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Draim AB
Game developer
Industry Game industry
Founded 2003
Headquarters Sweden
Key people
Mikael Sjösten: founder, co-chairman, CEO
Products trading card game

Draim AB is a Swedish developer and publisher of fantasy-based tactical card games, headquartered in Nacka, Sweden. It was founded in 2003 as Draim HB. The most famous game title is the trading card game Draim arena which has existed on the market since autumn 2006. According to the official webpage Draim Charta Nondum Draim also has plans to act as a publisher for fantasy comics in Sweden.

The next product, according to the official website, is a board game named World. Nothing about the contents of this game has been released, only that it will be out on the market in time for Christmas.[when?]

Web community[edit]

Draim has a Swedish-language web community where the users get in touch with the people behind the games. This is a part of the company's "open source" ideology meaning that the users can contribute to:

  • Create the mythology and the world of Draimia behind the games
  • Come up with ideas on how to change the Draim Charta Nondum homepage
  • Come up with ideas for new cards in the Draim Arena series, and
  • Come up with ideas for events, new games and new products

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