Nick Gray
  • 2012 - Phillip Alexander
  • 2013 - Angel Saez Amador
  • 2014 - Kalil Valentino
  • 2015 - Joey Taylor
  • 2016 - Mykul Jay Valentine
  • 2017 - Antwuan Steele
  • 2018 - Ramon Ventura
  • 2019 - Sir' Valentino

National Entertainer of the Year[edit]

This contest was created by George Stinson and Ed Lewis, owners of the successful Connection Complex in Louisville, Kentucky. They drew their inspiration from Female Impersonator of the Year, a one-time pageant event held in Houston in 1985, hosted by Ruth Buzzi and Lyle Waggoner, and released as a cable-TV special and home video. The winner of that contest, the late Naomi Sims (Newman Braud), is honored as EOY Emeritus.[5]

Year Titleholder First alternate Second alternate Notes
Emeritus (held 1985) Naomi Sims Michael Andrews Tasha Kohl Deceased
1991 Tasha Kohl Charity Case Leslie Rage
1992 Amazing Grace Charity Case Ashley Kruiz Deceased
1993 Shayla Simpson Tandi Andrews Terri Vanessa Coleman Deceased
1994 Electra Sweet Savage Danielle Hunter
1995 Coco Ashley Kruiz Natasha Richards Deceased
1996 Monica Munro Bianca Paige Stephanie Wells
1997 Maya Douglas Ashley Kruiz Angel Sheridan
1998 Daisy DeadPetals Necole Luv Dupree Angel Sheridan
1999 Stephanie Bofill Whitney Paige Roxie Hart Deceased
2000 Roxie Hart Raven Versage Holt
2001 Raven Ashley Kruiz Necole Luv Dupree
2002 Necole Luv Dupree Victoria Parker Tamisha Iman
2003 Nina DiAngelo Whitney Paige Tamisha Iman
2004 Tasha Long Camille Simpson Jordan Kennedy
2005 Angelique Ali Catia Lee Love DeeRanged
2006 Erica Andrews DeeRanged Mokha Montrese Deceased
2007 DeeRanged Armani Stevens Kitty Litter
2008 Nina West Armani Stevens Domanique Shappelle
2009 Bianca Nicole Vanessa DeMornay Deangela Shannon
2010 Vanessa DeMornay Shangela Laquifa Wadley Erika Norell
2011 Aurora Sexton Trinity Taylor Kristina Kelly
2012 Mokha Montrese Raquell Lord Shae Shae LaReese
2013 Raquell Lord Brooke Lynn Hytes Alana Steele
2014 Trinity Taylor Alyssa Edwards Eureka O'Hara
2015 Sunny Dee-Lite Delores T. Van Cartier Shontelle Sparkles
2016 Alexis Gabrielle Sherrington Aria B. Cassadine Karime Lazaldi
2017 Ginger Manchester Versage Holt Paris Campbell
2018 Danielle Hunter Eva Angelica Stratton Buff Faye

Mr. Entertainer of the Year[edit]

  • 2002 - Carl Harris
  • 2003 - D'Andre
  • 2004 - Romeo Avila[6]
  • 2005 - Rasean Montrese
  • 2006 - William Benion
  • 2007 - Monte St. James
  • 2008 - Savion Simpson (Deceased)
  • 2009 - Xavier Valentino Litter
  • 2010 - Alex Stabler
  • 2011 - Mykul Jay Valentine
  • 2012 - Xavier Cole
  • 2013 - David "Freklz" Hunter
  • 2014 - Matthew Jay Kelly
  • 2015 - Judas Elliot
  • 2016 - Rolly Villaverde
  • 2017 - Charlton Alicea
  • 2018 - Prince Travi

King Entertainer of the Year[edit]

In 2011, after years of pushing from EOY promoters and a final agreement from major sponsor Anheuser Busch, National EOY introduced an MI division. On a preliminary level, the first MI crowned into the EOY system was Joey Paige, who captured the title of Kentucky EOY King at the preliminary pageant in Louisville on July 3, 2011. This was the only EOY MI prelim contest held that year. Michigan EOY also sent a representative to Nationals that year, Spacee Kadett, though Spacee was appointed the title in the state. The remaining contestants for the first EOY King contest entered as open competitors, and such open entry into EOY King competition continues to this day.

In July 2011, after national competition, EOY crowned Spacee Kadett as the first national king in its system. Spacee's victory and reign of outrageous drag helped push drag kinging to a more daring and theatrical level across the US, and set a standard for kings in the EOY system.

Year Titleholder First alternate Second alternates Notes
2011 Spacee Kadett Richard Cranium
2012 Mystikal Spikey Van Dykey Tanner Taylor
2013 Owen McCord Michael Christian Bruno Diaz
2014 Chase McGroin Gunner Daimon Gatlyn
2015 Chaos Bruno Diaz
2016 Preston Dickerson Jordan Reign Leo Scott
2017 Romeo White Rocky Valentino
2018 Liam Scott Scrappy Christian Gaye
Femme Entertainer of the Year[edit]

In 2015, EOY promoters and owners expanded the contest to include the Femme counterparts with the first National Pageant held at the Connection Complex theatre.

Year Titleholder First alternate Second alternate Notes
2015 Tymisha Harris Nova Loza Taylor Rene
2016 Bella Nicole Harlow Ivy Les Vixens Nevaeh Sweetness
2017 Cass Marie Domino Miranda Casada Qtip Chanel
2018 Olivia Jane Miranda Casada Venus Envy


Miss Gay USofA[edit]

Houston, Texas based MGA promoter Jerry Bird purchased the bankrupt Miss Gay USA pageant from former MGA Jimi Dee in 1985.[9] Within a few years he took the pageant from a small twelve contestant affair to a national showcase with over eighty participants. In 1986, the first Miss Gay USA Naomi Sims crowned Michael Andrews. In the mid-1990s the pageant was renamed Miss Gay USofA after complaints and legal threats from the owner of Miss USA, Donald Trump, who placed a cease and desist order until verbiage could be agreed upon that allowed for both competitions to continue without confusion or discrimination.

There have been a wide range of contestants in the Miss USofA System, and many USofA titleholders also count the Miss Gay America crown as accomplishments in female impersonation. These include:

Naomi Sims, Miss Gay USA 1979 (Miss Gay America 1985); Michael Andrews, Miss Gay USA 1986 (Miss Gay America 1977); Jacquelyn DeVaroe, Miss Gay USofA 1997 (Miss Gay America 1994); Lauren Taylor, Miss Gay USofA 1998 (Miss Gay America 1997); Alyssa Edwards, Miss Gay USofA 2006 (Miss Gay America 2010, though Edwards was stripped of the title a few short months after winning the crown); Dominique Sanchez, Miss Gay USofA 2010 (Miss Gay America 2003); Luscious, Miss Gay USofA 2011 (Miss Gay America 2007), and, Asia O'Hara, Miss Gay USofA 2007 (Miss Gay America 2016).

The following is the list of the winners of the Miss Gay U.S.A. Pageant — then a complete change of ownership — Miss Gay USA winners 1986 through 1994 and Miss Gay USofA winners from 1995 through present:

Miss Gay USofA[edit]

Year Titleholder First alternate Second alternate Third alternate Fourth alternate Location Notes
1979 Naomi Sims Michael Andrews Dina Jacobs X X Crowned in Houston, TX Deceased
1980 Jahnau Reis (Jahna Steele) Dina Jacobs Roski Fernandez X X Crowned in Houston, TX Deceased
1981 Dina Jacobs X X X X X No Contest Held Dina carried over from the previous year
1982 Eartha Kitt Odessa Brown Vonda DeLayne X X Crowned in Austin, TX Deceased
1983 Lady Nova Bernard ? ? X X Crowned in Houston, TX Deceased
1984 Lisa King ? ? X X Crowned in Atlanta, GA Deceased
1985 No Contest X X X X X Jerry Bird purchased the Miss Gay USA Pageant & became its promoter.
1986 Michael Andrews Tandi Andrews Tommie Ross Jerry Harper Lauren Brach Crowned in Houston, TX Deceased
1987 Diana Hutton Tiffany Arieagus Tommie Ross Erica Adams Dina Jacobs Crowned in Columbia, SC Deceased
1988 Tommie Ross Netasha Edwards Candi Stratton Rita Ross Tina DeVore Crowned in Indianapolis, IN Active
1989 Netasha Edwards Candi Stratton Eddie Dee Monica Munro Carmella Marcella Garcia Crowned in St. Louis, MO Deceased
1990 C’ezanne Blincoe Rita Ross Bianca Paige Farrah McCray Jamie Monroe Crowned in Louisville, KY Active
1991 Sable Chanel Tandi Andrews Mahogany Rita Ross Amber Richards Crowned in Atlanta, GA Retired
1992 Tandi Andrews Mahogany Bianca Paige Denise Darcell Sweet Savage Crowned in San Antonio, TX Deceased
1993 Sweet Savage Nicole DuBois Jamie Hunter Coco Victoria West Crowned in San Antonio, TX Active
1994 Coco Victoria West Amber Richards Natasha Richards Terryl Lynn Fox Crowned in St. Louis, MO Deceased - Due to copyright threats from Donald Trump who was then co-owner of Miss USA/Miss Universe, the pageant was renamed Miss Gay USofA. Coco was the last "Miss Gay USA"
1995 Maya Douglas Natasha Richards Victoria West Coti Collins Jamie Hunter Crowned in Dayton, OH Active
1996 Natasha Richards Monica Munro Victoria West Shae Shae LaReese Jacqulyn DeVaroe Crowned in Dallas, TX Deceased
1997 Jacqulyn DeVaroe Kourtney Van Wales Erica Andrews Shae Shae LaReese Tamisha Iman Crowned in Dallas, TX Retired
1998 Lauren Taylor Ashley Kruiz Dana St. James Layla LaRue Victoria Lace Crowned in Dallas, TX Semi-Retired
1999 Erica Andrews Whitney Paige Cherry Pie Tamisha Iman Kara Dion Crowned in Dallas, TX Deceased
2000 Chevelle Brooks Whitney Paige Michelle Dupree Crystle Chambers Cherry Pie Crowned in Dallas, TX Active
2001 Erika Norell Ashley Kruiz Alicia Markstone Roxy Marquis Nina DiAngelo Crowned in Dallas, TX Active
2002 Alexis Gabrielle Sherrington Layla LaRue Necole Luv Dupree Nina DiAngelo Lawanda Jackson Crowned in Dallas, TX Active
2003 Raquell Lord Layla LaRue Danielle Hunter Roxy Marquis Jame Perry Crowned in Dallas, TX Active
2004 Layla LaRue Tamisha Iman Whitney Paige Angelique Ali Tersa Mathews Crowned in Dallas, TX Active
2005 Tamisha Iman Whitney Paige Victoria Lace Nina DiAngelo Roxy Marquis Crowned in Dallas, TX Active
2006 Alyssa Edwards Asia O'Hara Roxy Marquis Danielle Hunter Victoria Lace Crowned in Dallas, TX Active
2007 Asia O'Hara Kara Young-Ross Dominique Sanchez Tasha Long Stasha Sanchez Crowned in Dallas, TX Active
2008 Kara Young-Ross Sasha Andrews Stasha Sanchez Kelexis Davenport Natasha Braxton Crowned in Dallas, TX Active
2009 Stasha Sanchez Natasha Braxton Coti Collins Dorae Saunders Dominique Sanchez Crowned in Dallas, TX Active
2010 Dominique Sanchez Luscious Amy DeMilo Christina Ross Tionia Steele Crowned in Dallas, TX Active
2011 Luscious Amy DeMilo Natasha Braxton Naomi St. James Delores T. Van Cartier Crowned in Dallas, TX Active
2012 Lawanda Jackson Margeaux Powell Nina DiAngelo Alexis Mateo Sunny Dee Lite Crowned in Dallas, TX Active
2013 Shae Shae LaReese Alexis Mateo Naomi St. James Sasha Lauren Coti Collins Crowned in Dallas, TX Active
2014 Jenna Skyy Necole Luv Dupree Victoria LePaige Mokha Montrese Porsche Paris Crowned in Dallas, TX Active
2015 Mokha Montrese Krystal Summers Nina DiAngelo Alexis Mateo Amy DeMilo Crowned in Dallas, TX Active
2016 Aurora Sexton Porsche Paris Aria B. Cassadine Sasha Andrews Crystal V. Lauren Crowned in Dallas, TX Active
2017 Roxie Hart Kennedy Davenport Amanda Nicole Porsche Paris Ka'Aliyah McKim Diamond Crowned in Dallas, TX Active
2018 Janet Fierce Andrews Dee Ranged Trinity K. Bonet Sasha Lauren Qya Cristal Crowned in Dallas, TX Active

Miss Gay USofA at Large[edit]

  • 1989 - Carmella Marcella Garcia
  • 1990 - Denise Russell
  • 1991 - Jeana Jones
  • 1992 - Nancy Newton
  • 1993 - Jaqueline St. James - Crowned at Club Cabaret in Hickory, NC
  • 1994 - Maxi Houston (Deceased)
  • 1995 - Chelsea Pearl - Crowned in Dayton, OH
  • 1996 - Stacey Holliday
  • 1997 - Whitney Paige - Crowned at Club Cabaret in Hickory, NC - Deceased
  • 1998 - Dena Cass
  • 1999 - Victoria LePaige - Crowned in Indianapolis, IN
  • 2000 - Kofi - Crowned in Houston, TX
  • 2001 - Niesha Dupree- Crowned at Club Odyssey in Winston-Salem, NC
  • 2002 - Alicia Markstone
  • 2003 - Kelexis Davenport-Crowned at Village Station (Station 4) Dallas, TX
  • 2004 - Kitty Litter-Crowned at Throckmorton Mining Company- Dallas, TX
  • 2005 - Raven St. James - Crowned at The Rose Room (Village Station) in Dallas, TX
  • 2006 - Kathryn York - Crowned at Inergy in Houston, TX
  • 2007 - Mahogany Knight - Crowned at the Saint in San Antonio, TX
  • 2008 - Tajma Hall - Crowned at the Saint in San Antonio, TX - Deceased
  • 2009 - April Reign - Crowned at Talbott Street in Indianapolis, IN
  • 2010 - Tahjee Iman - Crowned at The Honey Pot in Tampa, FL
  • 2011 - Desiree DeMornay - Crowned at the Honey Pot in Tampa, FL
  • 2012 - Dorae Saunders - Crowned at The Parliament House in Orlando, FL
  • 2013 - Angelica Sanchez - Crowned at The Parliament House in Orlando, FL
  • 2014 - Danielle DeLong - Crowned at The Parliament House in Orlando, FL
  • 2015 - Ka'aliyah McKim Diamond - Crowned at Axis in Columbus, OH
  • 2016 - Sasha Lauren - Crowned at Axis in Columbus, OH
  • 2017 - Kenya M. Black - Crowned at The Rose Room (Station 4)- Dallas, TX
  • 2018 - Shavonna B. Brooks - Crowned at The Rose Room (Station 4) - Dallas, TX

Miss Gay USofA Classic[edit]

  • 2003 - Tina Devore - from Atlanta, GA - Emeritus
  • 2004 - Ginger Manchester - from Ft. Wayne, IN - crowned in St. Louis, MO
  • 2005 - Latoya Bacall - from Lexington, KY - crowned at the Rose Room in Dallas, TX
  • 2006 - Chelsea Pearl - from Lexington, KY - crowned at the Round-Up Saloon in Dallas, TX
  • 2007 - Anita Mann - from Springfield, IL - crowned at the Round-Up Saloon in Dallas, TX
  • 2008 - Shae Shae LaReese - from Laguna Beach, CA - crowned at the Round-Up Saloon in Dallas, TX
  • 2009 - Lawanda Jackson - from Houston, TX - crowned at the Round-Up Saloon in Dallas, TX
  • 2010 - Whitney Paige - from Little Rock, AR - crowned at the Round-Up Saloon in Dallas, TX - Deceased
  • 2011 - Catia Lee Love - from Tulsa, OK - crowned at the Round-Up Saloon in Dallas, TX
  • 2012 - Layla LaRue - from Dallas/San Antonio, TX - crowned at the Round-Up Saloon in Dallas, TX
  • 2013 - Amy DeMilo - from Tampa, FL - crowned at the Round-Up Saloon in Dallas, TX
  • 2014 - Chevelle Brooks - from Orlando, FL - crowned at the Round-Up Saloon in Dallas, TX
  • 2015 - Roxie Hart - from Oklahoma City, OK - crowned at the Round-Up Saloon in Dallas, TX
  • 2016 - Nancy Taylor - from Houston, TX - crowned at the Round-Up Saloon in Dallas, TX
  • 2017 - Dominique Sanchez - from Little Rock, AR - crowned at the Round-Up Saloon in Dallas, TX
  • 2018 - Tasha Long - from Birmingham, AL - crowned in the Rose Room at S4 in Dallas, TX

Miss Gay USofA Newcomer[edit]

  • 2010 - Phalon M. Steele - crowned at Talbott Street in Indianapolis, IN
  • 2011 - Arianna Evans - crowned at the Honey Pot in Tampa, FL
  • 2012 - Ka'aliyah McKim Diamond - crowned at Angles Events Center in Oklahoma City, OK
  • 2013 - Tonica E. Cavalli - crowned at Angles Events Center in Oklahoma City, OK
  • 2014 - Kira Daniels - crowned at the Park Inn Champagne Ballroom in Dallas, TX
  • 2015 - Mari Jane - crowned at Love Field Inn and Suites Champagne Ballroom in Dallas, TX
  • 2016 - Vanity St. James - crowned at the Round-Up Saloon in Dallas, TX
  • 2017 - Domita Sanchez - crowned at the Round-Up Saloon in Dallas, TX
  • 2018 - Eva DeLeon - crowned at the Round-Up Saloon in Dallas, TX

Mr. Gay USofA[edit]

  • 2008 - Ram Crawford - crowned at the Saint in San Antonio, TX
  • 2009 - Simba Hall - crowned at the Saint in San Antonio, TX
  • 2010 - David "Freklz" Hunter - crowned at the Saint in San Antonio, TX
  • 2011 - GQ - crowned at Club Crystal in Houston, TX
  • 2012 - Rasean Montrese - crowned at Club Crystal in Houston, TX
  • 2013 - Christopher Iman - crowned at the Saint in San Antonio, TX
  • 2014 - Jeffrey Kelly - crowned at the Saint in San Antonio, TX
  • 2015 - Michael LaMasters - crowned at the Heat in San Antonio, TX
  • 2016 - Desi M. Andrews - crowned at the Round-Up Saloon in Dallas, TX
  • 2017 - Dione Kelly - crowned at Rich's in Houston, TX
  • 2018 - Angel - crowned at Rich's in Houston, TX

Mr. Gay USofA at Large[edit]

  • 2008 - Samson - crowned at the Saint in San Antonio, TX
  • 2009 - Seymour Chilton - crowned at the Saint in San Antonio, TX
  • 2010 - Ty Juan Davis - crowned at the Saint in San Antonio, TX
  • 2011 - Felix "Big Fee" Correa - crowned at Club Crystal in Houston, TX
  • 2012 - Nikko Andrews - crowned at Club Crystal in Houston, TX
  • 2013 - O'Dey D. Brooks - crowned at The Heat in San Antonio, TX
  • 2014 - Zayer York - crowned at the Heat in San Antonio, TX
  • 2015 - Kane Connors - crowned at the Heat in San Antonio, TX
  • 2016 - Dakota Whitney - crowned at the Round-Up Saloon in Dallas, TX
  • 2017 - Ade' Tajoure - crowned at Rich's in Houston, TX
  • 2018 - RyYon Tajoure - crowned at Rich's in Houston, TX

Mister USofA MI[edit]

  • 2008 - Xander Kinidy - crowned in Oklahoma City, OK
  • 2009 - Richard Cranium - crowned in Oklahoma City, OK
  • 2010 - Amedeus K. York - crowned in Oklahoma City, OK
  • 2011 - Jordan Allen - crowned in Oklahoma City, OK
  • 2012 - Damian Matrix - crowned in Oklahoma City, OK
  • 2013 - Will Ryder - crowned in Oklahoma City, OK (resigned)
  • 2013 - Ivory Onyx - replaced Will Ryder after resignation
  • 2014 - Eazy Love - crowned in Nashville, TN
  • 2015 - Papa Cherry-Matrix - crowned in Oklahoma City, OK
  • 2016 - Abs Hart - crowned in Oklahoma City, OK
  • 2017 - Eddie Broadway - crowned in Dayton, OH
  • 2018 - D'Angelo - crowned in Dayton, OH
  • 2019 - Dustin Riot - crowned in Dayton, OH

Mister USofA MI Classic[edit]

  • 2012 - Marc Meridian - crowned in Oklahoma City, OK
  • 2013 - D Luv Savyion - crowned in Oklahoma City, OK
  • 2014 - Brandon Packer - crowned in Nashville, TN
  • 2015 - DC - crowned in Oklahoma City,OK
  • 2016 - Valentino Rios - crowned in Oklahoma City, OK
  • 2017 - Ivory Onyx - crowned in Dayton, OH
  • 2018 - Ken Dartanyan - crowned in Dayton, OH
  • 2019 - Freddy Prinze Charming - crowned in Dayton, OH

Miss USofA DIVA (femme)[edit]

  • 2014 - Brandi Amara Skyy - crowned in Nashville, TN
  • 2015 - Bella Nicole Harlow - crowned in Oklahoma City,OK
  • 2016 - Victoria Rios - crowned in Oklahoma City,OK
  • 2017 - Seduction D. Dickerson - crowned in Dayton, OH
  • 2018 - Ruby Scott Jacquet - crowned in Dayton, OH
  • 2019 - Glam - crowned in Dayton, OH

During the 1990s, the range and variety of drag pageantry continued to expand; however the "big four" pageant systems of MGA, Continental, USofA and EOY still dominated the market. New competitions with new requirements brought a wider variety of performers to drag pageantry. Contests for plus-sized, mature and African American female impersonators became popular.

All American Goddess[edit]

This pageant system was created by Scott Gonyaw. Unlike the "Big Four" of drag pageantry, AAG welcomes postoperative trans women as contestants.

  • 2007 - Latoya Bacall
  • 2008 - India Ferrah
  • 2009 - Candi Stratton
  • 2010 - Alyssa Edwards
  • 2011 - Alana Steele
  • 2012 - Asia O'Hara
  • 2013 - Brittany Moore
  • 2014 - Sunny Dee-Lite
  • 2015 - Dena Cass
  • 2016 - Alexis Mateo
  • 2017 - Antwanette Chanel Roberts
  • 2018 - Nikki Vixxen

All American Goddess at Large[edit]

  • 2009 - Lawren LaMoore
  • 2010 - Kelexis Davenport
  • 2011 - Dena Cass
  • 2012 - Whitney Paige (Deceased)
  • 2013 - Danielle DeLong
  • 2014 - Brooklyn Starr
  • 2015 - Juliza Alezae
  • 2016 - Kristina Kelly
  • 2017 - Alexis Nicole Whitney
  • 2018 - Adriana Fuentes
  • 2019 - Sandra Onassis Lopez

All American Gent[edit]

  • 2013 - Monte St. James
  • 2014 - Rasean Montrese
  • 2015 - No Contest
  • 2016 - Jose Vega
  • 2017 - Cielo Whitney
  • 2018 - Jeffrey Kelly
  • 2019 - Antonio Edwards

The Female Impersonators’ Miss Florida Pageant (Miss Florida FI)[edit]

First held in 1972, a few months after the first Miss Gay America contest, this pageant was revived in 2014 after seven years of inactivity. Though technically a state pageant, Miss Florida FI held prestige comparable to that of a national pageant for many years, with entertainers from around the U.S. vying for the crown, and guests and judges who included international celebrities. Before Miss Continental and Miss Gay USA (now Miss Gay USofA) were created, Miss Florida was the only major female-impersonation pageant that permitted trans women to compete. (Jim Flint, owner and founder of the Continental Pageantry System, has acknowledged Miss Florida as his inspiration for creating Miss Continental.)

  • 1972 - Tricia Marie
  • 1973 - Emoré DuBois
  • 1974 - Roxanne Russell
  • 1975 - Noly Greer
  • 1976 - Hot Chocolate
  • 1977 - Dana Manchester
  • 1978 - Tiffany Arieagus
  • 1979 - Rachaell Santoni
  • 1980 - Tiffani Middlesexx
  • 1981 - Nikki Adams
  • 1982 - Dana Douglas
  • 1983 - Victoria Lawrence
  • 1984 - Chena Black
  • 1985 - Amber Richards
  • 1986 - Mahogany
  • 1987 - Sandy Laurent
  • 1988 - Lakesha Lucky
  • 1989 - Shanté (Alexandra Billings) (see note below)
  • 1990 - Chena Kelly
  • 1991 - Bobbie Lake
  • 1992 - Stephanie Shippae/Monica Munro (see note below)
  • 1993 - Esmeralda Russell
  • 1994 - Gloria Klein
  • 1995 - Heather Fontaine
  • 1996 - Jasmine Bonét
  • 1997 - Electra
  • 1998 - Erika Norell
  • 1999 - Danielle Hunter
  • 2000 - Amy DeMilo
  • 2001 - Valentina
  • 2002 - Tasha Long
  • 2003 - Cézanne
  • 2004 - Angelique Ali (dethroned)
  • 2004 - Gina DiAngelo
  • 2005 - Champagne Bordeaux
  • 2006 - No contest
  • 2007 - Victoria Michaels
  • 2008–2013 - Inactive
  • 2014 - Brittany Moore
  • 2015 - Chasity Ross Boen
  • 2016 - Shantell D'Marco
  • 2017 - Kalah Mendoza
  • 2018 - Jazell Barbie Royale (Resigned)
  • 2018 - Kylee Hunter

Miss Florida FI at Large[edit]

  • 1988 - Angel Sheridan
  • 1989 - Joey Brooks
  • 1990 - Andrea Lovelace
  • 1991 - Robin Knight (dethroned), Lola Lush
  • 1992 - Luna
  • 1993 - Alicia Brooks
  • 1994 - Sierrah Foxx
  • 1995 - Lorrie Del Mar
  • 1996–1999 - Inactive
  • 2000 - Carmella Marcella Garcia
  • 2001 - Nicolette Ashton
  • 2002 - Jasmine Skiies
  • 2003 - No contest
  • 2004 - Jocelyn Summers
  • 2005 - Sasha Sommers
  • 2006 - No contest
  • 2007 - TP Lords
  • 2008–2015 - Inactive
  • 2016 - Nicole T. Phillips
  • 2017 - Angelica Sanchez
  • 2018 - Noel Leon
  • Note: In 1989, ownership of the pageant fell into dispute after its creator-owner, Keith Landon, died. An alternative pageant called Miss Florida State was held that year; Shanté (Alexandra Billings) was crowned the winner but is not officially recognized as a former Miss Florida FI. In 1992, ownership of the pageant again fell into dispute after the death of its second owner, René Rodriguez. This time, two competing pageants were held: Miss Florida FI, won by Stephanie Shippae ́, and National Miss Florida, won by Monica Munro. Monica is also unrecognized as an official former, but she walked in the Parade of Miss Floridas that opened the 2001 pageant at the invitation of the owners.

Miss National[edit]

This pageant was a huge part of the "Big 5" National pageant systems in the 1990s and early 2000s. It was created by Kevin Scott in 1994. The first winner was Tandi Andrews, but she was dethroned because she requested to run for another national pageant during her National reign. Her request was denied, she ran for that pageant regardless and was then de-crowned. Tommie Ross assumed the crown. The last winners were Natasha Richards in 2003 for Miss National, Chelsea Pearl in 2002 for Miss National at Large, and Monte St. James in 2002 for Mr. National. In 2009, two people from Alabama attempted to purchase the contest and appointed Mokha Montrese as Miss National 2009. That sale fell through and was never completed. The system is now owned by Josh Maywalt.

  • Emeritus - Tandi Andrews (Deceased)
  • 1994 - Tommie Ross
  • 1995 - Tasha Long
  • 1996 - Tamisha Iman
  • 1997 - C'ezanne
  • 1998 - Ashley Kruiz (Deceased)
  • 1999 - Shawnna Brooks
  • 2000 - Terri Vanessa Coleman
  • 2001 - Nicole DuBois
  • 2002 - Martina Diamante
  • 2003 - Natasha Richards (Deceased)
  • 2004-2008 - Inactive
  • 2009 - Mokha Montrese
  • 2010-2017 - Inactive
  • 2018 - ShaeShae LaReese

Miss National at Large[edit]

  • 1996- Sierrah Foxx
  • 1997- Niesha Dupree
  • 1998- Clarissa Cavalier (Deceased)
  • 1999- Darcel Stevens
  • 2000- Latoya Bacall
  • 2001- Monica Van Pelt
  • 2002- Chelsea Pearl
  • 2003-2018 - Inactive
  • 2019-

Mr. National[edit]

  • 2000- Carl Harris
  • 2001- Calvin St. Claire
  • 2002- Monte St. James
  • 2003-2018 - Inactive
  • 2019-

Universal ShowQueen[edit]

Since 1984, Universal ShowQueen has been held annually in Honolulu, Hawaii. Similar to Miss Florida FI, USQ is a "local national" pageant that attracts contestants from not only Hawaii but also the mainland U.S. It is renowned for its signature category—Showgirl Costume—a showcase for lavish and elaborate Las Vegas–style costumes and headdresses.

  • 1984 - Linda DeCrimsen
  • 1985 - Cher Marisa
  • 1986 - Michelle Tomas
  • 1987 - Yoshiko Oshiro
  • 1988 - Whitney Carlysle
  • 1989 - Brandy Olsen
  • 1990 - Dina Jacobs
  • 1991 - Coco Vaughn
  • 1992 - Kelly Ray
  • 1993 - Angela Carrera
  • 1994 - Aiko
  • 1995 - Sharee L'Amour
  • 1996 - Cézanne
  • 1997 - Keisha
  • 1998 - Jacqueline
  • 1999 - Maya Douglas
  • 2000 - Tasha Lee
  • 2001 - Kaina Jacobs
  • 2002 - Raven
  • 2003 - Zia De Zaneiro
  • 2004 - Erica Andrews
  • 2005 - Cassandra Colby
  • 2006 - Raquell Lord
  • 2007 - Maddalyn Ashton
  • 2008 - Cocoa Chandelier
  • 2009 - Yuni Carey
  • 2010 - Perla Welch
  • 2011 - DeeRanged
  • 2012 - Christina Doll
  • 2013 - Shalani Dante
  • 2014 - Marina Del Rey
  • 2015 - Jerrica Benton
  • 2016 - Sofia Andrews
  • 2017 - Vicky Chavarria
  • 2018 - Alina Malletti Galore

Miss Gay International[edit]

(Formerly Miss Amateur National) This pageant founded for newer queens transformed into what is now Miss International Inc. -This system is not to be confused with the hostile split with former's (Vicki Valentino & Marlowe Septimius) with the now defunct Miss Gay International Inc.

  • 1999 - Christine Mancini - From Clinton, MD
  • 2000 - Stefani Valentino - From Toledo, OH
  • 2001 - Lady Angelica - From Akron, OH
  • 2001 - Chelsey Clinton *honorary - From Nashville, TN ~
  • 2002 - Jessica Spaulding - From Washington D.C.
  • 2003 - Starr Powers - From Harrisburg, PA
  • 2004 - Kiarra Marlowe Fontaine - From Toledo, OH
  • 2005 - Miss D. Meanor - From Wilmington, DE
  • 2006 - Monet Dupree - From Washington, D.C. ~~
  • 2006 - Amaya Mann - From Bloomington, IL
  • 2007 - Vicki Valentino - From St, Louis, MO
  • 2008 - Takiya Valentino Wynters - From Atlanta, GA
  • 2009 - Sierra Spaulding - From Newark, DE
  • 2010 - The Minx - From Orlando, FL
  • 2011 - Rachel Mykels - From Austin, TX
  • 2012 - Adora Blake - From Richmond, VA
  • 2013 - Amanda Love - Parkersburg, WV
  • 2014 - Danielle Revlon - From Baltimore, MD
  • 2015 - Ivy Profen - From Charleston, WV
  • 2016 - Not Yet Held

~ Chelsey took over for Lady Angelica when she was temporarily dethroned. When Anjelica was rethroned after the crowning of a new winner, Chelsey was named Honorary for her service to the pageant.

~~ Monet was initially crowned in 2006 but shortly after it was discovered there was a scoring error and Amaya had actually won. They shared the title briefly before Monet was de-crowned for unknown reasons.

Miss Gay International Plus[edit]

  • 1999 - Gayla DeLust
  • 2000 - Samantha Styles
  • 2001 - Miss Peaches
  • 2004 - Dena Cass
  • 2005 - Victoria Parker
  • 2007 - Kitty Litter
  • 2008 - Danielle Revlon
  • 2009 - Chevelle Brooks
  • 2010 - Adina Ronee
  • 2011 - Pageant Was Discontinued

National Bearded Queen[edit]

In 2016 this system was founded to provide individuals who did not fit the "standard norm" of drag. National Bearded Queen is a system that provides an opportunity for Bearded Queers to compete and showcase their talents. This system is open to individuals of all genders with the only requirement to compete being they must perform regularly as a bearded performer (Real or Prosthetic). Prelims started in 2017 with the first National Competition held in May 2018.

Year Winner First Alt Second Alt Location
2018 Joey Gallagher JerFay KC Starr Cash Inn,

Phoenix AZ


See also[edit]


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