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Origin Novi Sad, Serbia
Genres Big beat, electronica, industrial rock, post-industrial
Years active 1997 – present
Labels Lampshade Media, Miner Recordings, Labtoy Music, dPulse Recordings, Glory & Honour, SKCns, Beast of Prey, Insurrection
Associated acts MRT, cUtNpAsTe, Analizator, Bao Vau, Blitzkrieg
Website www.dreddup.com
Members miKKa
Past members Mario Matak
Aleksandra Vukošić
Predrag Drobnjak
Ivan Francuski
Danica Bićanić
Nemanja Batalo
Bojan Radaković
Darko Ižak
Srđan Stevanović
Aleksandar Krajovan
Karolina Nemet
Dragan Mršić
Nikola Prošić
Robert Sabadoš

dreDDup is a Serbian industrial rock and demonic electronic band.


Formation, first releases (1997)[edit]

dreDDup was formed in 1997 in Novi Sad. The band's first official release was Abnormal Waltz from 1998, the soundtrack for the movie Noir that was never finished. Following this, the band wrote music for movies and theater plays (including Poslednja Krapova Traka, Footfalls, U malom dvorcu, Hronika Sterijinog pozorja) and recorded ambient sounds for TV shows at the Radio Television of Serbia. They recorded their first official studio album Mr Borndeads Feast in 2004, released for MoocSound. The album release was followed by a Serbian tour.

After Mr Borndeads Feast and positive reviews from the press, the band started making their second album, changing the sound and making it more crossover. Future Porn Machine was released in 2007 for Insurrection Records from Belgrade. This album dealt with the "pornographic future". Another tour took place and the band visited more than 40 cities.

Almost the complete line-up of the band was changed in the beginning of 2008 and the band started working on the new sound.

In late 2008, they also remixed some of Nine Inch Nails' songs, and did a collaboration album with Japanese spoken word artist Kenji Siratori.

dreDDup played at numerous music festivals from 2006 to 2009, including the EXIT Festival, String, Refuse Resist 6 Samhain, Go Fest, HGF, SGT, Determination and D:S. At the end of the year, the band filmed an Industrial Renaissance DVD, a 45 minute movie about the band, containing the complete video clip collection and some rare live video footage which was previously unreleased. It was released in February 2009 and was selected to be a bonus DVD for their 2009 album El Conquistadors.

Change of sound (2008)[edit]

El Conquistadors was released for Insurrection Records from Belgrade. The album dealt with dark present tense and the darkness of mankind, completing the Time trilogy of dreDDup releases, showing the new sound of the band and a much more industrial approach. This album changed the sound of the band, making it darker. The album was pronounced the second best Balkan album of the year 2009 by the Croatian webzine Terapija and also went up to third place in a Macedonian Okno magazine article about the best acts of 2009.

In 2010 their album El Conquistadors was re-mastered and re-released for Beast of Prey Records from Poland. The same album was re-released in 2011 for dPulse Recordings from the US.

Their new self-titled album was released for dPulse Recordings in the US. This album contains 16 songs. This was also announced as the last dreDDup studio album; nevertheless dreDDup started working on their fifth release.

A collection of their demo recordings called 219_demos was released by Crime:Scene records. These recordings go back to the period 1997-2001.

Their fifth album, entitled Nautilus came out for Glory and Honour and contains 13 songs. This is stated to be the last studio album and the band is not sure if they will make another one although they will continue to perform live.

On September 15, 2012, dreDDup performed on Warriors Dance Festival, organized by British group The Prodigy and Exit Festival, on Belgrade's Kalemegdan. In early 2013, they began another European tour.

In July 2013, dreDDup released "Etika", a single featuring Dario Seraval of cult Croatian/Slovenian industrial band Borghesia on vocals.

Their sixth album, I Dreamt of a Dragon, was finished on October 30, 2014 and was released for Lampshade Media.

In early 2016 the band released their seventh album, entitled DeathOven:Rebels Have no Kings. Their style changed and dreDDup incorporated more big beat and dance electronics style into their music.

They are currently working on their new album with the working title Soyuz.

Musical style[edit]

The music of dreDDup is a mixture of dark noisy sounds with rough industrial rhythms and metallic vocals. They are mostly influenced by the post-industrial music scene of the 1980s and the mid-1990s. They have changed their sound since 1997 but have always been within the electro-industrial/post-industrial boundaries. After experimenting with weird noises and rough drum beats they embraced commercial segments in their sound. As their influences they list Borghesia, Bile, The Prodigy, The Stooges and Skinny Puppy.


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Studio albums[edit]

Old cassette releases[edit]

Side projects and acts[edit]

  • Mrt, experimental ambient industrial
  • cUtNpAsTe, industrial metal

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