Drastic Measures (Dalbello album)

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Drastic Measures
Drastic measures dalbello.jpg
Studio album by Lisa Dalbello
Released 1981
Genre Rock, pop rock
Label Capitol
Producer Bob Esty, Jim Vallance
Lisa Dalbello chronology
Pretty Girls
Drastic Measures
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2/5 stars link

Drastic Measures is the third album by Lisa Dalbello. It includes songs written together with Bryan Adams and her mother Yolanda Dalbello.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Length
1. "Never Get To Heaven" Lisa Dalbello, Yolanda Dalbello, Bryan Adams 3:00
2. "You Could Be Good For Me" Lisa Dalbello, Bryan Adams 3:21
3. "Just Like You" Lisa Dalbello, Tim Thorney 3:22
4. "Princess Telephone" Lisa Dalbello, Yolanda Dalbello, Tim Thorney 3:27
5. "She Wants To Know" Lisa Dalbello, Bryan Adams 3:34
6. "What Your Mama Don't Know" Lisa Dalbello, Tim Thorney 2:52
7. "It's Over" Lisa Dalbello, Tim Thorney 3:25
8. "Bad Timing" Lisa Dalbello, Garry Nichol, Tim Thorney 3:04
9. "Dr. Noble" Lisa Dalbello, Yolanda Dalbello, Tim Thorney 3:33
10. "Stereo Madness" Lisa Dalbello, Garry Nichol, Tim Thorney 4:39


  • "Never Get To Heaven"
  • "She Wants To Know"


  • Produced by: Bob Esty for Fave Rave Productions
  • Basic tracks for "Dr. Noble," "Just Like You" & Stereo Madness" Produced by Jim Vallance
  • Recorded & Re-mixed at Cherokee Studios, Los Angeles, CA
  • Basic tracks for "Bad Timing," Dr. Noble," "Just Like You" and " Stereo Madness" recorded at Manta Sound Studios, Toronto, ON
  • Engineer: Hayward Parrott
  • Assistant Engineers: Paul Henderson & Dave Taylor
  • Engineer: Jo Robb
  • Assistant Engineer: Paul Ray
  • Mastered at Precision Lacquers, Hollywood CA by Stephen Marcussen


  • Drums – Ric Parnell, Barry Keane
  • Percussion – Bill Smith, Tim Thorney
  • Bass Guitar – Doug Lunn, Rick Homme
  • Guitar – John Goodsall, Gary Nichol
  • Jeff Baxter – Guest Lead Guitar on "She Wants To Know" & "What Your Mama Don't Know"
  • Prophet 10 – Paul Delph
  • Piano – Bob Esty
  • Piano & LM-1 – Lisa Dal Bello
  • Keyboards & Synthesizers – Tom Dahl
  • Bruce Robb – Hammond B-3 Solo on "It's Over"
  • Ben Mink – Electric Violin Solo on "Just Like You"
  • Backing Vocals – Cal Dodd, Bill Ledster, Dave Roberts, Bob Segarini, Tim Thorney, St. Marrona's 7th Grade Class, Bob Esty & Dalbello