Dragon Haven

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Dragon Haven
First edition cover
AuthorRobin Hobb
CountryUnited Kingdom
SeriesThe Rain Wild Chronicles
PublisherHarperVoyager (UK)
Publication date
4 March 2010 (UK)
Media typePrint (hardback)
Pages570 (Hardback)
ISBN978-0-00-733581-7 (UK hardback edition)
Preceded byDragon Keeper 
Followed byCity of Dragons 

Dragon Haven is a fantasy novel by American writer Robin Hobb, the second novel in The Rain Wild Chronicles. In a blog post Robin Hobb wrote: "The untitled book I am working on now picks up the tale of the Tarman expedition in search of Kelsingra. It’s my work in progress and threatens to be a long book!".[1] Dragon Haven is written in third-person narrative from the viewpoint of several key characters. The narrative joins these separate threads together as a party of malformed dragons, their human keepers and other supporters are on a quest for the legendary Elderling city of Kelsingra.

Plot summary[edit]

The book opens where the previous book left off and we continue to follow the dragons, the keepers and the barge Tarman as they continue their trek up the river.


  • Alise Kincarron Finbok – one of the main protagonists, a self-taught scholar of dragons.
  • Thymara – one of the main protagonists, keeper to Sintara.
  • Sintara – one of the main protagonists, a blue dragon (Thymara's dragon).
  • Captain Leftrin – one of the main protagonists, Captain of the barge Tarman.
  • Sedric – one of the main protagonists, secretary to Hest Finbok, he is assigned to accompany Alise Finbok on her journey.
  • Tats – keeper of the dragon Fente, childhood friend of Thymara and a former slave.
  • Sylve – keeper of the dragon Mercor.
  • Rapskal – keeper of the dragon Heeby.
  • Greft – keeper of the dragon Kalo. In his mid twenties, he is the oldest keeper and their unofficial leader.

Minor Characters

  • Carson Lupskip – a hunter and an old friend of Leftrin's.
  • Davvie – a hunter (bowman) and nephew to Carson.
  • Jess – a hunter.
  • Ranculos – a scarlet, male dragon kept by Harrikin.
  • Sestican – an azure, male dragon, kept by Lecter.
  • Mercor – a golden dragon, tended by Sylve. Implied to have previously been the sea serpent Maulkin.
  • Heeby – a small red dragon queen, tended by Rapskal.
  • Jerd – keeper of the dragon Veras, she is implied to be promiscuous.
  • Fente – a green dragon queen with a nasty temperament, tended by Tats.
  • Veras – a green dragon queen, tended by Jerd.
  • Arbuc – Alum's silver-green dragon.
  • Kalo – a blue-black male dragon, the largest of their clan, tended by Greft.
  • Spit – an unclaimed, stunted silver dragon with a wounded tail.
  • Relpda – an unclaimed, sickly copper dragon queen.
  • Tinder – a lavender dragon, tended by Nortel.
  • Baliper – a red dragon, tended by Warken.
  • Kase – a dragon keeper, cousin to Boxter.
  • Boxter – a dragon keeper, cousin to Kase.
  • Alum – a dragon keeper to Arbuc.
  • Nortel – a dragon keeper to Tinder; one of Greft's closest supporters.
  • Warken – keeper of the dragon Baliper.
  • Harrikin – a dragon keeper to Ranculos, foster brother to Lecter. He is the second oldest keeper at 20 years.
  • Lecter – a dragon keeper to Sestican, foster brother to Harrikin.
  • Skelly – Deckhand on Tarman and niece of Leftrin.
  • Big Eider – Deckhand on Tarman.
  • Hennesey – Mate on Tarman.
  • Hest Finbok – Husband of Alise Finbok, a rich and important Bingtown trader.
  • Swarge – Tillerman of the barge Tarman.
  • Bellin – Wife to Swarge, a poleman on Tarman.
  • Tarman – A liveship river barge made from wizardwood.