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Origin London, England
Genres Synthpop, new wave
Years active 1981–1982, 2013-present
Labels The Rocket Record Company
Associated acts Gary Numan
Members Chris Payne
Russell Bell
Denis Haines
Rusty Egan
Past members Cedric Sharpley

Dramatis are an English synthpop band formed in the early 1980s. Chris Payne (vocals, keyboards), Russell Bell (guitars, keyboards), Cedric Sharpley (drums), and Denis Haines (keyboards) were all originally members of Gary Numan's backing band. They formed Dramatis following Numan's announced retirement in April 1981.

They released six singles and one album before disbanding in 1982. Two of their singles reached the UK Singles Chart: the 1981 single with Numan "Love Needs No Disguise" which reached number 33, and the 1982 single "I Can See Her Now" which reached number 57.[1][2]

Cedric Sharpley died from a heart attack on 13 March 2012.[3]

In December 2013, former members Chris Payne and Russell Bell announced the reformation of the band. A new album is set to be released in 2014 with Rusty Egan on drums.[4][5]


Studio albums[edit]

Year Album title
1981 For Future Reference

(also known as The Dramatis Project)


Year Title UK
1981 "Ex Luna Scientia" For Future Reference
"Love Needs No Disguise"
(with Gary Numan)
"No-One Lives Forever"
"Oh! Twenty Twenty Five"
1982 "Face on the Wall" Non-album single
"I Can See Her Now" 57[2]
"The Shame"


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