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Dragon Nest
Dragon Nest logo by Eyedentity Games and Nexon
Genre Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Developer Eyedentity Games
Genre Action MMORPG
Engine Eternity Engine
Platform Microsoft Windows
Released KOR 201003March 2010
JP 201006June 2010
CHN 201008August 2010
TWN 201011November 2010
HKG 201011November 2010
NA September 2011[1]
SIN 201110October 2011
THA 201203March 2012
INA 201207July 2012
EU 201303March 2013
Dragon Nest: Shungeki no Sedo
Written by Eyedentity Games
Illustrated by Tatsubon
Published by Kodansha
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Monthly Shōnen Rival
Original run June 4, 2010April 4, 2011
Volumes 3
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Dragon Nest is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG developed by Eyedentity. It uses a non-targeting combat system ensuring that players have complete control over every single one of their character's movements. Dragon Nest requires users to advance their characters by teaming up and traveling into instanced dungeons.


Dragon Nest incorporates non-targeting system gameplay to create a fast paced action filled experience. Players choose from a range of hero classes, characters that are of the Dragon Nest storyline that can equip customizable gear and weapons. Characters exist in worlds. These characters cannot interact with one another, including the exception of mailing each other. Devastating skills can also be learned, to increase one's power when defeating monsters in instanced dungeons or defeating other players in PVP.

Dragon Nest also has the advantage of being nearly completely skill based, with lower level characters being able to defeat high level characters in PVP with skill alone. This allows a more experienced player that is of a lower level to dominate a less experienced player of a higher level player in PVP.[2]


Each class advancement will further specialize the character in one aspect of their skillset. The first class advancement is available when the player's character achieves level 15 while the second class advancement is available at level 45.

Prairie Town (Ironwood Village in NA)
Starting Class First Job Change Second Job Change
Warrior Sword Master (Swordsman in NA and EU) Gladiator
Moonlord (Lunar Knight in NA and INA)
Mercenary Barbarian
Avenger (Nightmare Class) Dark Avenger (Nightmare Class)
Archer Bow Master (Sharpshooter in NA and EU, Hunter in INA) Sniper
Artillery (Warden in NA, Sentinel in EU)
Acrobat Windwalker
Kali Screamer Dark Summoner
Soul Eater
Dancer Blade Dancer
Spirit Dancer
Assassin Chaser (Shinobi in NA) Ripper (Reaper in NA)
Bringer (Taoist in NA) Light Fury (Light Bringer in NA)
Abyss Walker
Machina Patrona Ruina
- -
Mana Ridge
Starting Class First Job Change Second Job Change
Sorceress Elemental Lord (Elementalist in NA and EU) Saleana (Pyromancer in NA and INA)
Elestra (Ice Witch in NA, Glaciana in EU, Cryomancer in INA)
Force User (Mystic in NA, Arcanist in EU) Majesty (Chaos Mage in NA, Obscuria in EU)
Smasher (War Mage in NA, Illumia in EU)
Cleric Paladin Crusader
Priest Saint
Academic (Tinkerer in NA) Engineer Shooting Star
Gear Master
Alchemist Adept
Lencea (Lancea in SEA) Piercer Flurry
Sting Breezer
- -

Combat in Player vs Enemy[edit]

In Dragon Nest, you fight groups of monsters using skills and attacks received by class trainers throughout the game. The monsters drop money, boxes, collectibles, materials, weapons or equipment that can be used by the player, sold, traded or thrown away.

Cash Shop[edit]

The Cash Shop is an in game shop where players use real-life currency to purchase equipment not widely available in-game. Special items can also help in the development of the characters such as Approval Stamps, Protection Jellies, and Dragon Eggs . Player can also buy pets, costumes, cosmetics to personalize their character.

In Dragon Nest NA, the Cash Shop is known as the "Dragon Vault".


The Goddess Althea, creator of the land of Alteria (Verathea in the NA version, Lagendia in the SEA version), is poisoned by her evil sister Vestinel. The poison can only be cured using an antidote made using the source of the poison itself, Vestinel's magic grail, which has disappeared somewhere within Alteria. The players as heroes of Alteria must comb the land fighting evil dragons in order to find power stones that enable them to communicate with the sleeping goddess in order to find the grail, wake her and save the world.


Playable Characters[edit]

These are characters which the players may play, advance their classes and develop their skills accordingly.


Voiced by: Jeong Seon-hye (Korean), Ai Nonaka (Japanese)[3]
The young orphan is on a long journey, wishing to be the greatest warrior ever in order to surpass his lost father. Brave and strong, the Warrior never backs down from the heat of battle.The Warrior is known as Xian in game, Sedo Nobusutatto in the manga and Allen in the Drama CD.


Voiced by: Yun Yeo-jin (Korean), Kana Asumi (Japanese)[3]
Hailing from a faraway land, the wandering elf is on her mission to discover her true purpose, in which failing to do so will have dire consequences. Friendly and clueless about the ways of humans, the Archer, with her mastery of the bow and unrivalled flexibility, is a force of nature to be reckoned with.The Archer is known as Triana in game, Okiron Igunohisu in the manga and Fillice in the Drama CD.


Voiced by: Choi Jae-ho (Korean), Daisuke Namikawa (Japanese)[3]
An aristocrat’s son with whom he had a strained relationship, he was sent far away to a monastery where he found solace in the teachings of the Order. Calm and collected, the Cleric is unfazed in battle no matter the strength of his enemies, ensuring favors to the faithful and woes to the unrepentant.The Cleric is known as Edan in game, Benetta in the manga and Ester in the Drama CD.


Voiced by: Lee Myeong-seon (Korean), Ami Koshimizu (Japanese)[3]
An impoverished and lazy prodigy who is more interested in gambling than mastering the magical arts got into more trouble than she bargained for. Ruthless and merciless, the Sorceress showed no qualms about dealing massive damage to whoever dared cross her path.The Sorceress is known as Angelica in game, Yuuri in the manga, and Neriel in the Drama CD.


Voiced by: Bak Seon-yeong (Korean), Aoi Yūki (Japanese)[4][5]
A scholar well-versed in the engineering and biochemical sciences was sent back from the future on an important and time-altering mission. Intelligent and technology-savvy, the Academic made use of her knowledge to keep her away from the frontlines while wreaking havoc on the battlefield.The Academic is known as Commelina or XD-26 in game.


Voiced by: Lee Yong-shin (Korean), Aya Hirano (Japanese)[6][7]
Raised in secrecy away from civilization and the known world, the young spirit medium’s fate was tied to the prophecies of old since her birth. Sassy and confident, Kali has friends from the other realm to aid her and to beat the living daylights out of her opponents.


Voiced by: Um Sang-hyun (Korean), Hikaru Midorikawa (Japanese)[8][9]
Skilled in the art of assassination and cursed with a split personality, the young man has his own personal vendetta. Stealthy and skilled, the Assassin's opponents will never know what hits them. His other personality was his future self and the name is Illusion.The Assassin is known as Ren in game.


Voiced by: Lee Ji-hyeon (Korean), Chiwa Saitō (Japanese)[10]
A member of the group called "Brotherhood of Steel" formed by the legendary Barnac, one of the famed Six Heroes, she is looking for and investigating a mysterious Orb with her sister Eltia. Quick and agile, her skill in the lance is unrivalled.The Lencea is known as Charlotte Justitia in game.


Voiced by: Ai Kayano (Japanese)[11]
A young girl of the beast people whose arm had been mutated by a meteorite, and thus subjected to experiments which resulted in her mechanical prosthetic right arm. When travelling on a merchant ship with people of the same mutation, an engine failure caused the ship to crash. However, before the crash, the leader of her people pushed her out into safety. Alone and afflicted, the young beast girl has only one goal in mind: to rid herself of the curse and restore her arm.

Non-Playable Characters[edit]

These are the more notable non-playable characters that the players may encounter in their gameplay.

Prairie Town[edit]


Voiced by: Masaaki Tsukada (Japanese)
The village chief of Prairie Town who is the adoptive grandfather of Rose.


Voiced by: Hiromi Igarashi (Japanese), Cynthia Varady (English [SEA])[12]
The granddaughter of Harold and Rose’s adoptive sister.


Voiced by: Aki Toyosaki (Japanese),[13] Julie Casson (English [SEA])
The otherwise ordinary girl was highly sought after due to revelation of her role as the Prophetess and becomes central to the conflict in the story.


Voiced by: Beauty Kokubu (Japanese, In-game),[13] Kōki Uchiyama (Japanese, Drama CD)
A man from Prairie Town who was close to Rose before becoming one of the first casualties of the incoming conflict.

Calderock Village[edit]


Voiced by: Atsuko Tanaka (Japanese),[13] Amy Mar (English [SEA])
A mysterious silver-haired woman who had appeared in the vicinity of Calderock Village.

Dark Elf Elena

Voiced by: Rie Tanaka (Japanese),[13] Adrienne Foreman (English [SEA])
The leader of the forces which threatens to overrun Calderock Village.


Voiced by: GACKT (Japanese),[14] LaMont Ridgell (English [SEA])
Known as the “Dark Knight”, he has kidnapped the Prophetess to activate powers within him.

Adventurer David

Voiced by: Hideki Ogihara (Japanese)[13]
A self-proclaimed hero, whose actions struggles to match up to his claims.

Saint Haven[edit]

King Cassius

Voiced by: Shiori Izawa (Japanese),[13] Raphael Barker (English [SEA])
The current King of the land, he struggles to earn respect from subjects and his right to rule due to his tender age.

Duke Stuart

Voiced by: Hideki Ogihara (Japanese)[13]
The guardian of King Cassius, who makes the decisions for the King due to his young age.

Royal Sorceress Kayleen

Voiced by: Hiromi Igarashi (Japanese)[13]
The Court Sorceress in the castle at Saint Haven, she refuses to aid the Royal Army due to underlying suspicions.

Bishop Ignacio

Voiced by: Yōsuke Akimoto (Japanese)
The representative of the Clerics in Saint Haven.

General Douglas

Voiced by: Daisuke Endou (Japanese)
The General of the Royal Army and fiercely loyal to the young King.


Voiced by: Rie Kugimiya (Japanese),[13] Julie Casson (English [SEA])
The adopted daughter of General Douglas.


Voiced by: Toshiyuki Morikawa (Japanese),[13] Raphael Barker (English [SEA])
The blonde swordsman who was also leader of the famed Six Heroes of the Dragon Raid.

Lotus Marsh[edit]


The famous retired sorceress was currently residing in the marsh, crippled by the poison from battles past.


Voiced by: Rina Satō (Japanese)[15]
A disciple of Karacule, and the successor of the Fairy Star (Astral Coven, NA).


Voiced by: Haruka Tomatsu (Japanese)[15]
A native of Lotus Marsh. She was looking for a way to save her friends and family.


Voiced by: Nobuhiko Okamoto (Japanese)[15]
Karacule’s brother and a powerful sorcerer.

Death Knight

Voiced by: Takaya Kuroda (Japanese)[15]
A mysterious being recently spotted in the vicinity of Lotus Marsh.


Voiced by: Unshō Ishizuka (Japanese)[15]
The current ruling Pope of the Clerics who was also of the Six Heroes fame.

Merchant Lucita

Voiced by: Shiori Izawa (Japanese)
A beast girl who was enslaved and is serving the aristocrats in Lotus Marsh.


Voiced by: Sayumi Michishige (Japanese)[16][17]
A singing idol, famous throughout the land of Alteria.

Chef Nye Nye

Voiced by: KOKIA (Japanese)[16]
A cat chef who works for Harori.


Event Planner Irine

Voiced by: Rei Matsuzaki (Japanese)[18][19]
A tireless and sociable event planner who was sent from Saint Haven.


Voiced by: Tomo Muranaka (Japanese)
Gaharam was Kali's mentor. Believed to have perished during Lambert's attack on the village, and persisted in the living world for some time as a spirit.


Voiced by: Kanae Itō (Japanese)[8][9]
A mysterious maiden and the main heroine of the Assassin's storyline.

King Feather

Voiced by: Rikiya Koyama (Japanese)[20]
The former king who had united the land of Alteria.


Voiced by: Yui Ogura (Japanese)[10]
The sister of Lencea, she was accompanying her on her mission.


Voiced by: Takaya Kuroda (Japanese)
One of the Seven Apostles who wreaked havoc in Alteria.


Voiced by: Tsubasa Yonaga (Japanese)
The mysterious White Dragon, his intentions are not known.


Voiced by: Sumire Uesaka (Japanese)
A member of the Brotherhood of Steel. A boy with a strong sense of mission, and a childhood friend of Lencea and Eltia.


Voiced by: Yoshimasa Hosoya (Japanese)[11]
The elder brother of Merchant Lucita from Lotus Marsh, he was the leader of the beast people, and the one who chose to save Machina's life over his own.


Voiced by: Nao Tōyama (Japanese)[11]
The assistant of Professor K, she was the former ally of the sorceresses and the clerics. She now helps the professor to procure materials for the experiments.

Shao Long

Voiced by: Keiji Fujiwara (Japanese)[11]
A 352 years old humanoid tiger who was excelled in martial arts. He was originally a human who lost his arm in the War before his training in the martial arts turned him into a tiger.


East Asian release[edit]

On November 2, 2007, Nexon Korea Corporation secured rights to Dragon Nest. It was announced that the game would be entering its closed beta in the middle of 2008 but delayed to Fall of 2009.[citation needed] Dragon Nest was officially released in Korea on March 2010.[citation needed]

In December 2007, Shanda, game publisher in China, announced that it would be publishing the Chinese version of Dragon Nest.[citation needed] The Chinese closed beta began on March 25, 2010 with an official release later that year.[citation needed]

It was announced on 21 November 2008 that NHN Japan would publish Dragon Nest in Japan on their Hangame JP portal.[21] On 4 March 2010, NHN Japan announced the people who would act as the first batch of voice actors of Dragon Nest characters in Japanese.[22] On 17 April 2010, GACKT was announced to be the voice actor for NPC Velsklud as well as the artiste for the "Black Version" of the theme song of the game titled "EVER".[14][23] NHN Japan subsequently began Dragon Nest Japan's closed beta.[14]

On 15 August 2011, Sayumi Michishige of Morning Musume was announced to be the voice actor for NPC Harori.[16]

North American Release[edit]

At the Penny Arcade Expo in 2009, Nexon America announced that it would be publishing Dragon Nest in North America.[24] Originally, Dragon Nest was scheduled for a mid-2010 release.[citation needed] Nexon America announced that a playable version of Dragon Nest would be shown at the upcoming E3 show in Los Angeles. Its release is now set to be towards the Summer of 2011. On April 21, 2011, a closed beta application was started and testing was due to begin on May 17, 2011. However, on May 6, an announcement was made that the closed beta testing will be pushed back to June 15, 2011. Closed Beta ended on June 20, 2011. Dragon Nest Open Beta testing opened on July 26, 2011. The game was slated to go live on August 11, but this date has since been pushed back. The North American version was level-capped at 32 with the Saints Haven release on September 28, 2011. Characters, items and skill from the Open Beta Test were not cleared, so players kept the progress they made in the OBT. In mid December 2011, the North American version has extended its level-cap to 40, giving the player the ability to learn their 2nd sub-class's final skill. The Tinkerer class was added in the June 2012 patch. The first Dragon class nest, Sea Dragon Nest, has been released on 24 July 2012. On the 24th of October 2012 the North American version extended its level-cap to 50, giving the players the ability to learn their 3rd sub-class. On the 20th of June 2013 the level-cap of the North American Version was extended to 60, allowing players to learn two EX skills.

South East Asian release[edit]

Shanda and Cherry Credits released the localized version of Dragon Nest for South East Asia region. Closed Beta testing period for Dragon Nest SEA ran from 13 July 2011 to 19 July 2011. Open Beta was opened from 16 August 2011 to 20 October 2011.

Official release of the game begins 20 October 2011 [25] onwards, with the release of Saint Haven and level 32 cap on 18 October [26] to mark its grand opening. There was four servers at the time of SEA's installation, namely (in chronological order) Westwood, Springwood, Greenwood and Holywood.[27] The English language voiceovers for non-playable characters and the song "The Warrior Call" for this release were produced by Deniss Berezins of Overdrawn Records.

Level cap has been increased to 40 on 13 December 2011. Additional content related to the increase has been added which includes new Level 40 items, Manticore Nest and the Apocalypse Nest. On 24 April 2012, the long anticipated Academic class has been released, bringing the total playable starting characters to 5. The long-awaited Sea Dragon Nest was released on June 4, 2012, and also the much anticipated Level 50 cap was released on 28 August 2012, together with further advancements in their current job classes. On 2 April 2013, the new Kali class was released. On 13 May 2013, the level cap was increased to 60. On 11 of February 2014, the level cap was increased to 70, giving access to new EX skills, and the Anu Arendel dungeons. On 18 March 2014 the Assassin character was released. And the level cap was increased to 80 with new lvl 80 EX skill & equipments on 2015 also with new lvl 80 dungeons and nest. The new Lancea class was released on March 3 2015 bringing a total of 8 playable characters.

European release[edit]

Closed beta began on 27 February 2013. Dragon Nest Europe was officially released on 6 March 2013 by eFusion. October 24 until October 29, Dragon Nest EU had a server transfer and officially changed host to Shanda.



There is a manga based on the game named Dragon Nest -Shungeki no Sedo- (Dragon Nest-瞬撃のセド-?, lit. "Dragon Nest -Sedo of the Sudden Attack-").[28] It is drawn by TATSUBON and published by Kodansha. Three tankōbon volumes has been published with about 12 chapters in total. It was serialized from the July 2010 issue to the May 2011 issue of Monthly Shōnen Rival.[29] The first volume was published on 4 October 2010, the second volume on 4 February 2011, and the third volume on 3 June 2011. It follows the adventures of Warrior Sedo Nobusutatto, Archer Okiron Igunohisu, Sorceress Yuuri and Cleric Benetta as they fought to rescue the Prophetess Rose from a mysterious black figure, and to protect Saint Haven from a great danger.


Numerous theme songs have been used for the Japanese version of the game. There are three main theme songs for the game itself, the "White Version", the "Black Version" and the "second" theme song. The "White Version" theme song "Road to Glory~for Dragon Nest" was performed by KOKIA,[14] and the "Black Version" theme song "EVER" was performed by GACKT.[14] The song "Road to Glory~for Dragon Nest" was released on 18 August 2010 as part of the single "Road to Glory~long journey~" (the song is also in the album "REAL WORLD"[3][30]), while "EVER" was released on 28 July 2010. The 'second' main theme song "THE END OF THE DAY" was performed by YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz and the single was released on 14 September 2011[31] (the song can also be found in their album "YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz I").[32] The game story chapter "Resurrection" theme song "live your life"was performed by ViViD. The song was released on 27 June 2012 as part of their album "INFINITY".[33] The theme song of the story chapter "Side Story: Codename Zero" was "Battle of Destiny",[34] performed by KOKIA and the single was released on 20 February 2013.[35]

Dragon Nest Official Technical Guide[edit]

There are Dragon Nest Official Technical Guides (ドラゴンネスト オフィシャルテクニカルガイド, Doragon Nesuto Ofisharu Tekunikaru Gaido)published in Japanese by Enterbrain .Two volumes has been published, Volume One in December 2010 and Volume Two in 30 November 2011.

Dragon Nest Special Packages[edit]

In Japan, there has been two special editions of the game released so far. One is the Dragon Nest Premium Package (ドラゴンネスト プレミアムパッケージ, Doragon Nesuto Puremiamu Pakkeeji) and the other is Dragon Nest 1st Anniversary Package (ドラゴンネスト 1stアニバーサリーパッケージ, Doragon Nesuto 1st Annibaaseri Pakkeeji), both containing the game DVD-ROM.Both are by Japanese game developer E Frontier.

Dragon Nest Drama CD[edit]

There are also a limited edition Dragon Nest Drama CD, called Prelude~Unmei no Mezame~ (プレリュード~運命の目覚め~ Pureryuudo~Unmei no Mezame~?, lit. "Prelude- The Awakening of Fate") which is 69 minutes long, featuring the same Japanese voice actors as in the game. It was released by Japanese record label Voice Records on 20 April 2011.

Dragon Nest Trading Collection[edit]

Dragon Nest Trading Collection (ドラゴンネスト トレーディングコレクション, Doragon Nesuto Toreedingu Korekushon), a trading collection card series, has been released in Japan by Japanese merchandising company ensky AMADA Creative Factory.[36] There are codes printed on the cards which will allow the players to unlock extra cosmetic and game status effects in-game. The trading card collection was first announced on 13 June 2013,[37] and was officially released on 29 July 2013.[38]


Japanese craft company silvercraftstudio fumi has created some necklaces and rings in the shape of the various class icons and dragons.[39] It was available for sale from 21 November 2012 to 31 January 2013.


Japanese hobby products manufacturer Good Smile Company has released figures based on some characters in the game. A regular 1/8th scale PVC figure of the playable character Sorceress, sculpted by Usagi,[40] and a Nendoroid figure of the popular non-playable character Events Planner Irine, sculpted by Shichibee,[41] was released on 30 May 2013, with initial pre-orders only available in China.[42] On 21 November 2013, Good Smile Company has announced that pre-orders for markets outside China is available and that the figures was expected to be available in Spring 2014.[43] Nendoroid Irine was later released for retail on 24 April 2014, whereas the PVC figure of Sorceress was released on 2 June 2014.


A film based on the game, Dragon Nest: Warrior’s Dawn, was released in 2014.[44][45]

Manga Details[edit]


Sedo Nobusutatto (セド・ノブスタット Sedo Nobusutatto)

A strong warrior with a clear sense of justice. He was guided towards the path of Heroes by the word of his father in his heart.

A hot-blooded Warrior who often jumps in to save his friends without a second thought. He was deeply influenced by his late father, who saved him from a massacre from the monsters in his childhood. By the events of Forsaken Island, he has advanced his class to Sword Master.

Okiron Igunohisu (オキロン・イグノヒス Okiron Igunohisu)

An elvish Archer, ordered to do a reconnaissance on the recent appearances of the monsters by her country.

A level-headed rational elf was just doing her mission when she was caught up with the antics of Warrior Sedo. Although she thinks poorly of him at first, she gradually learns to respect his deep loyalty to his friends. She also has a strong fear of flying or ‘unnatural thing’ (the airship) as she is very in tune with nature. By the events of Forsaken Island, she has advanced her class to Bow Master.

Yuuri (ユーリ Yuuri)

A weak-natured user of magic, is able to use flame magic.

At first unconfident and easily frightened, Yuuri learns to overcome her insecurities and initial incompetence of her skills. Sedo’s relentless faith in her gradually boosted her confidence and strive to become an even better Sorceress. By the events of Forsaken Island, she has advanced her class to Elemental Lord.

Benetta (ベネッタ Benetta)

A Temple Knight in pursuit of Velsklud, able to use lightning and healing magic.

A calm and aloof Cleric from the Temple Knights, Benetta prefers to work alone at the beginning. Scarred by the betrayal of his cleric friend who turned out to be a Dragon Follower and killed all his friends, he sought repayment and was hunting down Velsklud. Gradually he opened up to the other adventurers, and his knowledge of Shield defensive skills and healing skills proved him to be an invaluable ally. By the events of Forsaken Island, he has advanced his class to Priest.

Geraint (ジェレイント Jereinto)

One of the Six Heroes involved in the Dragon Raid 50 years ago. He is able to transform into his dragon form, also known as the Dragon of Light (光の龍, Hikari no Tetsu) or the Golden Dragon.

Argenta (アルゼンタ Aruzenta)

A mysterious woman with special powers was also a participant in the Dragon Raid 50 years ago.

Velsklud (ベルスカード Berusukaado)

The main antagonist of the story. One of the Six Heroes involved in the Dragon Raid 50 years ago. He captured the Prophetess of the Dawn (暁の予言者, Akatsuki no Yogensha) in order to activate the power of the dragon in him.

Volume 1 (Released 4 October 2010)[edit]

Chapter Title Content
1 " Sedo Nobusutatto"

" Sedo Nobusutatto "(セド・ノブスタット)

Archer Okiron encountered Warrior Sedo Nobusutatto while saving a small girl named Lily from a group of goblins. He introduced himself as Warrior Sedo Nobusutatto. Upon returning to Prairie Town, they found out that the Village Chief’s granddaughter Rose has been captured. Sedo decided to rescue her, not before being joined by Sorceress Yuuri. They set off into Shadow Forest and into the Church Ruins where found Rose locked up with many other prisoners. They were suddenly confronted by Minotaur Warosu and engaged in a fierce battle with him. They managed to defeat the Minotaur by working together, but realised that Rose had been whisked away by a mysterious man clad in black.
2 " Crazy Feathers "

" Kyouki no Hane " (狂気の羽)

Sedo and his party chased down the black figure and are all unable to withstand the aura released by him. Before they can think about such mysterious powers, they were suddenly attacked by a group of harpies. They were unable to land a single blow on the airborne harpies and are promptly swept up by a tornado they created into a tree. After coming up with a plan to outwit the harpies, they defeated the harpies and extracted the information that they were acting under someone else’s orders, and the black figure has headed towards Forest Sanctuary. .
3 " The Black-clothed Man"

" Kokui no Otoko "(黒衣の男)

While Sedo and his party are trying to ram down the gate of the Forest Sanctuary with a log, Argenta appeared to them with a strong show of force. She revealed the black figure to be Velsklud, a man with great destructive powers. Although Argenta effortlessly defeats Sedo and his party, Sedo’s insistence made her tell them the method of opening the gate. Meanwhile, inside the Forest Sanctuary, Velskuld has begun the process of transferring the Ancients’ power into himself. Argenta confronted Velsklud and fought him. Sedo, after realising that they have been tricked, rushed back to help Argenta, who was being soundly beaten up by Velsklud. Despite their combined strength, they were still unable to defeat Velsklud, who blew them away with a huge force and disappeared. Despite all that, Sedo resolved to defeat him the next time.

Volume 2 (Released 4 February 2011)[edit]

Chapter Title Content
4 " Dragon Raid "

" Ryuu Sensou " (竜戦争)

Okiron and Yuuri were both enjoying a relaxing soak in the hot springs. They were discussing about the recent events when Sedo charged in nude into their side of the hot spring. Okiron promptly gave Sedo a whack. At Crystal Lake, Argenta is sitting under a tree contemplating about Sedo and company. Sedo and his party found her, and wanted to have answers. Argenta then proceeded to narrate the events of the Dragon Raid 50 years ago, that she was a participant and Velskud needed Rose for his plan. Argenta turned to leave, but Sedo insisted on her telling the next place to go. Meanwhile, Velsklud landed at the foot of a mountain ridge after flying across the lake with Rose. He easily decimated the group of people trying to ambush him. The adventurers reached an empty and deserted Calderock. They realised that the town was infested with giant spiders and Argenta, sensing something amiss, starts running. Okiron and Yuuri was caught in the spiders’ web, and Sedo’s sword broke while trying to save them. When all seemed lost, Sedo remembered his late father’s words. He concentrated his strength and releases a new move: “Half Moon Slash” and saved his friends. The astonished Argenta, who just arrived, commented that Sedo is indeed the Inheritor of the Will of the Dragon Slayer.
5 " The Masked Man "

" Kamen no Otoko "(仮面の男)

Exhausted after using his “Half Moon Slash”, Sedo fainted and was brought to Calderock, now bustling with life again, to recuperate by Okiron and Yuuri. After waking up, he talked a little about his late father’s inspiration before Okiron showed Sedo his repaired sword. Then they finally boarded the airship and left Calderock, while Argenta watched them from under a tree, musing about Sedo. On the airship, Sedo and Yuuri enjoyed their trip on the airship while Okiron appeared extremely uncomfortable with the notion of flying. They wondered where they were headed to until an energetic and friendly Item Shop owner named Lena informed them that they were heading towards Saint Haven, a beautiful city bustling with scholars and craftsmen. They were then suddenly spooked by a creepy masked figure. Suddenly the airship rocked violently, and a huge monster appeared and started destroying the airship. Okiron identified the creature to be the Ancient Beast, the Manticore, and Yuuri deduced that somebody on the ship was controlling the Manticore. Sedo suspected the masked figure from earlier and demanded him to answer. The masked figure instead stabbed Lena and the Manticore stopped moving. The masked figure exposed Lena as Dark Elf Elena, the mastermind behind the recent monster appearances. The enraged Elena then jumped onto the Manticore and ordered him to kill everyone. At the critical moment, the masked figure revealed himself and promptly downed the Manticore with a Lightning Bolt. He then introduced himself as Cleric Benetta of the Temple Knights.
6 " Geraint "

" Jereinto " (ジェレイント)

After a crash landing of the airship outside Saint Haven, Sedo and company went to Benetta to thank him for his help. When Benetta revealed that he was also tracking down Velskud, Sedo happily invited him to join them, saying that their goals are the same. However, Benetta brushed him off, saying he was like a coward during the airship incident. When Sedo tried to grab him, Benetta responded with a flying kick. While grabbing Sedo off the ground, Benetta demanded to know if Sedo has any information on Velskud. Benetta was about to punch Sedo when Yuuri yelled at Benetta, saying that Velsklud has left for the Black Mountains. Benetta then left for the Black Mountain, with Sedo and his party soon after. In the Black Mountains, the adventurers discovered charred monster carcasses which seemed to be charred by lightning. Then Benetta was suddenly thrown back towards them, by a swordsman who introduced himself as Geraint. Geraint proved to be too strong for the adventurers, however, Benetta pushed on, revealing that he has a grudge against him as one of his cleric brothers has become a Dragon Follower and killed all the other clerics. Enraged, the four adventurers pitted themselves against Geraint and were overwhelmed. During the battle, Benetta demonstrated his defensive and healing capabilities. Then Geraint laughed and sheathed his sword, saying that he was just testing them, and was impressed with their fighting spirit, and it will needed against Velsklud
7 " Wounds and Bonds"

" Kizu to Kizuna " (キズとキズナ)

While walking with Geraint, Sedo couldn’t help but ask what Geraint and Argenta actually are. Geraint replied that he was one of the Six Heroes of the Dragon Raid, the Dragon of Light (光の龍, Hikari no Tetsu). Surprised, Sedo enquired about Velsklud, and were shocked to discover that Velsklud was also one of the Six Heroes. Geraint then brooded about his former comrade-in-arm as they made their way to Black Dragon Valley. Here they found the Prophetess of the Dawn (暁の予言者, Akatsuki no Yogensha), Rose being suspended and inaccessible on an altar. Velsklud then appeared behind them, and Geraint confronted him about Rose. Velsklud and Geraint drew out their swords and starts to duel. Velsklud trapped Geraint’s legs and fatally stabbed him. Sedo and his friends then attacked Velsklud, but were badly beaten. Undeterred, they launched a fierce counterattack in which Sedo wounded Velsklud.the sneering Velsklud then said that the time is up and called upon the Ancient’s power in Rose to release the Dragon power in him. As Geraint and the adventurers ran out, a black dragon crashes out of the building.

Volume 3 (Released 3 June 2011)[edit]

Chapter Title Content
8 " A Swordsman’s Reason"

" Kenshi no Riyuu " (剣士の理由)

In the countryside, a little girl excitedly burst into a house, telling her father something exciting is happening. The father went out and was shocked to see billowing black clouds coming from Black Mountain. In Saint Haven, birds started to die and fall from the sky, and an old man commented that the scene was the same as the Dragon Raid’s. At the Black Mountain, the adventurers watched in astonishment as the Black Dragon rises from the building, and flew in the direction of Saint Haven. After handing the unconscious Rose over to Sedo and company, Geraint transformed into his dragon form and flew after Black Dragon. In the time of crisis, the adventurers were bewildered and lost, and Sedo begun his recollection of his childhood, in which his mother and the other villagers were brutally massacred by monsters and then was saved by his father. Meanwhile, an intense battle was fought between the two dragons, Sedo then joined into the fray, landing on Geraint’s back. Geraint asked if Sedo is crazy, and Sedo replied with his father’s words, “If you clasp your two hands to pray, hold the sword, and secure the future by yourself!” With this belief Sedo stood unfazed by the challenges ahead.
9 " In the Darkness "

" Kurayami no Naka de" (暗闇の中で)

Sedo entered the battle riding on Geraint’s back. During the battle, the Royal Guards fired cannons to protect the city. However, being unable to differentiate friend from foe, they fired on both dragons. In the firefight, the Black Dragon took the opportunity to scratch out Geraint remaining good eye, rendering him completely blind. Sedo became Geraint’s eyes, guiding him throughout the fight. As Geraint crashed into Saint Haven, the townspeople ran away in fear, prompting Sedo to scream why people just cannot tell who is on their side. Geraint then said that humans are naturally afraid of the unknown. Then the Black Dragon landed in Saint Haven. Geraint then rushed forward for another fight in which he was quickly defeated. When the Black Dragon was about to land the finishing blow, a barrage of cannon fire hit him. Geraint then realised that Sedo had gone to straighten up the Royal Guards, telling them which is the correct target to fire on. Okiron, Yuuri and Benetta then appeared, and they unite their strength with Geraint against the Black Dragon. Geraint then said he can see the path to victory.
10 " A Good Opponent"

" Kou Tekishu "(好敵手)

Geraint landed a fatal blow to the Black Dragon. With the Black Dragon defeated, Geraint returned to his human form amidst cheers from the guards who witnessed the resulting explosion. As a tearful Sedo greeted him, Geraint commented that for protecting the city, Sedo is a hero. Sedo disagreed, saying that everyone had contributed and all are all heroes. This happiness was suddenly cut short by the reports of large hordes of monsters invading and attacking Saint Haven. Okiron, Yuuri and Benetta sprung into action, leading the Royal Guards against the hordes of monsters, leaving Geraint to Sedo. As Sedo was helping Geraint out, a battle-torn Velsklud emerged from the smoke. Sedo told Geraint to stay put while he went to face off Velsklud. After a short battle, Sedo lay defeated. Velsklud told Geraint that Sedo was too young and inexperienced. Much later, in a letter to the Village Chief, Okiron Igunohisu wrote that they are safe, and Rose is safe with Geraint. The Okiron, Yuuri and Benetta later met at a deli discussing about the future. Sedo then suddenly appeared, saying “let’s go on a quest!”. Okiron and Benetta expressed reservations, whereas Yuuri excitedly took the initiative to go first, embarrassing Okiron and Benetta, and earning a huge smile from Sedo. They then set off as a party, to start their adventure together.
11 " NEXT Chapter "

"Nekusuto Chaputaa"( NEXT Chapter)

The chapter starts in Yuuri’s respective, mentioning that Rose was in the castle basement with Geraint. She has gone back to further study and train to be a stronger sorceress. Okiron has returned to her country to report to her queen. Benetta has chosen to stay in Saint Haven to keep an eye on Rose. For Sedo, he has also embarked on his own journey to train.

Much later, Priest Benetta was going on his rounds inspecting the Royal Guards when he met Geraint. Geraint expressed his wish to go to Forsaken Island to check on the Sea King, due to the recent new monsters coming in. Geraint insisted on going, despite Benetta’s disagreement. The next day, they set off for Forsaken Island. At the shipwreck, they were ambushed by numerous monsters. Benetta’s Lightning Bolt was not enough to repel the monsters. Just as they were being overwhelmed, Bow Master Okiron Igunohisu and Elemental Lord Yuuri arrived, wiping out the mobs with ease. However, the Sea King itself has awakened, the party was shocked at the size of the monster. Then with a cry of “Moon Light Splitter!”, Sword Master Sedo Nobusutatto arrived, much to delight of his party. Then the four stood their ground around Geraint, ready to face any challenges that may come.

12 " Quest "

" Kuisuto " (クイスト)

(This chapter is a special chapter.)

Set before the events of Forsaken Island, Sedo and his party were exploring a dungeon when the ground below them gave way. Then they found themselves in the Ancient Ruins. They braved many traps before arriving at hall with a big round stone giant. While Benetta was laughing at and patting the statue., the statue suddenly activated, smashing around and rolling into a ball, rolling after them. When the adventurers were about to face off the giant stone ball, the pillars of the dungeon suddenly cracked, collapsing onto the stone giant. A beautiful scene was also revealed, drawing the praise of the adventurers. Then Sedo said, “Let’s see this together, everyone, … again!”.


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