Drawing Blood

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For the medical procedure, see Venipuncture.
Drawing Blood
Author Poppy Z. Brite
Cover artist Miran Kim
Country United States
Language English
Genre Horror novel
Publisher Delacorte Press
Publication date
Pages 373
ISBN 0-385-30895-7
OCLC 31368685

Drawing Blood is a 1993 novel, the second from author Poppy Z. Brite. Something of a haunted house tale, the novel was originally titled Birdland but the publisher retitled it to make a thin connection to Brite's first novel, Lost Souls, a vampire tale.[1]


The novel concerns Trevor McGee, a comic book artist and sole survivor of a family murder-suicide, and Zachary Bosch, a bisexual hacker, and their arrival at McGee's old family home in Missing Mile, North Carolina, a fictional town featured in Brite's previous novel, Lost Souls.

The characters Trevor and Zachary reappear in Brite's short story "Vine of the Soul", published in 1998 in Disco 2000, edited by Sarah Champion.


When a man set himself on fire in the Los Angeles, California location of a commercial mailbox company, copies of this novel were saturated with the smell of burnt flesh. They were sold by book dealer Barry R. Levin as collectibles.[2]


  1. ^ "Biography". Poppy Z. Brite Official Site. Retrieved 2013-09-09. [The] original title was Birdland, and I still think of it by that name, but Dell wanted something that sounded like a "horror title." Actually, I believe now that they wanted readers to think they were getting a sequel to Lost Souls. 
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