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Dragan Karanfilovski (born in Sarajevo, 1956 - May 28, 2015, Skopje[citation needed]), was a Macedonian singer, composer and guitar player. Trained as an economist, he has largely devoted his life to music.

Recorded and festival music[edit]

In 1976, after moving to Bitola, he founded the group Madrigals and made his first audio recordings for national radio.

In the role of both composer and singer, Karanfilovski has performed at several festivals (MakFest, Interfest, Skopje Festival). Karanfilovski has appeared on Makfest several times: In 1990 he performed "Opasno sum vljuben vo tebe" ("I am dangerously in love with you"), in 1991 he sang the song Valerija, in 1992 he performed Parizhanka (Parisian Woman). In Makfest 1993 he sang "Lulaj me nezhno" (Lull me tenderly") in 1995 he performed Beli narcisi. He has also written a number of children's songs, especially for the Si-Do music festival in Bitola. During his music career he wrote many songs for other singers like Stipskata Pastramalija (Pastramalia from Stip) for Peter John Bosse a Dutch singer

He died on 28 May 2015 in Skopje.


Karanfilovski composed the song "100% te ljubam" which was the Macedonian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2000. The song was performed by XXL featuring his daughter Verica Karanfilovska.[1]

Business interests[edit]

Karanfilovski was part-owner of Studio Boys. He was also owner of some technical household equipment stores.


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