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A draper is a cloth merchant.

Draper may also refer to:


On earth[edit]

United States

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  • Draper (surname), people with the surname Draper
  • Draper Daniels, a creative director at Leo Burnett advertising agency in Chicago in the 1950s, who worked on the Marlboro Man campaign and partially inspired the Mad Men character Donald Draper

Arts, entertainment, and media[edit]

Fictitious Mad Men entities:


  • Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, an American not-for-profit research and development organization, founded in 1932 by Charles Stark Draper
  • Draper, Gaither & Anderson a venture capital firm founded in 1959 by William H. Draper, Jr.
  • Draper Fisher Jurvetson, a venture capital firm, formerly Draper Associates, founded in 1985 by Timothy C. Draper
  • Draper Richards a venture capital firm founded in 1996 by William H. Draper III
  • Draper Tools, a British distributor of tools for professional and consumer use, based in Chandlers Ford, Hampshire, UK

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