Drag the River (Colorado band)

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Drag the River
Origin Colorado, United States
Genres Alternative country, Southern rock
Years active 1996–2007, 2008–present
Labels Suburban Home, Third World Industries, Wallride, De Rok
Members Jon Snodgrass
J.J. Nobody
Chad Price
Chris Pierce
Past members Zach Boddicker (1999-2004, 2008-2010)
Dave Barker (2005-2007)
Casey Prestwood (2005-2006)
Paul Rucker (1996-2005)
Karl Alvarez (1997-2002)
Chad Rex

Drag the River is an alternative country band hailing from Fort Collins, Colorado, United States.


The band formed in 1996 when members Chad Price and Jon Snodgrass recorded 20 or so songs which were released as demos in 2000. All the members of the band come from a punk rock background. Price and ex-member Karl Alvarez have both been active in ALL since the 1990s. In 2002, J.J. Nobody of The Nobodys joined the band. Later, in 2004 Casey Prestwood of Hot Rod Circuit and Dave Barker of Pinhead Circus joined and picked up the steel & lead guitar, and drums, respectively. On March 23, 2006, it was announced that the band had signed to Suburban Home Records. It's Crazy on June 6, 2006.[1] The band was also nominated for best new song for "Modern Drunkard" by the Spanish magazine La Movida. The band announce they were breaking up in 2007,[2] however they reunited and released "You Can't Live This Way" in 2008. They continue to play shows as a duo (Price & Snodgrass) and often as a full band.


  • Hobo's Demos (2000)
  • Closed (2002)
  • Live at The Starlight (2002)
  • At the Green Door LP (2003)
  • Chicken Demos (2004)
  • Hey Buddies... (2004)
  • ...A Way with Women 7 inch (2006)
  • A Shame - Beautiful and Damned (Space mix) 7 inch (2006)
  • It's Crazy (2006)
  • Gabba Gabba Hey Buddies...LP (2007)
  • Found All The Parts (Split with the Dents) (2007)
  • You Can't Live This Way (2008)
  • can't Leave These Strays 7 inch (2009)
  • Garage Rock 7 inch (2009)
  • Under the Influence Vol 5 7 inch (2009)
  • Bad At Breaking Up (2009)
  • Split 7inch w/ Chris Wollard & the Ship Thieves (2009)
  • Primer (mix tape CD) (2009)
  • 2010 Demons (2010)
  • Hometown Caravan Fishing Club 7 inch (2013)
  • Losers/Marooned 7 inch (2013)
  • Drag The River (2013)


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