Dragon Century

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Dragon Century
(Ryū Seiki)
Genre Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural, Science fiction
Original video animation
Directed by Kiyoshi Fukugawa
Studio AIC
Licensed by
Released October 26, 1988December 25, 1988
Runtime 25 minutes
Episodes 2
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Dragon Century (Japanese: 竜世紀 Hepburn: Ryū Seiki?) is a Japanese two-episode OVA anime series that was created by Ryuukihei and produced and animated by the Anime International Company. It was originally released on VHS and laserdisc in Japan in 1988 and then it was eventually subtitled in English by: U.S. Renditions and released in VHS format in the United States/Canada on October 1, 1996. Both OVA episodes were later released on DVD in Japan on January 26, 2006.

The opening and ending theme was performed by Jpop singer Midori Karashima.


God Chapter A.D.1990 Riko[edit]

The plot takes place in an apocalyptic-like setting in Hokkaido of A.D. 1990, where a series of murders take place and dragons suddenly begin appearing in the skies. The Japanese SDF begins shooting the dragons out of the sky, holding them responsible for the murders. Following that, a troubled young girl named Riko is suddenly entrusted with the care of a hatchling dragon naming it Carmine (for his red scales), hoping to raise him for destruction against the city and all humans and after Carmine's mother was killed as a hatching. But however, Riko learns there is more to the dragons than she first learned.

Devil Chapter R.C.297 Rullishia[edit]

Carmine is now all grown up living in a tower, setting place over 300 years after the events of Riko's story. Taking place in R.C. 297, a young 15-year-old girl named Rullishia comes to attempt to steal his horn. She has managed to successfully put it off and Carmine has now become her master. They then go to a dragon tournament called the Ryuto (where dragons battle with one another). Carmine is given the name "Vermillion" by Rullshia as they win one victory after the next. His friendship and good times with Rulishia are unfortunately cut short when the return of the demons is made imminent in a premonition Carmine has. After an actual attack by Demon Beetles made on a human and a dragon settlement as well as the current area he and Rulishia are fighting in, Carmine departs to do battle against the demons as now a leader of the dragon warriors.

Voice cast[edit]

God Chapter A.D.1990 Riko[edit]

Character Japan Original Japanese voices United States English Dubbing voices
Riko Yoshino Takamori ---
Carmine Toshihiko Seki ---
Sergeant Sagara Tesshô Genda ---
Sagara's Superior officer Shunsuke Shima ---
Sagara's Assistant Toshiyuki Shiina ---
Harumi Sakiko Tamagawa ---

Devil Chapter R.C.297 Rullishia[edit]

Character Japan Original Japanese voices United States English Dubbing voices
Rullishia Chieko Honda ---
Carmine (Old age) Seizō Katō ---
Maseinen Kazuyuki Sogabe ---
Gelda Maseinen Kiyonobu Suzuki ---

From a source, an English dub is said to exist. It consists of voice talent featuring Beau Billingslea, Lilly Browne, Steve Bulen and Christopher Carroll. [1]


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