Dream Club Zero

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Dream Club Zero (Dream C Club Zero)
Dreamclub zero-cover.jpg
Dream Club Zero game cover
Developer(s) Tamsoft
Publisher(s) D3 Publisher
Platform(s) Xbox 360, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3
Release date(s)
  • JP January 27, 2011
Genre(s) Dating sim
Mode(s) Single-player

Dream Club Zero (ドリームクラブゼロ or Dream C Club Zero?) is a dating sim video game developed by Tamsoft and published by D3 Publisher for the Xbox 360. The game is a prequel[2] to Dream Club and basically a Japanese hostess game where the player gets drunk with the hostess while trying to gain her favor. The game was released on January 27, 2011.[1] It was released on PlayStation Vita on December 17, 2011. This game is rated D by CERO, due to featuring more sexual themes than the previous game, such as erotic eating.


The goal of the game is to achieve a "happy ending" with a hostess working at the club by repeatedly visiting her there and eventually winning her heart. Visiting the club costs money which is raised by doing part-time jobs which are performed by simply selecting one work option from among two to four, after which the result of your work is immediately displayed and money is collected.

Money is spent on club entrance, drinks purchased there for both the player and a selected hostess, and on gifts for hostesses. The majority of the game is spent at the club one-on-one with a hostess of your choice, trying to raise her level of affection for you by answering her questions in a favorable way, giving her desired presents, and scoring high on mini-games which include karaoke performances by the hostesses during which you time button presses along with the music, as commonly done in music games. Your performance over repeated visits determines whether you will achieve a happy ending with a particular hostess, or are left lonesome and unable to return to the club again due to expired membership or triggered a certain event that causes both of you to remain as friends only rather than lovers.



The protagonist is the main character of Dream C Club Zero. The player controls him.

Amane (亜麻音?)

Age: 20 Voiced by: Ami Koshimizu

A hostess of the club. Amane is a shy and reserved girl. She has dark red hair. In the Normal Ending, she marries her fiance.[3]

Mio (みお?)

Age: 21 Voiced by: Eri Kitamura

Mio is an inventor from Kyoto. She has dark green hair and wears glasses. Like the other girls, she is a hostess.

Setsu (?)

Age: 20 Voiced by: Kaori Mizuhashi

Setsu is a hostess of the club. She is moody and spoiled. She has light brown hair and wears a barrette in her hair.

Reika (玲香?)

Age: 23 Voiced by: Risa Hayamizu

Reika is a hostess of the club and is also a professional bowler. She has long dark blue hair.

Mian (魅杏?)

Age: 21 Voiced by: Kei Shindō

Mian is a hostess. She can be fierce and angry at the protagonist if they do something stupid. She has twintails blonde hair.

Rui (るい?)

Age: 24 Voiced by: Hitomi Harada

Rui is a hostess and a teacher during the day. She has pink hair.

Riho (理保?)

Age: 20 Voiced by: Yuko Goto

Riho is a hostess at the club. She is also a model who will get a big break as a main character in a film about being a hostess in the industry (and thus working at the club to gain experience). She has light brown hair. She is a recurring character from the D3 Simple Series where she has variety of cameos from being an NPC or as part of a pinup poster.

Nao (ナオ?)

Age: 20 Voiced by: Ai Matayoshi

Nao is a hostess at the club. She is a tomboy and works as an assistant at a dojo. She has dark brown hair.

Airi (アイリ?)

Age: 0 Voiced by: Asumi Kodama

Airi is an android. She has dark blue hair.

Mari (魔璃?)

Age: 21 Voiced by: Sawa Ishige

Mari is a hostess at the club and is nicknamed by many patrons as "Bloody Marilyn" due to her mysterious personality. She has light purple hair. Mari's left eye is covered with a patch.

Haruka (遥華?)

Haruka is a rich girl working at the club, fed up with the fact people are associating her with her wealth and seen as snobbish and relies on her family fortune to get anything she wants. Haruka began working at the club to prove she can be independent.

Nonono (ノノノ?)

Nonono is a girl who came from the future.

Asuka (あすか?)

A professional beach volleyball player, due to her constant time out in the sun she has a tan. She began working as a hostess in spite of long term strain on her left foot. She is very hesitant to seek rehabilitation as it may put an end to her career.


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