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Dre Area is a posthumous compilation album by American rapper Mac Dre, released in 2008 from Thizz Entertainment. It features guest appearances from several Bay Area rappers, including Dubee, Little Bruce, PSD, Dru Down, Rydah J. Klyde, Mistah F.A.B., J-Diggs, Too Short, and more.

Track listing[edit]

  1. . Cal Bear (Mac Dre)
  2. . Livin' N Da City (Chop Da Hookman, Tuff Da Goon, Dubee & Little Bruce)
  3. . Hyper Space (Dubee & PSD)
  4. . Pimpin' (Tuff Da Goon, Dru Down, Thizz Mob & Rydah J. Klyde)
  5. . Girl Right There (Chop Da Hookman, Dubee & Meez)
  6. . Dumb (Crest Creepaz & Thizz Kidz) - (Produced By Hawk Beatz)
  7. . Patiently Waiting (Chop Da Hookman, Young Los & Mistah F.A.B.) - (Produced By Hawk Beatz)
  8. . Romped Out Norteño (Mac Dre, Vital, Gangsta Flea, Goldtoes, Tito B & J-Diggs)
  9. . Paypa 'N My Pocket (Johnny Ca$h, Young Los & Thugga)
  10. . Witta' G (Trill Real, Rich Town & Lil Tre)
  11. . Feel Like (Trill Real, Lil Tre, Thugga & Chop Da Hookman)
  12. . Playboy Short (Too Short)