Dreadnought (video game)

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Dreadnought video game logo 2017.png
Publisher(s) Grey Box
Engine Unreal Engine 4[1]
Release PlayStation 4
  • WW: 5 December 2017
Microsoft Windows
  • WW: TBA
Genre(s) Combat flight simulator
Mode(s) Multiplayer

Dreadnought is a combat flight simulator for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows developed by Yager Development and published by Grey Box with Six Foot.[2] The first previews were shown in 2014.[3] Dreadnought entered closed beta on 29 April 2016. On 3 December 2016 at the PlayStation Experience, it was revealed to be available for the PlayStation 4 as well.[4] The game went into open beta on the PS4 on 1 August 2017, and was formally released and moved out of beta on 5 December 2017.[5][6]


The player is the captain of a large spacecraft and uses projectile weapons to attack. The player is able to choose between several classes of ships, each with drawbacks and advantages in categories like speed and size. The ships are massive and are intended to give the feel of being a commander, not a rogue bounty hunter. As a result, gameplay involves large amounts of strategy and positioning. In addition to positioning the ship and choosing targets, the player may also allocate power to various parts of the ship. These areas include shields, weapons and engines.[3]


In multiplayer, coordinated attacks and focus fire are important. Other players may choose to heal a damaged teammate. Matches last around ten minutes and players may switch ship classes after death depending on the match type.[7]


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