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The Drago family has owned and operated some of the most famous high-end Italian restaurants in Los Angeles, California, since the 1980s.[1] They are known for their pasta dishes.[2] The family includes four brothers:Tanino, Calogero, Celestino,[3] and Giacomino.[4] Giacomino is co-owner of 11 Los Angeles restaurants—including Beverly Hills' iconic Il Pastaio and Via Alloro,[5] and referred to as the scion of the family's restaurant businesses.[6]

Celestino Drago immigrated to Los Angeles from Sicily in the mid-1970s, and held his first job with Osteria Romana Orsini on Pico Boulevard as a chef before leaving to launch Celestino, "his seminal Italian restaurant in Beverly Hills (now defunct but re-created in Pasadena under the same name)".[7] He brought over three of his brothers from the family restaurant in Messina. Celestino parted ways with investor Art Vella in 1991.[8][9][10]

Some of their dishes have been featured in cookbooks.[11][12]


  • Celestino (in Beverly Hills until 1991; now operating in Pasadena)
  • L'Arancino (closed)[13]
  • Celestino Steak House (West Hollywood, closed 2009) [14]
  • Drago[15] Santa Monica (closed)
  • Il Pastaio [6][16][17]
  • Enoteca Drago Beverly Hills wine bar
  • Drago Centro (a Stanley Felderman designed restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles, opened 2009)
  • Osteria Drago (West Hollywood, opened 2012)
  • Tanino Ristorante Bar [18]
  • Panzanella Ristorante Sherman Oaks

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