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Dragon Raja (Chinese: 龙族; pinyin: Lóngzú) is a series of serializing fantasy novels written by Jiang Nan.

This series have now published 4 volumes (including 6 books), which are Dragon Raja I: The Blazing Dawnlight (龙族I:火之晨曦, Lóngzú I: Huǒ zhī Chénxī), Dragon Raja II: Eyes of the bereaved (龙族II:悼亡者之瞳, Lóngzú II: Dàowángzhě zhī Tóng), Dragon Raja III: The Dark Moon Tide (including i, ii, iii) (龙族III:黑月之潮, Lóngzú III: Héiyuè zhī Cháo), Dragon Raja IV: The Abyss of Odin (龙族IV:奥丁之渊, Lóngzú IV: Àodīng zhī Yuān).

There's a extra story, named Dragon Raja: The Wings of Lament (龙族外传:哀悼之翼, Lóngzú Wàizhuàn: Āidào zhī Yì), released only on magazine Fiction&Drawing .[1]

The story started with an 18-year-old boy Ricardo M. Lu, a regular high school student who in appearance seems no different from any other adolescent. He life is changed with the arrival of a letter of acceptance from the prestigious Cassell college, where he will learn all the unexpected lessons with the most quirky tutors and unconventional classmates, before his mission of slaying the dragon unfolds itself. Combing fantasy, courage, persistence and the true meaning of friendship, Dragon Raja encourages its young readers to grow up in a world full of unexpected challenges. At the same time, it is a story about loneliness. Fulfilling one's duty, as well as protecting the people one holds most dear, is a responsibility one has to take alone. Under the cover of heart-pumping, mind-thrilling adventures, millions of readers find courages and strengths in Dragon Raja.

Since the release of the first volume, Dragon Raja I: The Blazing Dawnlight, on April 1, 2010, this series has gained immense popularity, critical acclaim and commercial success in China, each and every one of the six titles of the Dragon Raja series has championed the best seller list with more than 2,000,000 copies sold. It attracted a lot of young teenager audiences, and have remained one of the preeminent cornerstones of youth and fantasy literature.


Dragon Raja I: The Blazing Dawnlight[edit]

Ricardo M. Lu(Chinese: 路明非), an 18-year-old normal high school student, who was applying to U.S universities, received a weird admission letter from a college named Cassel near Chicago. Once he took on the special railway express CC1000 to the mysterious Cassel College, what awaited for him were crazy lessons, strange teachers and all kinds of creepy classmates. Besides all these unexpected things, he was informed by the college that a disaster was happening under the Three Gorges Dam in China, and a war between human and dragons was on the way...

Dragon Raja II: Eyes of the bereaved[edit]

During his first year's summer vacation of Cassel College, Ricardo M. Lu received an invitation to a class reunion from his high school classmates just on his birthday. In the meantime, an urgent dragon-related mission from Cassel College was assigned to him and another student Zihang Chu (Chinese: 楚子航). However, the maverick Zihang Chu alone shouldered the whole task. After the mission was completed, the two boys immediately went to Chicago and started their new semester.

At Chicago railway station, they met a girl named Mi Xia(Chinese: 夏弥) and claimed herself a freshman of the Cassel College. As this girl showed up, a series mysterious incidents were happening...

Dragon Raja III: The Dark Moon Tide(I)[edit]

It was the second Cassel College's summer holiday for Ricardo M. Lu. A dangerous dragon heartbeat signal was discovered under the sea of Japan. Before this ominous indication developed into a certain catastrophe, Hilbert Ron Anjou, the principle of the Cassel College, appointed his three students, Caesar Gattuso, Zihang Chu and Ricardo M. Lu as special agents to resolve the crisis.

As soon as these three students took this confidential mission and arrived in Tokyo, they received warm reception from the Japanese branch. The three boys thought it would be a pleasant cooperation, and began their underwater mission. The submersible sent the team to an 8-km deep sea. They met the amazing Dragon City, and accidentally found the embryos of the dragons began to hatch. In the meantime, the whole Japanese branch suddenly lost contact and the situation became extremely critical. The trio was facing the most severe crisis ever...

Dragon Raja III: The Dark Moon Tide(II)[edit]

Historical remains of dragons were discovered and awaken by the Cassel trio. The trio escaped from the dragons' attacks, and safely returned to harbour. However, without any help and contact from neither the Cassel College nor Japanese branch, the three boys, Caesar Gattuso, Zihang Chu and Ricardo M. Lu got lost in Tokyo and trapped in Japanese mobs. They finally took a Japanese host club as temporary sanctuary, waited patiently for any chance to revenge, and complete their mission...

Dragon Raja III: The Dark Moon Tide(III)[edit]

Uesugi Erii, a girl from the Japanese branch, was designated as sacrifice to save the whole crisis. The trio was totally against this decision from the headmaster of the Japanese sect, and planned to take the girl away. Meanwhile, the White King of Dragon under the Sea of Japan was awakened, and Tokyo city was facing a catastrophic destruction...

Dragon Raja IV: The Abyss of Odin[edit]

The fourth year for Ricardo M. Lu in Cassel College started, he was appointed as the new chairman of the student union. Accidentally, he found his senior, Zihang Chu, literally disappeared. In addition, Ricardo is the only one who remembers his existence. While Ricardo was trying to figure these weird things out, a series of attacks against the college happened and he was suspected of being the attacker. Ricardo had no choice but reached out to Nuonuo(诺诺) who was Caesar Gattuso's fiancée and taking bridal training for help...

Release information[edit]

Volume Title Title in Chinese Release date ISBN
1 Dragon Raja I: The Blazing Dawnlight 龙族Ⅰ:火之晨曦 April 1, 2010 978-7-80708-935-3
2 Dragon Raja II: Eyes of the bereaved 龙族Ⅱ:悼亡者之瞳 May, 2011 978-7-5492-0430-4
3 Dragon Raja III: The Dark Moon Tide(I) 龙族Ⅲ:黑月之潮(上) December, 2012 978-7-5492-1646-8
4 Dragon Raja III: The Dark Moon Tide(II) 龙族Ⅲ:黑月之潮(中) July, 2013 978-7-5492-2063-2
5 Dragon Raja III: The Dark Moon Tide(III) 龙族Ⅲ:黑月之潮(下) December, 2013 978-7-5492-2322-0
6 Dragon Raja IV: The Abyss of Odin 龙族Ⅳ:奥丁之渊 December, 2015 978-7-5492-3781-4

Influence and Achievement[edit]