Drake's Brewing Company

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Drake's Brewing Company
IndustryAlcoholic beverage
PredecessorLind Brewing Company
  • Roger Lind
  • John Martin
United States
  • John Martin
  • Roy Kirkorian

Drake's Brewing Company is a craft brewery in San Leandro, California. The company started in 1989 as a wholesale-only kegged beer seller under the name Lind Brewing, after company founder, Roger Lind.[1] Drake's operates out of the old Caterpillar Inc. production facility located behind a Walmart.[2] In 2008, Drake's was sold to the owners of Triple Rock Brewery and Alehouse, a brewpub in Berkeley, California.[3]

In 2015, Drake's opened a new taproom in an old car dealership building in Oakland, called Drake's Dealership.[4] In 2018, Drake's opened a taproom, restaurant and events center in West Sacramento called The Barn.[5]

Drake's operates a small taproom inside its barrel aging warehouse. Most of the barrel aged beers are unique to the taproom and are not usually available for growler or keg fills; Drake's first bottling of a barrel aged beer, Reunion Barley Wine Ale, occurred in 2013.


1500 Pale Pale Ale 2014 California State Fair Bronze,[6] 2010 World Beer Cup Silver, 2008 Great American Beer Festival Silver
Amber Extra Special Bitter 2004 World Beer Cup Silver
Black Robusto Porter Robust Porter 2014 California State Fair Silver, 2013 Great American Beer Festival Silver
Denogginizer Imperial India Pale Ale 2009 Great American Beer Festival Silver
Drake's Gold[i] Blonde/Golden Ales 1991 Great American Beer Festival Bronze
IPA India Pale Ale 2004 World Beer Cup Bronze, 2002 Great American Beer Festival Gold
Rye Robusto Wood and Barrel-Aged Beer 2016 Great American Beer Festival Bronze
Santa's Brass Barley Wine 2018 Great American Beer Festival Gold
  1. ^ brewed as Lind Brewing Company

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