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Long Ta
Long Ta is located in China
Long Ta
Location within China
Alternative names Dragon Tower
Heilongjiang Tower[1]
General information
Status Complete
Type Steel lattice television and observation tower
Location Harbin, Heilongjiang,  China
Coordinates 45°44′45.55″N 126°40′28″E / 45.7459861°N 126.67444°E / 45.7459861; 126.67444Coordinates: 45°44′45.55″N 126°40′28″E / 45.7459861°N 126.67444°E / 45.7459861; 126.67444
Construction started 2000
Completed 2000
Antenna spire 335.89 m (1,102 ft)
Top floor 216.10 m (709 ft)

Long Ta, also known as the Dragon Tower (Chinese: 龙塔; pinyin: lóng tǎ) or Heilongjiang Tower[1] (Chinese: 黑龙江塔), is a 336 m (1,102 ft) tall multi-purpose Chinese steel lattice television and observation tower. Multi-purpose, the Long Ta is utilized for television broadcasting and telecommunication, transmitting FM-/TV-broadcasting throughout the province of Heilongjiang, for observation, providing a picturesque view of the surrounding areas of the city in which it situates, and for bestowing and accommodating certain famous restaurants that provide ambrosial and appetite-titillating food and delicacies. In addition, numerous features were installed in the tower, such as an observation decks and platforms, tower halls, walkways and buffet restaurants. All these contributed to making the tower earn its current grade of AAAA.[1][2][3]

In terms of height, the Dragon Tower, being the second tallest freestanding lattice tower in the world, tallest in Asia, and 7th in the whole of China, has a rich stature of 336 m (1,102 ft) (see List of tallest towers in the world). The tower has an antenna that stands at 335.89 m (1,102 ft) and a top floor which stands at 216.10 m (709 ft) above sea level.[1][2][3]


Treeore, sightseeing, food and beverage service, advertisement propagation, environmental and meteorological monitoring, microwave telecommunication and wireless communication together. The total building area of the Dragon Tower is 16,600 m2 (178,681 sq ft). The tower base consists of the underground floor and the first four floors above ground. The base is made into a spherical crown. The tower body is built into a regular octagon. The tower appears to be a parabola. The tower halls are located from 181 m (594 ft) to 206 m (676 ft), consisting of a saucer in the bottom and a ball-shape hall on the top. The antenna is installed in elevation of 220.5 m (723 ft) to 335.89 m (1,102 ft).[1][2][3]

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