Dragon Zakura (TV series)

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Dragon Zakura
Dragon Zakura drama poster.jpg
GenreSchool drama
Written byTakehiko Hata
Directed byRenpei Tsukamoto, Marehiro Karaki, Takashi Komatsu
StarringHiroshi Abe
Theme music composerKyo Nakanishi
Country of originJapan
Original language(s)Japanese
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes11
Editor(s)Kouichi Enda, Mayumi Shimizu
Production company(s)Media Mix Japan Co., Ltd, TBS
Original networkTBS
Original releaseJuly 8 (2005-07-08) – September 16, 2005 (2005-09-16)
Related showsMaster of Study
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Dragon Zakura (Doragon Zakura) is a Japanese live action television series based on the manga of the same name.



  • Hiroshi Abe as Kenji Sakuragi, a lawyer and the homeroom teacher for the special class
  • Kyōko Hasegawa as Mamako Ino, an English teacher from Ryūzan High School. She takes care of History lessons for the special class.
  • Yōko Nogiwa as Yuriko Tatsuno, the director of Ryūzan High School and the wife of former owner
  • Yōsuke Saitō as Tokihisa Kondō, the vice-principal of Ryūzan High School.
  • David Ito as Masanao Ochiai, a teacher from Ryūzan High School
  • Tōru Shinagawa as Tetsunosuke Yanagi, the Mathematics teacher for the special class
  • Minori Terada - Ryūzaburō Akutayama, the Japanese language teacher for the special class
  • Susumu Kobayashi as Shutaro Ain, the Science teacher for the special class
  • Akio Kaneda as Hiroshi Kawaguchi, the English language teacher for the special class
  • Shin Yazawa as Nozomi Yamamoto, Mamako's friend and a teacher of Shūmeikan High School.

Students of the special class[edit]

Family members of special class students[edit]

Other students of Ryūzan High School[edit]

  • Akari Hori as Asumi Toda, an idol who repeatedly sends Maki e-mails from her workplace
  • Ayano Gunji as Saori Abe, Naomi's friend. She had requested Naomi to introduce her to Yūsuke


  • Hiroki Murakami as Yoshio Tanaka, one of Nozomi's suitors. He is a law graduate of Tokyo University. An arrogant man, he is proud of his academic and social standing even though he is neither handsome nor fit.
  • Mitsuru Karahashi as Yasushi Sawamatsu, the second suitor of Nozomi. A high school dropout, he is rather simple-minded with "awesome" as his favorite phrase and a very limited vocabulary. His favorite pastime is playing Pachinko and he only has a part-time job.


Ep. Title Romanized title Translation of title Broadcast date Ratings
1 バカとブスこそ東大へ行け Baka to busu koso Toudai e ike All you that are ugly and stupid, go to Tokyo University! July 8, 2005 17.5%
2 自分の弱さを知れ! Jibun no yowasa wo shire! Know your weaknesses! July 15, 2005 16.5%
3 遊べ!受験はスポーツだ! Asobe! Juken wa supootsu da! Entrance exams are sports, so play! July 22, 2005 13.8%
4 壁にぶつかるまで我慢しろ Kabe ni butsukaru made gaman shiro Hold out until you hit the wall July 29, 2005 16.1%
5 泣くな!お前の人生だ! Nakuna! Omae no jinsei da! Don't cry! It's your life! August 5, 2005 16.8%
6 英語対決!勝負だバカ6人 Eigo taiketsu! Shoubu da baka rokunin English showdown! Fight for Stupid 6 August 12, 2005 17.9%
7 見返してやる!東大模試 Mikaeshite yaru! Toudai moshi Vengeance! Mock exam for Tokyo University August 19, 2005 15.6%
8 バカの涙・・・夏休み課外授業 Baka no namida... Natsuyasumi kagai jugyou Tears of fools... Extra lessons during summer vacation August 26, 2005 17.0%
9 信じろ!成績は必ず上がる Shinjiro! Seiseki wa kanarazu agaru Trust yourself! Your marks will surely improve September 2, 2005 14.5%
10 友情か受験か?最後の決断 Yuujou ka juken ka? Saigo no ketsudan Friendship or entrance exam? Final decision September 9, 2005 14.5%
11 お前らはもうバカじゃない!運命の合格発表! Omaera wa mou baka janai! Unmei no goukaku happyou! You are no longer morons! Fateful day of results! September 16, 2005 20.3%
Ratings for Kanto region (average rating: 16.41%)[1]

Theme song[edit]

The theme song of the show is "Realize" by melody. and the insert song "Colorful" by Tomohisa Yamashita.


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