Dream Brother

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"Dream Brother"
Song by Jeff Buckley
from the album Grace
Released August 23, 1994
Recorded Bearsville Studios, Bearsville, NY
Genre Alternative rock, experimental rock, psychedelic rock, art rock
Length 5:26
Label Columbia
Songwriter(s) Jeff Buckley
Mick Grøndahl
Matt Johnson
Producer(s) Jeff Buckley
Andy Wallace
Grace track listing
"Eternal Life"
"Dream Brother"

"Dream Brother" is the last track on the original release of Jeff Buckley's album Grace, the penultimate on later releases of the album. Written by Buckley, bassist Mick Grøndahl and drummer Matt Johnson, it was written as an urge for a friend of his, Chris Dowd of Fishbone fame, not walking out on his pregnant girlfriend in a similar way to Buckley's own father, Tim Buckley, as evidenced in the verses, "Don't be like the one who made me so old/Don't be like the one who left behind his name/'Cause they're waiting for you like I waited for mine/And nobody ever came".

Jeff Buckley notes:[1]

It's a song about a friend of mine, who's led a rather excessive life... He is in trouble. This song is for him. I know what self-destruction can lead to, and I have tried to warn him. But I am one big hypocrite because when I called him up and told him about the song I'd written, that same night I took an overdose of hash and woke up the next day feeling terrible. It is very hard not to give in to one's negative feelings. Life is total chaos.

The title was also used for a biography of Jeff and Tim Buckley, written posthumously by journalist David Browne, as well as an album featuring covers of some of their most famous by several artists including The Magic Numbers and Sufjan Stevens.

The song was covered by English progressive metal band TesseracT on their "Perspective EP".


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