Dragon (Adventureland)

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The Dragon
The Dragon at Adventureland, Des Moines.jpg
The ride as it appears today
Adventureland (Iowa)
Park section Dragon Island
Coordinates 41°39′1.46″N 93°30′5.00″W / 41.6504056°N 93.5013889°W / 41.6504056; -93.5013889Coordinates: 41°39′1.46″N 93°30′5.00″W / 41.6504056°N 93.5013889°W / 41.6504056; -93.5013889
Status Operating
Opening date May 12, 1990
Cost $2.1 million
General statistics
Type Steel
Manufacturer Hopkins Rides
Model Looping coaster
Track layout Out and Back
Lift/launch system Chain Lift Hill
Height 90 ft (27 m)
Drop 85 ft (26 m)
Length 2,620 ft (800 m)
Speed 55 mph (89 km/h)
Inversions 2
Duration 2 minutes
Max vertical angle 45°
Capacity 800 riders per hour
Acceleration 4
G-force 4.5
Height restriction 42 in (107 cm)
The Dragon at RCDB
Pictures of The Dragon at RCDB

The Dragon is an O.D. Hopkins steel roller coaster located at Adventureland in Altoona, Iowa, near Des Moines.

The Dragon made its debut on May 12, 1990, during Adventureland's sixteenth full season. It cost an estimated $2.1 million to build The Dragon. It was Adventureland's only coaster which loops completely upside down until the "Monster" opened on June 4, 2016.


The train traverses a few bunny hops and a 90-degree right turn as it coasts from the station to the lift. Cresting the lift, it makes a small dip, a roughly 90-degree turn to the right, and drop down and into the two back-to-back loops. Following the loops is a right turn into a figure eight segment and then some curves back to the station.