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Created by Dav Pilkey
Written by Aline Gilmore
Cathy Moss
Steven Westren
Directed by Philip Marcus
Thomas Schneider-Trumpp
Sue-Wee Moon
Voices of Frank Meschkuleit
Narrated by Frank Meschkuleit
Country of origin Canada
Executive producer(s) Vivianne Morin
Producer(s) Greg Dummett
Running time 12 minutes
Production company(s) Cité-Amérique
Original network Treehouse TV (2004–2007; Reruns: 2008–2012)
Qubo (2007–present)
Original release January 5, 2004 (2004-01-05) – December 28, 2007 (2007-12-28)
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Dragon is a Canadian stop-motion children's television program which is based on the books by best-selling children's author Dav Pilkey. The show first aired in Canada in 2004.

As described by Qubo:

Starring Frank Meschkuleit as Narrator / Character Voices


Executive Producers Vivianne Morin Greg Dummett Jan Bonath Helmut Fischer Lorraine Richard

Producers Greg Dummett Wonman Chung Jan Bonath Louise Richard

Line Producer Louise Richard

Writers Cathy Moss Bernice Vanderlaan Steven Westren Aline Gilmore

Director for Canada Philip Marcus

Directors for Germany Thomas Schneider-Trumpp Axel Sucrow

Directors for Korea Kyung-il Hwang Su-Wee Moon


The episodes are each approximately 12 minutes long. The short episodes are each approximately 2 minutes long.

Here are the list of episodes.

  • A Friend For Dragon
  • Alligator's Tooth
  • Beaver Be Like
  • Cat's Birthday
  • Cat's Blanket
  • Cat's New Trick
  • Cat's Shady Shelter
  • Doctor Dragon
  • Dragon Babysits A Fern
  • Dragon Borrows A Hammer
  • Dragon Collects Stamps
  • Dragon Does Nice Things
  • Dragon Fixes Beaver's Toy
  • Dragon Gets Interrupted
  • Dragon Goes Apple Picking
  • Dragon Goes Camping
  • Dragon Helps Beaver
  • Dragon Looks For Cat
  • Dragon Loses His Voice
  • Dragon Minds His Manners
  • Dragon Passes The Time
  • Dragon Runs The Store
  • Dragon Solves A Mystery
  • Dragon Surprises Ostrich
  • Dragon's Band
  • Dragon's Bedtime Story
  • Dragon's Best Friend Club
  • Dragon's Big Decision
  • Dragon's Big Itch
  • Dragon's Bogeyman
  • Dragon's Carrot
  • Dragon's Cat
  • Dragon's Christmas Hats
  • Dragon's Day Dream
  • Dragon's Fall Collection
  • Dragon's Fall Fair
  • Dragon's Fly
  • Dragon's Funny Noise
  • Dragon's Grumpy Pal
  • Dragon's Halloween
  • Dragon's Holiday
  • Dragon's Invention
  • Dragon's Lemonade Stand
  • Dragon's Merry Christmas
  • Dragon's Mixed Up Day
  • Dragon's Moon
  • Dragon's New Dance
  • Dragon's New Game
  • Dragon's New Hobby
  • Dragon's Package
  • Dragon's Pancake Breakfast
  • Dragon's Photo Album
  • Dragon's Picnic
  • Dragon's Silly Day
  • Dragon's Sleepover
  • Dragon's Snail
  • Dragon's Snowy Day
  • Dragon's Snuffly Day
  • Dragon's Songs
  • Dragon's Special Day
  • Dragon's Spring Celebration
  • Dragon's Spring Cleaning
  • Dragon's Surprise Party
  • Dragon's Tire
  • Dragon's Toboggan
  • Dragon's Train
  • Dragon's Treasure Hunt
  • Dragon's Tricks And Treats
  • Dragon's Upside Down House
  • Dragon's Valentine's Day
  • Dragon's Wagon
  • Dragon's Yard Sale
  • Easter Bunny Dragon
  • Ostrich To The Rescue
  • Sidekick Dragon
  • Star Gazing Dragon
  • The Best A Dragon Can Be
  • Tourist Dragon

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