Dragons Rhöndorf

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Dragons Rhöndorf
League ProB
Founded 1912; 105 years ago (1912)
History Rhoendorfer TV 1912
TV Tatami Rhoendorf
SER Rhoendorf
2BA Dragons Rhoendorf
SOBA Dragons Rhoendorf
Dragons Rhoendorf
Arena Menzenberger Sporthalle
Arena Capacity 1,500
Location Bad Honnef, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Head coach Thomas Adelt
Website www.dragons.de

Dragons Rhoendorf is a professional basketball club based in Bad Honnef, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.[1] The team had its most successful years from 1995 to 1999 when it played in the Basketball Bundesliga where it reached the semi-finals in 1999. Since then, the club has voluntarily moved down to the third highest national division Pro B.


1.1 Alternating bath between ProA and Pro B[edit]

Former names from the team are TV Rhöndorf, TV Tatami Rhöndorf und SOBA Dragons Rhöndorf in the second League north and previuslyin the basketball major league. From 1995 to 1999 played the team in the basketball league before the license changed to the Skyliners Frankfurt. Rhöndorf plays with the purchased license from Ludwigsburg still in the 2nd league. After a renewed athletic ascent, the license was passed on again. Beneficiaries were this time RheinEnergy Cologne and later Cologne 99ers. Rhöndorfer played still second rate and qualifies for the season 2007/2008 for the new established ProA. After the fourth place the Dragons surprisingly retired to the lower echelon of the 2nd league. There they want to focus more on the training of young talents. They pursue this target for the season 2006/2007 also together with the Telekom Baskets Bonn. Under the name SG Bonn / Rhöndorf both clubs line up together in the NBBL. The season 2008/2009 finished the Dragons on the fourth place and missed the promotion to the ProA.

During the 2009/2010 season the Dragons announced that the longtime sponsor Franz Ludwig Solzbacher has ceased his engagement with the end of the season. So the Dragons start in the season 2010/2011 without the addition SOBA in the name. Also it was founded a new GmbH. The Dragons Rhöndorf Marketing GmbH adopt the license at the end of the season 2009/2010 and is the new carrier of the game operation of the Dragons. The general manager of the new GmbH becomes the manager of Dragons Michael Wichterich.

The 2009/2010 season became one of the most successful seasons in club history. With 26 triumphs and 4 defeats the Soba Dragons became sovereign champions of the ProB and secure the right for the promotion in the Pro A.For this Eric Detlev was awarded as coach of the year of the ProB. During the summer they tried to protect feverishly the required budget forthe ProA and it was succesful. But the face of the team changed a lot. Longtime, established player left the club, including Christopher Rojik, Johannes Lange and Jürgen Malbeck. Also it was not possible to hold idol of the public DeUndraeSpraggins. With a strong younger team they wanted to try to establish the club again in the ProA. But already a matchday before the end of the season it was clear that the Dragons would miss the place in the ProA. After a 75:79 defeat against Würzburg after double extension stood the descent firm. Even returning DeUndraeSpraggins could not change that.

1.2 ProB , Pro A and again ProB[edit]

Due to the license withdrawal against the USC Freiburg and the GiroLive-Ballers Osnabrück the Dragons received their start right in the ProA for 2011/2012 first back. However, at the end of June 2011, those responsible announced that the Dragons would retire to the ProB. Financial aspects were responsible for this. There the younger team was able to establish itself in the course of the season and reached the end of the regular season 5th place of the south relay. In the play-offs the Dragons succumbed the SGBraunschweig in two games and bowed out in the round of sixteen. Shortly thereafter followed the separation of coach Eric Detlev after over 10 years working for the Dragons. A reason for the separation were increasingly different views on the orientation of the club, but also the request for new impulses for the teams and the concept of the Dragons.

In 2012 Boris Kaminski was introduced as a new head coach and sports director. Kaminski previously worked for the Hertener Löwen. The first season under Boris Kaminski supervision finished the Dragons in the first place 1 in the south relay with 19 wins and 3 losses. In the first round of the play-offs, the Dragons played against the BSW Sixers from Sandersdorf and also bowed out due to injury concerns in the first round. For the season 2013/2014 returned with Fabian Thüligaidol of the public back to the Dragons, after he had previously dissolved his contract with the Telekom Baskets Bonn. The team reached the 2014 play-offs with 12 wins and 10 losses in the regular season. Rival in the round of sixteeen was the former Bundesliga team Schwelmer Baskets. Against the baskets, the Dragons finally bowed out with 1:2 in the first round. Shortly after leaving the play-offs, the Dragons announced the contract extension with head coach Boris Kaminski. He received a new contract until summer 2016.

For the 2014/2015 season returned a former youth player of the Dragons Savo Milovic. Similarly the talents Kostja Mushidi, Alexander Angerer and Alexander Möller were appointed to the ProB squad of Rhöndorf. In the course of the season followed the separation of sports manager Sebastian Schmidt due to different views in the sporting and economic sphere of the club. Athletic established the Dragons in the top field of ProB-South and could finish the regular season in third place.

In the play-offs the team of Boris Kaminski played in the round of sixteen against the Uni-Reisen Leipzig and bowed out with 1:2 and therefore did not survived for the fourth time in a row the first round of the play-offs.

At the end of the season 2014/2015 it became known that the two athletically qualified teams of SC Rist Wedel and the Oldenburger TB would not make use of their right of promotion. After the Uni-ReisenLeipzig renounced the promotion the license went to the Dragons Rhöndorf, which officially announced on May 12, 2015 to compete again in the ProA. After only two wins and 16 defeats in January 2016 head coach Boris Kaminski resigned from his duties. Successor was his former co-coach Christian Mehrens. But even under Mehrens supervision the team did not reached the sporting turn around and the Dragons descended as the bottom of the league again in the ProB. Shortly after the end of the season, the Dragons announced the separation of Christian Mehrens, who received no new contract as a head coach. His predecessor Boris Kaminski returned to the Dragons Rhöndorf as the new general manager.

New head coach for the 2016/2017 season was Matthias Sonnenschein, who previously worked as an assistant coach for the Dragons and as head coach the JBBL team of SG Bonn / Rhöndorf. The season was a real rollercoaster ride and culminated in the final round of the main round in a close final for the last playoff places. Ultimately, the Dragons slipped from seventh to tenth place due to their own loss to the Weißenhorn Youngstars and the parallel triumphs of the LicherBasketBären, the TG s.OliverWürzburg and the Skyliners Frankfurt II and had the first time in the club's history in the ProB relegation round.

With the American Aaron Nelson left the statistically best player of the team before the start of the relegation round, the team management made a change of the coach at the end of March to set the fight another attraction: the Dutchman Thomas Roijakkers, who had been dismissed a month earlier in the likewise relegation-threatened RSV Eintracht (ProB north-relay), replaced Sunshine as a head coach.

Ultimately the Rhöndorfer managed under Roijakkers leadership the league due to a 59-84 away win on the last day of the play-offs at the LicherBasketBären and were in the final table of the relegation round two points in front of the Uni-ReisenLeipzig, which due to a violation of the League statutes during the Playdowns had to accept a deductionof two players.

1.3 Intensive cooperation with Bonn[edit]

During the summmer 2017 general manager Boris Kaminski announced his resignation from the Dragons Rhöndorf and switched to a sponsor to free economy after 5 years in the club. His replacement became Alexander Dohms who already worked as the general manager for the club between 2011 and 2012. At the same time Thomas Adelt became the new Headcoach for the Dragons. He was in the past the second representation for the Telekom Baskets Bonn (1. Regionalleague west).

Another announcement was that the cooperation between Bonn and Rhöndorf should furthermore intensified and the Telekom Baskets Bonn are taking responsibility for the sportive interests from the Dragons Rhöndorf. They want a consistent conceptual planning which includes JBBL and NBBL from the team Bonn/Rhöndorf to reach their goals.

Team 2017/2018[edit]

Kader der Dragons Rhöndorf in der Saison 2017/2018

Nr. Nat. Name Geburt Größe Info Letzter Verein
Guards (PG,SG)
6  United States Kameron Taylor 1994 1,98 m Erdgas Ehingen
11  Germany Karl Mamady Dia 1996 1,95 m Telekom Baskets Bonn II
28  Germany Joe Koschade 1994 1,84 m Telekom Baskets Bonn II
12  Germany Fabian Vermum 1996 1,88 m Tus Brauweiler
5  Germany Patrick Reusch 1993 1,85 m Telekom Baskets Bonn II
17  Germany Lucas Mertz 1994 1,80 m DL Telekom Baskets Bonn II
2  Germany Viktor Frankl-Maus 1993 1,86 m K Köln 99ers
3  Germany David Falkenstein 1997 1,85 m DL eigene Jugend
Forwards (SF,PF)
7  Canada Kevin Thomas 1992 2,03 m Enosis Neon Paralimni
34  Germany Thomas Michel 1995 2,00 m DL Telekomm Baskets Bonn
8  Germany Valentin Blass 1995 1,97 m DL Telekom Baskets Bonn II
10  Germany Anton Geretzki 1998 1,93 m DL SG Bonn / Rhöndorf
13  Germany Yannick Kneesch 1996 2,04 m DL Telekom Baskets Bonn II
Center (C)
37 Latvian Ronald Elksnis 1992 2,05 m BK Jelgava
17  Germany Alexander Möller 1998 2,06 m DL SG Bonn / Rhöndorf


Nat. Name Position
German Thomas Adelt Headcoach
German Max Schwamborn Co-Trainer
Abk. Meaning
DL Doublelisence with Bonn
NBBL in the NBBL-Team as well
K Captain
II doublelisence for second team
NT Nationalteam

Change to season 2017/2018[edit]

Zugänge: Thomas Adelt (Headcoach/Telekom Baskets Bonn II), K.J. Sherrill (Hertener Löwen – not anymore in thesquad), Max Schwamborn (Co-Trainer/RheinStars Köln), Fabian Vermum (TuS Brauweiler), Kameron Taylor (Erdgas Ehingen/Urspringschule), Karl Mamady Dia (Telekom Baskets Bonn II), Ronalds Elksnis (BK Jelgava/LAT), Joe Koschade (Telekom Baskets Bonn II), Kevin Thomas (Enosis Neon Paralimni/CYP)

Abgänge: Will Trawick(target unknown), Thomas Roijakkers (Headcoach/Limburg United), Mike Lucier(target unknown), SavoMilovic (Co-Trainer/Telekom Baskets Bonn II), Florian Wendeler (Rot-Weiss Cuxhaven Basketball), Bastian Winterhalter (2. team), SaschaTratnjek (2. team), K.J. Sherrill (Telekom Baskets Bonn II), Maximilian Fouhy (SV Hagen-Haspe)

Well-known alternaning players[edit]

The following players were before, meanwhile or after their playtime a member of the Dragons A-Nationalplayers:

*  Germany Moritz Kleine-Brockhoff (1994–97)
*  Germany Thomas Deuster (1994–97)
*  Germany Detlef Musch (1995–99)
*  Germany Johannes Strasser (1999–2001)
*  Germany Yassin Idbihi (2001–03)
*  Germany Michael Koch 2003/04
*  Germany Jürgen Malbeck (2003–10)
*  Germany Dominik Bahiense de Mello (2004/05)
*  Germany Jonas Wohlfarth-Bottermann (2009–11)

Other former well known players are:

*  United States Christopher Rojik (1998–2000/2003–10)
*  United States Steven Key (1996–99)
*  United States DeUndraeSpraggins (2009–11)
*  United States Sanijay Watts (2010–11)
*  Germany Christian Mehrens (1995–1999)
*  Germany Artur Kolodziejski (1999–2001)
*  Germany Rodney Scruggs (2002–2003/2005–2006)
*  Germany Johannes Lange (2002–10)
*  Germany Alexander Seggelke (2002–2003)
*  Germany Goran Kovacev (2004–09)
*  Germany David Watson (2009–11)
*  Germany Fabian Thülig (2009–11/2013–15)
*  Germany Florian Koch (2011–13)

Coachhistory (from 19993)[edit]

 *  Germany  Michael Laufer – 1993 to 1995
 *  United States  Rob Friedrich – 1995 to 1996
 *  United States  Tom Schneeman – 1996 to 1998
 *  United States  Joe Whelton – 1998 to 1999
 *  Germany  Berthold Bisselik – 1999 to 2005, as well as 2006 to 2007
 *  Germany  Klaus Perwas – 2005 to 2006
 *  Germany  Olaf Stolz – 2007 to 2009
 *  Germany  Eric Detlev – 2009 to 2012
 *  Germany  Boris Kaminski – 2012 to 2016
 *  Germany  Christian Mehrens – 2016
 *  Germany  Matthias Sonnenschein – 2016 to 2017
 *  Netherlands  Thomas Roijakkers – 2017
 *  Germany  Thomas Adelt – since 2017

Playtimes in the past (since 1994)[edit]

  • 1994/1995: 1. Place in 2. Bundesliga North-relay (rise in the Basketball-Bundesliga)
  • 1995/1996: 11. Place Basketball-Bundesliga
  • 1996/1997: 2. Place Basketball-Bundesliga (2:4 bow out in the Play-Off quarter-final againstTelekom Baskets Bonn)
  • 1997/1998: 5. Place Basketball-Bundesliga (1:4 bow out in the Play-Off quarter final against TBB Trier )
  • 1998/1999: 3. Place Basketball-Bundesliga (1:3 bow out in the Play-Off semi-final against Telekom Baskets Bonn, afterwards sale from the lisence to the Frankfurt Skyliners)
  • 1999/2000: 2. Place in 2. Bundesliga North-relay (3. Place in theriseround)
  • 2000/2001: 1Place .in 2. Bundesliga North-relay (startright for the first league became to Köln 99ers delivered)
  • 2001/2002: 5. Place in 2. Bundesliga North-relay
  • 2002/2003: 9. Place in 2. Bundesliga North-relay
  • 2003/2004: 4.Place in 2. Bundesliga North-relay
  • 2004/2005: 3.Place in 2. Bundesliga North-relay
  • 2005/2006: 6. Place in 2. Bundesliga North-reay
  • 2006/2007: 4. Place in 2. Bundesliga North-relay
  • 2007/2008: 4.Place ProA
  • 2008/2009: 4. Place ProA (afterwards volountary retreat to ProB)
  • 2009/2010: 1. Place ProB (rise to ProA)
  • 2010/2011: 16. Place ProA (descent to ProB)
  • 2011/2012: 5. Place ProB-south (0:2 bow out in the Play-Off round of sixteen against SG Braunschweig)
  • 2012/2013: 1. Place ProB–south (0:2 bow out in the Play-Off round of sixteen againstBSW Sixers )
  • 2013/2014: 6. Place ProB-south (1:2 bow out in the Play-Off round of sixteent against Schwelmer Baskets )
  • 2014/2015: 3. Place ProB–south (1:2 bow out in the Play-Off round of sixteen against Uni-Riesen Leipzig, rise to ProA by lisence abstinence from Uni-Riesen Leipzig)
  • 2015/2016: 16. Place ProA (descent to ProB)
  • 2016/2017: 10.Place ProB-south

Playtimes in the past – records (since 1996)[edit]

Saison Points Rebounds Assists Steals Blocks
1996/1997 Richard Morton 561(23,4 pro Spiel) Christian Mehrens 152 (6,3) Christian Mehrens 152 (6,3) Richard Morton 52 (2,2) Christian Mehrens 40 (1,7)
1997/1998 Richard Morton 512 (19,7 pro Spiel) Stephan Johnson 177 (7,4) Steven Key 106 (5,1) Steven Key 49 (2,3) Stephan Johnson 23 (0,9)
1998/1999 Matthew Alosa 535 (16,4 pro Spiel) Detlef Musch 179 (5,8) Duane Washngton 105 (5,3) Duane Washington 51 (2,6) Detlef Musch 21 (0,7)
1999/2000 Duane Washington 578 (20,6 pro Spiel) Sascha Rudolphi 158 (5,5) Duane Washington 103 (3,7) Duane Washington 59 (2,1) Sascha Rudolphi 17 (0,6)
2000/2001 Duane Washington 699 (25,0 pro Spiel) Jürgen Massmann 124 (4,7) Duane Washington 98 (5,5) Duane Washington 66 (2,4) Thomas Lieschke 15 (0,5)
2001/2002 Duane Washington 609 (22,6 pro Spiel) Yassin Idbihi 139 (7,0) Duane Washington 113 (4,2) Duane Washington 62 (2,3) Yassin Idbihi 20 (1,0)
2002/2003 Alexander Seggelke 618 (21,3 pro Spiel) Michael Skender 159 (6,4) Rodney Scruggs 57 (2,1) Alexander Seggelke 38 (1,3) Yassin Idbihi 21 (1,0)
2003/2004 Christopher Rojk 650 (21,7 pro Spiel) Jürgen Malbeck 221 (7,6) Michael Koch 125 (4,5) Michael Koch 54 (1,9) Jürgen Malbeck 39 (1,3)
2004/2005 Christopher Rojik 573 (19,1 pro Spiel) Christopher Rojik 227 (7,9) Gordon Scott 113 (4,3) Gordon Scott 69 (2,7) Jürgen Malbeck 30 (1,0)
2005/2006 Christopher Rojik 516 (17,2 pro Spiel) Christopher Rojik 236 (7,9) Nicholas Moore 105 (3,9) Nicholas Moore 33 (1,2) Jürgen Malbeck 19 (0,7)
2006/2007 William Hatcher 565 (18,5 pro Spiel) Jürgen Malbeck 198 (6,8) William Hatcher 149 (5,0) William Hatcher 45 (1,5) Jürgen Malbeck 28 (1,0)
2007/2008 Chrisopher Rojik 463 (15,4 pro Spiel) Matt Dlouhy 207 (6,9) Kelvin Parker 123 (4,1) Kelvin Parker 79 (2,6) Jürgen Malbeck 18 (0,6)
2008/2009 Chritopher Rojik 497 (19,1 pro Spiel) Christopher Rojik 237 (9,1) Gabriel Moore 125 (4,3) Gabriel Moore 62 (2,1) Jürgen Malbeck 22 (0,8)
2009/2010 DeUndraeSpraggins 599 (20,7 pro Spiel ) Christopher Rojik 196 (6,5) DeUndraeSpraggins 112 (3,9) DeUndraeSpraggins 57 (2,0) Jonas Wohlfarth-Bottermann 37 (1,4)
2010/2011 Sanijay Watts 532 (17,7 pro Spiel ) Sanijay Watts 262 (8,7) Nick Larsen 119 (4,6) Nick Larson 34 (1,3) Jonas Wohlfarth-Bottermann 61 (2,1)
2011/2012 Stuart Turnbull 410 (17,1 pro Spiel) Tim Kasper 159(6,6) Nick Larsen 119 (5,0) Stuart Turnbull 55 (2,3) Tim Kasper 17 (0,7)
2012/2013 Geddes Robinson 389 (17,3 pro Spiel) Geddes Robinson 269 (11,7) Nick Larsen 127 (5,5) Nick Larsen 37 (1,6) Alejo Rodriguez 26 (1,4)
2013/2014 Tim Schönborn 356 (14,6 pro Spiel) Cory Remekun 203 (8,1) Nick Larsen 118 (4,7) Fabian Thülig 40 (1,6) Cory Remekun 65 (2,6)
2014/2015 Justin Smith 234 (21,3 pro Spiel) Theron Laudermill 168 (6,7) Viktor Frankl-Maus 73 (4,1) Fabian Thülig 45 (1,8) Theron Laudermill 39 (1,6)
2015/2016 Stering Carter 389 (15,6 pro Spiel) Florian Wendeler 138 (4,9) Viktor Frankl-Maus 135 (5,0) Viktor Frankl-Maus 48 (1,8) Floria Wendeler 26 (0,9)
2016/2017 Aaron Nelson 459 (23,0 pro Spiel) Aaron Nelson 250 (12,5 ) Viktor Frankl-Maus 176 (6,8) Viktor Frankl-Maus 43 (1,7) Aaron Nelson 26 (1,3)

Other Teams[edit]

  • 2. men team: 2.Regionalleague West
  • 1. Ladys team: 1. Regionalleague West
  • U 19 male NBBL as cooperation SG Bonn / Rhöndorf
  • U 19 female NRW-league
  • U 16 male JBBL as cooperation SG Bonn / Rhöndorf
  • U 17 female WNBL
  • U 15 female Regionalleague
  • U 14 male Regionalleague

Play Places[edit]

The Coliseum Menzenberg in Bad Honnef is the gymnasium where all home matches take place. The gymnasium includes capacity for 1500 places. Over the season 2006/2007 was it only possible to play in the neighbour coliseum „Sporthalle am Sonnnenhuegel“ in Oberpleis, beceause of an arson was the home coliseum unplayble. On time to the new season 2007/2008 was it luckily possible to practice and play again in the new renovated coliseum. Another renovation took place in the summerbreak 2015 and now you can see new scoreboards, a LED Videowall and a new floor.

Other playplaces from the rest of the Dragons are:

Schoss Hagerhof[edit]

Since several years there is a cooperation with the high school Schloss Hagerhof to allow an optimum network of sport and education to the talents. Many talented players went to Schloss Hagerhof, lived in the boarding school and graduated there. Also the high school Hagerhof offers with his main focus on sports the possibility to develop and individually to practice besides the Club practice to many young talents.