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Dragonology is a book series about dragons. It contains information on dragons including how to befriend and protect dragons. It includes an alphabet of the dragon language, ancient runes, and replica samples of Dragon scales. Other books in the series expand on these concepts and explain them in more detail than the original.

The toys include figures and models of Phoebe various types of Dragons, a strategic board game, and a card game.

The "first book" is edited by Dugald A. Steer, with other contributors credited as Helen Ward (Scientific Artist), Douglas Carrel (Chief Draughtsman), Wayne Anderson (Pictorial Artist), and Nghiem Ta (Artistic Direction).


The character, Dr. Ernest Drake is described as living in the 19th century and being a member of the Secret and Ancient Society of Dragonologists (S.A.S.D.). Dragonology is the study and conservation of dragons, who during Dr. Drake's time were becoming extinct due to rapidly increasing human population. The drawn photograph of him in Dragonology bears a very close resemblance to Steer's great grandfather.[citation needed] His books, Dragonology: The Complete Book of Dragons (one hundred copies printed in 1896), The Dragonology Handbook: A Practical Course in Dragons (1893), and Tracking And Taming Dragons: A Guide For Beginners were republished by the Five Mile Press, with Dragonology actually published on October 1, 2003, who have also created facsimiles of Wizardology and the Wizardology Handbook [both allegedly written by character Merlin, the legendary wizard], Egyptology [by character Emily Sands], Pirateology [by captain William Lubber] and Monsterology [again by the author of Dragonology, Ernest Drake.

Goals and Alliances[edit]

The Dr. Ernest Drake's lifelong goal was to help protect dragons and bring them the scientific attention they deserve. By writing his dragonolog'y books, Dr Drake wanted to teach open minded students to appreciate and protect dragons. Dr. Drake worked with the SASD (Secret and Ancient Society of Dragonologists), an organization formed to share and expand the scientific information on dragonology.


The products are published in the United States and Canada by Candlewick Press and in the United Kingdom by Templar Publishing. The releases in the series include:



  • Dragonology: Obscure Spells and Charms of Dragon Origin
  • Dragonology: Tracking and Taming Dragons
  • Dragonology: Field Guide to Dragons
  • Dragonology: Code Writing Kit
  • Dragonology: Drake's Comprehensive Compendium of Dragonology

Sets, Games, and Toys[edit]

  • Dragonology: The Board Game
  • Dragonology: Hatch (cards)
  • Series 1 Dragon Toys
  • Series 2 Dragon Toys
  • Miniature Dragon Toys
  • Dragonology: Dragon 'Build your own' models
  • Dragonology: The Complete Book Of Dragons

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