Dragoman marsh

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Coordinates: 42°55′54″N 22°57′42″E / 42.93167°N 22.96167°E / 42.93167; 22.96167

Dragoman blatoto.JPG

The Dragoman marsh is the biggest natural karst wetland in Bulgaria. It is situated only 35 km north-west from Sofia and covers a valley between the limestone hills Tri Ushi and Chepan.

The marsh is a protected sanctuary for birds. Over 200 species have been recorded in the area. Some of them have a high conservation status.

The area is often visited by nature lovers and environmentalists, who use for free the facilities built there: a watch tower and an eco-route.

It was proclaimed a Ramsar site on February 2, 2012. At 14967 ha, it is the second biggest such site in Bulgaria after Belene Islands.

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