Dragon Shiryū

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Dragon Shiryū
Saint Seiya character
Dragon Shiryū
Dragon Shiryū, as seen in the Hades chapter OVAs
First appearanceManga
vol. 1, chapter 4
episode 1 (briefly)
episode 2 (fully)
Created byMasami Kurumada
Voiced byJapanese
Hirotaka Suzuoki (Anime)
Chiyoko Kawashima (Child)
Takahiro Sakurai (Hades OVAs and Knights of the Zodiac)[1]
Ken Narita (Omega)
Kenji Akabane (Legend of Sanctuary)
Jay Hickman (ADV dub)
Luci Christian (ADV dub, Child)
Blake Shepard (Knights of the Zodiac/Netflix dub)
RelativesMitsumasa Kido (father, manga only)
Shunrei (wife, Omega only)
Shoryu (adoptive son)
Ryūhō (son, Omega only)
AffiliationsBronze Saints
BirthplaceOriginal series:
2019 remake:
Chinatown, San Francisco, California, United States
English adaptation
NameDragon Long

Dragon Shiryū (龍星座 (ドラゴン)の紫龍, Doragon no Shiryū) is a fictional character from the Saint Seiya universe created by Masami Kurumada. As one of the protagonists of this media franchise, he has made appearances in the several manga, the original anime adaptation, OVAs, films and video games. He has also inspired a large number of collectibles. Considered the most mature and wisest of the five heroes, Shiryū is the Bronze Saint of the Dragon constellation, whose Cloth possesses legendary defensive and offensive properties.

Character outline[edit]

Out of the five main characters from Saint Seiya, Shiryū is the calmest and most collected. He greatly respects his master Libra Dohko, from whom he learned not only how to use his Cosmo to fight, but also fundamental wisdom for life. He trained at Lushan for six years under his tutelage, during which time he befriended the old master's protégé Shunrei.

In addition to possessing great physical strength, Shiryū owns one of the most durable Bronze Cloths. Having spent the last two and a half centuries under the mineral-rich waterfall of Lushan, it is harder than diamonds. It is also legendary for the shield on its left arm and its right gauntlet, endowed with powerful piercing capabilities, which have earned the Cloth its nickname as "the strongest fist and shield". In times of extreme need, the five main Bronze Saints are also allowed to temporarily wear Gold Cloths. In the Sanctuary arc, Shiryū used the weapons of the Libra Gold Cloth to free Cygnus Hyōga from Aquarius Camus's ice coffin. In the two battles against Poseidon and Thanatos, he wore the Libra Cloth.

Shiryū sports the image of a green and white dragon on his back which is connected to his guardian constellation and only appears as his Cosmo is rising. Whenever his life is in danger, the image begins to fade. Once it completely vanishes, it is a sign that Shiryū's Cosmo has reached zero and he is dead.


In Saint Seiya[edit]

Six years after the Graude Foundation sends Shiryū to train at Lushan's Five Old Peaks (廬山五老峰, Rozan Gorōhō) in China, he obtains the Bronze Cloth of the Dragon constellation from Libra Dohko. He then returns to Japan to participate in the Galaxian Wars tournament, wherein he is narrowly defeated by Seiya. When Phoenix Ikki steals the Gold Cloth, Shiryū becomes involved in the battles to recover it from the Black Saints and eventually discovers that Saori Kido is the Goddess Athena whom he swore to protect. In the following battles against the Silver Saints, Shiryū is forced to blind himself to achieve victory against Perseus Algol. His injury does not keep him from battle and he joins his fellow Bronze Saints as they go to Sanctuary to depose the false Pope, Gemini Saga. He recovers his sight upon awakening his seventh sense in the fight against Cancer Deathmask.

In the Poseidon arc, he confronts the General Chrysaor Krishna. Having been repaired with the blood of the Gold Saints after the battles of the Twelve Temples, the Dragon Cloth becomes golden whenever Shiryū uses his Cosmo to the maximum and awakens his seventh sense. However, even that added protection is unable to keep Shiryū from losing his eyesight a second time to Krishna's overwhelming attacks. In the end, he manages to cutting through the General's chakras and defeat him. He then destroys the Pillar guarded by Krishna and joins Seiya to free Athena and reseal Poseidon.

Shiryū defeats several Specters during the Hades arc. He awakens his eighth sense and his Cloth is endowed with the power of Athena's divine blood by Aries Shion, which enables him to travel to Elysion and deliver Athena's divine Cloth to her. After a confrontation with the twin gods Hypnos and Thanatos, he awakens the Dragon God Cloth and successfully helps Athena defeat Hades.

In Saint Seiya: Next Dimension[edit]

In the official sequel of the manga of Saint Seiya, Shiryu and Shunrei have adopted a baby whom they named Shoryu. Then, he goes back in time with Hyoga, to the time of the previous Holy War against Hades in the eighteenth century, in order to help Saori / Athena save Seiya's life, who is cursed by the sword of the god of the underworld. Shiryu is proclaimed as the future Gold Saint of Libra successor to Dohko, from the Gold Saint of the eighteenth century Libra Dohko(Young)[2]

In Saint Seiya Omega[edit]

In the original series Saint Seiya Omega, Shiryū is still alive well after the Hades arc events. According to the Saint Seiya Omega history, Shiryū finally returned to Lushan, where he married his love interest Shunrei and fathered a boy called Ryūhō. Due to an unspecified accident, however, Shiryū has lost all of his five senses and was forced to step down as a Saint, bequeathing his armor, duties and obligations to his son.[3]

Following the defeat of the God of Darkness Abzu, Shiryū's senses are restored, but he insists that Ryūhō must continue his duty as the next Dragon Saint. During the war against the Pallasites, Shiryū joins the assault on the enemy stronghold donning the Libra Cloth, which he inherited from the previous Libra Golden Saint, Genbu.


In Japan, Shiryū is the most popular of the Saint Seiya protagonists, ranking first in the main characters poll of the five Bronze Saints.[4] The Journal of Popular Culture noted the use of Shiryu's techniques where a dragon is seen alongside his fists as one of Kurumada's most striking illustrations in the Saint Seiya manga due to the style the impact has. Additionally, when Shiryu faces Cancer Deathmask, the writer addressed that Kurumada's message as seen through this fight scene is that people should still embrace violence based on what the aggresor has done, with Deathmask having attacked the innocent Shunrei.[5]


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