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Dramatic portrayals of Reinhard Heydrich number among the more numerous of any Second World War figure, comparable to Adolf Hitler as well as war films depicting Erwin Rommel. Reinhard Heydrich has been portrayed in both television and film.

The character of Reinhard Heydrich became internationally known when David Warner portrayed Heydrich in the miniseries Holocaust. Warner would again play the character in the 1980s TV production Hitler's SS: Portrait in Evil. Warner's performance was rated as "cunning and chilling" with the Holocaust miniseries receiving several television awards.[1]

Within Czechoslovak cinema, Heydrich appears in the 1974 war film Sokolovo, where he is portrayed by Hannjo Hasse, an East German actor, who often represented the Nazi villains in East European war movies. Czechoslovakia also participated in the making of the above mentioned movie Operation Daybreak. The character of Reinhard Heydrich is further frequently mentioned in numerous Czechoslovak movies dealing with the topic of the Nazi reprisals which followed Heydrich's assassination as well as Heydrich's role in enforcing Nazi directives in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia.[2]

Within West German productions, Heydrich appears as a character in the 1977 television production Manager des Terrors (1977) where he was portrayed by Dietrich Mattausch. Mattausch's performance was viewed as "cold and stunning",[3] and he reprises the role of Heydrich in the acclaimed 1984 film The Wannsee Conference. The Wannsee Conference would inspire the remake Conspiracy (2001), Irish actor Kenneth Branagh, whose performance was described as "chilling portrayal" of Heydrich.[4]

In 2011, Czech director Petr Nikolaev finished his drama film Lidice (2011), where Heydrich was portrayed by German actor Detlef Bothe. Bothe portrayed Heydrich before, he appears shortly in two episodes of BBC documentary series Auschwitz: The Nazis and the 'Final Solution' (UK, 2005). He played Heydrich for the third time in the 2016 British-Czech-French thriller Anthropoid.[5][6] Bothe is often praised as "dead ringer" of Heydrich.[4] The following year saw the release of the war thriller film The Man with the Iron Heart based on Laurent Binet's novel HHhH ("The Man with the Iron Heart" is the name of another novel about Heydrich), with Heydrich portrayed by Australian actor Jason Clarke.[4]


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