Drammen og Omegn Busslinjer

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Drammen og Omegn Busslinjer AS
Municipally owned
Industry Transport
Founded 1981
Defunct 1999
Headquarters Drammen, Norway
Area served
Buskerud, Norway
Number of employees
180 (1999)
Parent County of Buskerud
City of Drammen
Municipality of Lier
Municipality of Nedre Eiker

Drammen og Omegn Busslinjer was a Norwegian bus company operating in Greater Drammen until 1999 when it was sold to Nettbuss because of financial difficulties and renamed Nettbuss Drammen. The company was owned by the municipalities of Drammen, Lier and Nedre Eiker in addition to the county of Buskerud. At the time of the sale the company had 180 employees.

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