Dragon City

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Dragon City
Dragon City.jpg
Developer(s)Social Point
Publisher(s)Social Point
  • Facebook
  • May 8, 2012
  • iOS
  • April 2013
  • Android
  • August 2014
Genre(s)Social network game
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer

Dragon City is a social network game developed by Social Point which was launched for play on Facebook in May 8, 2012 and for download on iOS in 2013.[1][2] In August 2014 the aforementioned developer made the game available for download on Intel Atom tablets for Android.[3] The game targets mid-core players, allowing them to raise their own dragons and create a Dragon City on floating islands. In December 2012 The Next Web ran an article announcing that Dragon City was ranked #2 in Facebook's 25 top rated games that year.[4] Dragon City can be connected with Facebook (giving players a reward of the Pure Terra Dragon and 10 Gems, an in-game currency used to purchase dragons and other items).

Promotional video, 2016


The game lets players breed, hatch, and raise dragons. The dragon generate gold which can be used to buy farms and habitats. The farms let players exchange the gold for food. The food all looks like apples, and feeding a dragon allows it to level up. Leveling up dragons allows them to generate more gold. A dragon must be at level 15 in order to breed. A dragon's level also determines how much life and power the dragon has in Arenas, Leagues, and Quests, which are different kinds of battles where three of a player's dragons battle three of another player's dragons. Once a player has reached the player level 27, the Ancient World appears, which is an area of the game where the gold can be exchanged for gemstones that can be used to summon ancient dragons. Gemstones are then crafted using platinum, which is generated by the Ancient Dragons similarly to how the regular dragons generate gold. Gems are another in-game currency that can be earned by buying them with real-world money, beating all of the opponents in a League, having a collection of dragons from the dragon book, or from leveling up as a player.


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