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Draper Fisher Jurvetson
Private ownership
Industry Venture capital
Founded 1985
Founder Timothy C. Draper
John H. N. Fisher
Steve Jurvetson
Headquarters 2882 Sand Hill Road
Menlo Park, California, United States
Products Venture capital
Total assets $5 billion
Website www.dfj.com
Draper Fisher Jurvetson - Silicon Valley office

Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ) is an American venture capital firm focused on early- and growth-stage investments in enterprise, consumer and disruptive technologies. In 2015, DFJ was identified as one of the top investors of billion-dollar startups.[1][2][3]


DFJ was founded in 1985.[3] The founders are Timothy C. Draper, John H.N. Fisher, and Steve Jurvetson.

In 2013, founding partner Draper announced his departure from the fund along with John Fisher.[4] Draper announced he will continue investing out of his personal fund Draper Associates and assisting his son in running an incubator.

As of October 2015, DFJ is one of the six largest and most active investors in the space sector, which has had over US$10 billion of private capital invested in it since 2005.[5]

In November 2017, Steve Jurveston stepped down from his position at DJF.[6]


The firm is headquartered in Menlo Park, California, and is currently investing DFJ Venture XII, a $350 million fund, which closed in 2016[7][8] and DFJ Growth’s second fund of $470 million,[9] which closed in 2014. DFJ’s core funds have raised more than $5 billion,[10] deployed in more than 300 companies.[11]

Since 2014, Heidi Roizen has been the firm’s operating partner.[12]


As part of Draper's DFJ funds, the Draper Venture Network was set up in 1990 to franchise the ideals behind the main DFJ fund.[13] Sixteen funds participate in the network including 11 outside of the US, including China, India, and the United Kingdom. In 2013 this network was restructured.[14]

In 2000, DFJ Esprit was set up in London, United Kingdom, as an affiliate fund focusing on early-stage European investment. In 2015, it was rebranded Draper Espirit reflecting the continued affiliation between Tim Draper but no longer DFJ.[15]


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