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The prairie dog after turning its head

Dramatic Chipmunk is a popular Internet comedy viral video. [1][2] The video is a five-second clip of the "chipmunk" (actually a prairie dog) turning its head while the camera zooms in and dramatic music is played.


The clip became widely known through uploads on YouTube and CollegeHumor on June 19, 2007.[1] An earlier and identical version, titled as Dramatic Look, had been uploaded to YouTube on June 6, 2007.[3]

The clip of the prairie dog is from the Japanese television show Hello! Morning featuring Minimoni.[4] The clip has a prairie dog inside a transparent box being shown to the hosts in the studio. CollegeHumor also released a longer clip under the title Undramatic Chipmunk, showing how the video looked in the original Japanese version.[5]

The audio used in Dramatic Chipmunk is taken from the score of the 1974 Mel Brooks film Young Frankenstein, which was composed by two-time Oscar nominee (and longtime Brooks collaborator) John Morris, and orchestrated by Morris and EGOT recipient Jonathan Tunick.[6][7][8] It uses three dramatic chords (A minor, C# minor, and E minor) performed in full orchestral tutti, and has a rumble of thunder in the background. The "chipmunk" turns its head and stares at the camera with a "surprised" look while the music is played.


Since its release, the video has received over fifty million views.[9] People Magazine named the Dramatic Chipmunk as one of The 10 Wildest YouTube Stars of 2007.[10]

Since 2013, the Minnesota Golden Gophers have been known to play the Dramatic Chipmunk video on the Jumbotron during home football games to distract opposing kickers.[11]


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