Dreadnaught (film)

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Film poster
Directed by Yuen Woo-ping
Produced by Raymond Chow
Screenplay by Peace Group
Story by Wong Jing
Starring Yuen Biao
Bryan Leung
Kwan Tak-hing
Music by Frankie Chan
Cinematography Ma Koon-wa
Edited by Peter Cheung
Distributed by Golden Harvest
Release date
  • 5 March 1981 (1981-03-05)
Running time
90 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Box office HK$5,618,598

Dreadnaught (Chinese: 勇者無懼) is a 1981 Hong Kong martial arts film directed by Yuen Woo-ping and starring Yuen Biao, Bryan Leung and Kwan Tak-hing.


A short-tempered, violent criminal named White Tiger is on the run from the police and joins a theater troupe to hide out, killing anyone who angers him or who suspects his identity. One person he unsuccessfully tries to kill several times is a cowardly laundry man named Mousy, who manages to escape by fleeing. When Mousy's close friend and elder brother figure, Leung Foon, is killed by White Tiger, Mousy overcomes his cowardliness enough to seek revenge.

In a scene early on in the film, Mousy is washing the laundry with his bossy sister. After complaining about the repetitiveness of laundry work, his sister scolds him and demands he wash the clothes in the "family way." This leads to a scene with Mousy flipping the clothes around with his hands and wringing them out with powerful squeezing from this index finger and middle finger. These abilities turn out to be related to kung-fu methods, as Mousy eventually uses the same laundry method to defeat White Tiger.


  • Yuen Biao as Mousy
  • Bryan Leung as Leung Foon
  • Kwan Tak-hing as Wong Fei-hung
  • Philip Ko as Tam King
  • Yuen Shun-yee as White Tiger
  • Lily Li as Mousy's sister
  • Tong Ching as Mousy's love interest
  • Fan Mei-sheng as Marshal Pao
  • Brandy Yuen as Marshal's assistant
  • Yuen Cheung-yan as Marshal's assistant
  • Fung Hak-on as Demon Tailor
  • Danny Chow as Gorgeous Koon
  • Chiu Chi-hing as Chai
  • San Kuai as Iron Swallow
  • Yuen Lung-kui
  • Yuen Qiu as White Tiger's wife
  • Lee Chun-wah as Biggie (Big Mouth)
  • Yue Tau-wan as Snake Tongue
  • Fung Ging Man as Man who opens Opera House
  • Sai Gwa-Pau as Wong Fei-hung's servant
  • Cheung Chok-chow as Mayor at Wong's party
  • Lee Fat-yuen as Molestor
  • Tsui Oi-sam as Gorgeous Koon's fan
  • Ho Tin-shing as Boss Huang's servant
  • Fung Ming
  • Sa Au as Taoist
  • Yuen Woo-ping as extra
  • Man Ngai-tik
  • Ho Po-sing
  • Yeung Wah
  • To Wing-leung
  • Siu Tak-foo
  • To Wai-wo

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