Dreadlock Pussy

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Dreadlock Pussy
Origin Netherlands
Genres Rapcore, nu metal
Years active 1997–2006
Labels Seamiew Records
Website www.dreadlockpussy.nl
Past members See "Band members"

Dreadlock Pussy was a Dutch nu metal band from Roermond. The band was active from 1997 to 2006 and released two demos, four albums, one EP and three singles on the Seamiew Records label, allied to Zomba/BMG. The band played many national and international shows, with highlights being spots at the festivals Lowlands, Pinkpop, Ozzfest, and supporting bands such as Therapy?, Machine Head, Hed PE, Disturbed, and Rammstein.


Dreadlock Pussy was started in August 1997, with the intention of writing good songs in a degrading music business. Four months after their start, their first show followed. A long list of gigs in their own state followed soon after. The first album Sharp Instead, independently produced, was released in 1999. Later that year, the band was signed by the Dutch record label Seamiew Records and booker Mojo. Their first show with Mojo was as support act for the American band Machine Head in Tilburg's 013.

In 2000 guitarist Guz (Zjon Gijsen) left the band and was replaced by Punto (Ferry Duijsens). In 2004 drummer Twixy (Twan Bakker) left the band and was replaced by Jos Roossen.

The Effenaar in Eindhoven was the stage of their last performance in May 2006, thus ending nine years of Dreadlock Pussy.

The Dreadlock Pussy band members have remained active after the split-up with other bands such as

Punto: Viberider, Kill Ferelli

Twixy: Sons of the Rain, GentleNova, Nem-Q, Circus Mayhem

Lombok: Simón

J: Bitcho, Pendejo, ReVamp.[citation needed]

Band members[edit]

  • Pat (Patrick Smeets) – Vocals (1997–2006)
  • bART (Bart Gooren) – Guitar & vocals (1997–2006)
  • J (Jaap Melman) – Bass (1997–2006)
  • Guz (Zjon Gijsen) – Guitar (1997–2001)
  • Twixy (Twan Bakker) – Drums & samples (1997–2004)
  • Lombok (Bart Heuts) – Turn Tables (1999–2006)
  • Punto (Ferry Duijsens) – Guitar & vocals (2001–2006)
  • Jos (Jos Roosen) – Drums (2004–2006)




  • "Leaves Of Grass" (2001)
  • "T Minus" (2002)
  • "Jacob's Ladder" (2003)


  • "La Migra" (1998)


  • "Choke" (2000)
  • "Leaves Of Grass" (2001)
  • "T Minus" (2002)
  • "Jacob's Ladder" (2003)
  • "Pickup" (2005)

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