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Limited liability company
GenreBoy's Love, Romance, Action
FounderTran Nguyen
Websitewww.onedramaqueen.com/ Edit this on Wikidata

DramaQueen is a Houston-based English-language publisher of domestic, Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese comics founded in 2005.[1] DramaQueen also publishes an original English-language yaoi anthology called Rush, which made its debut in 2006.[2] RUSH ceased publishing when the company experienced financial issues and were uncommunicative with the creators involved in the project.[3][4][5] In March 2010, after a four-year hiatus from publishing, during which time the company lost some of its Japanese licenses,[6] Dramaqueen released the BL manhwa The Summit by Lee Young-hee.[7][8] On their forums, CEO Tran Nguyen indicated RUSH would return in a new format in 2011.[9]



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