Dragon Nishikawa

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Dragon Nishikawa
Born Kawagoe, Saitama, Japan
Occupation Film director
Years active 2004 –

Dragon Nishikawa (ドラゴン西川, Doragon Nishikawa?) is a Japanese adult video (AV) director who primarily works with the Cross AV company.

Life and career[edit]

Dragon Nishikawa was born in the city of Kawagoe in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. His family ran a cleaning business and years later he still recalled being heckled as a young boy with taunts of クリーニング屋の息子!汚い子供! ("Son of the cleaners, dirty kid!"). After attending Komazawa University in Tokyo he went on to a job with the large Japanese adult video firm Soft On Demand (SOD).[1]

He eventually left his office job at SOD and joined another aspiring director, Zack Arai, at Matsushima Cross' studio CrossWorld (クロスワールド) in 2004, and shortly afterward he began directing.[1][2] CrossWorld was associated with the Kuki Inc. group and the X-City website[3] and Nishigawa's early works were in the "Call Girl" series for Try-Heart's Sexia label. He also worked for other Kuki group studios such as VIP, Alice Japan and Cosmos Plan.[4] Much of his production for CrossWorld was with their Maguro (鮪 or マグロ) label.[5] Another of his directorial efforts for CrossWorld was the June 2005 release AV Actress Interview with AV Idol Sakura Sakurada.[6]

CrossWorld was dissolved in mid-2005 after two and a half years in business and when Matsushima Cross and Innjean Koga founded the Cross studio in late 2005, Nishikawa and Arai both joined the venture as part of the new generation of AV directors.[7] Nishikawa released his first two videos with Cross on November 19, 2005, one of them starring Riko Tachibana.[8] Matsushima Cross left the company in June 2007[9] but Nishikawa remained at Cross and is their primary director having made over 200 videos through October 2011, accounting for nearly half of all Cross productions.[8]

In 2008, Nishikawa was involved in retirement videos for two AV stars. February 2008 saw Shiofuki Eruption Lesbians as part of the "Ann Project" retirement series for An Nanba[10] and in October 2008, he was the director of Hotaru Akane's farewell to AV Final Gusher - Akane Hotaru's Retirement Work.[11] He also directed the entries from Cross nominated for the AV Grand Prix competitions in 2008 (Boy Fresh Face Cock Coastline Story)[12] and 2009 (The Secret Bad Company - Anal Transformation Horror Ranger).[13]

Nishikawa is also interested in music and his band CUMSHOTS performed at an event in August 2006 titled "AV SUPER STAR LIVE Beauty Bambie Night" along with Matsushima Cross and his band CAMPAKEX.[14]


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