Dragonworld: The Legend Continues

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Dragonworld: The Legend Continues
Shadow of the Knight
(1999 USA/Canada VHS title)
Directed by Ted Nicolaou
Produced by Robert Bernacchi
Vlad Paunescu
Written by Ted Nicolaou
Starring Drake Bell
Richard Trask
Andrew Keir
James Ellis
Tina Martin
Judith Paris
Music by Richard Kosinski
William Levine
Cinematography Vlad Paunescu
Edited by Gregory Sanders
Distributed by Full Moon Entertainment
Paramount Pictures
Tango Entertainment (2005 USA/Canada Release)
Release date
  • 18 April 1999 (1999-04-18) (United Kingdom)
  • 17 August 1999 (1999-08-17) (U.S., Canada)
Running time
78 minutes
Country United States
United Kingdom
Language English

Dragonworld: The Legend Continues (also known as: Dragonworld II and originally released on VHS in North America as: Shadow of the Knight) is a 1999 Adventure fantasy film. It is a Direct-to-video sequel to the original 1994 film, Dragonworld. The film was actually originally filmed in 1996, but did not see a release until 1999. Andrew Keir is the only cast member to reprise his role as Angus McGowan from the original film, and it's the last film that he has acted in, during the 1996 production, before his death in 1997; this film is dedicated to him in memory.[1]


The film bears little relation to the first movie. Johnny McGowan and his only true friend who is Yowler, the last dragon on Earth, is in serious trouble. The Dark Knight, who happens to be the enemy of Yowler, has returned and has determined to plan on slaying Yowler, so that way, he can get a hold of the magical powers inside the dragon's blood to bring in a new evil age of dark generations to the planet. Young John is now gained an opportunity to begin a new quest to protect Yowler, defeat the Dark Knight and save the world for all future generations.



The film was produced in 1996 and the film locations were centered at Castel Film Studios of Bucharest, Romania.


The film has mainly received negative reviews, upon critics, compared to the original film. Rotten Tomatoes currently holds a 36% score of this film.[2] The film has been panned for its poor directing, poor storyline, poor acting and poor designed special effects, especially with Yowler, who was played by Richard Trask in a Dragon suit, giving the film a poor design reaction towards Critics.


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