Dragon Cliffs

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Dragon Cliffs, including the flood basalt lava layers

Dragon Cliffs or Dragon Cliff[1] is a basaltic monolith located on western Axel Heiberg Island, Nunavut, Canada. It is the most striking feature of Expedition Fiord and rises several hundred metres out of the fiord. Dragon Cliff is made of flood basalt lava flows that contain more than 10 flow units totalling over 200 m (656 ft) of stratigraphic thickness. It is part of the Albian Strand Fiord Formation, which in turn for part of the High Arctic Large Igneous Province. It is interpreted to represent the cratonward extension of the Alpha Ridge.[2]

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Coordinates: 79°21′N 092°12′W / 79.350°N 92.200°W / 79.350; -92.200 (Dragon Cliff)