Dragons' Wrath

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Dragons' Wrath
Author Justin Richards
Series Doctor Who book:
The New Adventures
Release number
Subject Featuring:
Bernice Summerfield
Publisher Virgin Books
Publication date
June 1997
ISBN 0-426-20508-1
Preceded by Oh No It Isn't!
Followed by Beyond the Sun

Dragons' Wrath is a novel by Justin Richards from the Virgin New Adventures starring the fictional archaeologist Bernice Summerfield. The New Adventures were based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. Dragons' Wrath was the second New Adventure featuring only Bernice after Virgin lost the licence to publish original Doctor Who fiction.

The novel features the Knights of Jeneve, a far future offshoot of the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce, a fictional organisation from the Doctor Who television series with headquarters in Geneva, although this is not made explicit for copyright reasons.


Bernice meets the Time Lord Irving Braxiatel and soon becomes involved in the hunt for a jewel thief who is after a rare artefact.

Audio adaptation[edit]

Dragons' Wrath
Big Finish Productions audio drama
Series 'Bernice Summerfield'
Release no. 6
Featuring Bernice Summerfield
Written by Justin Richards
dramatised by Jac Rayner
Directed by Edward Salt
Produced by Gary Russell
Executive producer(s) Jason Haigh-Ellery
Length 1 hr 10 mins
Release date September 2000

In 2000, Dragons' Wrath was adapted by Big Finish Productions into an audio drama starring Lisa Bowerman as Bernice. This was the last of the Virgin New Adventures to be dramatised in this way; subsequent Big Finish Bernice audio dramas were all original works. The adaptation was by Jacqueline Rayner, who adapted most of this first series of Benny audios. Richard Franklin, better known as the actor who played Captain Mike Yates in Doctor Who, makes an appearance.


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