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Dread may refer to

  • Fear, associated with dread, an emotion
  • Angst, a profound and deep-seated spiritual condition of insecurity and despair in the free human being in Existentialist thought
  • A short story in horror author Clive Barker's Books of Blood collection, or the comic-book or stage adaptation of same
  • Dread (film), a 2009 horror film based on the Clive Barker story
  • Dreadlocks, a hairstyle also known as "dreads"
  • Dread: The First Book of Pandemonium, a different independently published modern-horror role-playing game
  • Dread RPG, a game of horror and hope
  • DREAD: Risk assessment model, a model for assessing computer security risks; acronym for Damage potential, Reproducibility, Exploitability, Affected users, and Discoverability

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