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Dream High
DreamHigh PromotionalPoster.png
Promotional poster
Revised RomanizationDeurimhai
Screenplay byPark Hye-ryun
Directed by
  • Lee Eung-bok
  • Kim Seong Yoon
Creative directorBae Yong-joon
Opening theme"Dream High"
ComposerPark Jin-young
Country of originSouth Korea
Original languageKorean
No. of episodes16 (+1 special)
Running time65–70 minutes
Production companies
DistributorKorean Broadcasting System
Original networkKBS2
Picture format
Audio format
Original releaseJanuary 3 (2011-01-03) –
February 28, 2011 (2011-02-28)
Followed byDream High 2 (2012)
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Dream High (Korean드림하이; RRDeurimhai; MRTŭrimhai) is a 2011 South Korean television series starring Bae Suzy, Ok Taec-yeon, Kim Soo-hyun, Ham Eun-jung, Jang Woo-young and IU.[1][2] It aired on KBS2 from January 3 to February 28, 2011, on Mondays and Tuesdays at 22:00 (KST) for 16 episodes.

The drama was popular among teenagers, and brought in average viewership ratings of 15.7% during its two-month run. A special episode, where the cast of the show performed the Dream High Special Concert on a stage near Seoul, was aired on March 1, 2011, the day after the series ended.[3]

Its sequel Dream High 2 aired a year later with a different cast.[4]


Six students at Kirin High School share dreams of becoming K-pop idols, among others. During their school years, they learn how to develop their singing, songwriting and dancing skills while undergoing personal growth. They also start to develop feelings for one another. Each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses, but they strive to debut with the support and guidance of one another.



  • Bae Suzy as Go Hye-mi
    • Lee Joo-yeon as young Go Hye-mi (Ep. 2 & 5)
She originally wanted to become an opera singer, but is forced to take up mainstream pop to pay off her father's debt to a gangster.
He has a contentious relationship with his father, the Mayor, who hasn't acknowledged him as his son.
A country bumpkin who is a music prodigy with a rare disease, He develops a one sided crush on Hye-mi.
Formerly best friends with Hye-mi, the two become bitter enemies when Hye-mi betrays Baek-hee during an audition.
An American-born dancer who plans on making his entertainment debut in Korea.
  • IU as Kim Pil-sook
She was discouraged from pursuing music because she was shy and overweight. She also has the gift of perfect pitch.


  • Ahn Gil-kang as Ma Doo-shik
  • Ahn Sun-young as Kang Oh-sun (Oh-hyuk's older sister)
  • Ahn Seo-hyun as Go Hye-sung (Hye-mi's younger sister)
  • Lee Hye-sook as Song Nam-boon (Sam-dong's mother)
  • Choi Il-hwa as Hyun Moo-jin (Jin-guk's father)
  • Park Hyuk-kwon as Go Byung-jik (Hye-mi's father)
  • Jang Hee-soo as Kang Hee-seon (Baek-hee's mother)
  • Park Hwi-soon as Jin-gook's roommate (Ep. 1–2, 5)

Teachers in Kirin High School[edit]

Students in Kirin High School[edit]

  • Jeon Ah-min as Jo In-sung (Jin-gook's friend)
  • JOO as Jung Ah-jung
  • Han Ji-hoo as Park Do-joon
  • Yoon Young-ah as Lee Ri-ah
  • Park Jin-sang as Jun Tae-san
  • Han Bo-reum as Ha So-hyun
  • Bae Noo-ri as Han So-ri (Ep. 6, 9, 12-13)

Special appearances[edit]


In January 2009, media outlets reported that Bae Yong-joon, hallyu actor and chairman of KeyEast, would co-produce a television drama with Park Jin-young's entertainment company JYP.[6] A television drama production company, Holym, was established as a joint venture between KeyEast and JYP Entertainment. On April 2010, CJ Media signed a MoU with Holym becoming the part of production team.[7] Bae being the creative producer of the drama, he provided overall concept, goals and ideas while Park composed the music and choreographed the dance for the series.[8] The screenplay was written by Park Hye-ryun and the series was directed by Lee Eung-bok.[9]

Bae Yong-joon was also part of the cast for four episodes making his first small screen appearance in three years.[10] While Park Jin-young marked his acting debut with the series.[11] Ok Taec-yeon and Jang Wooyoung from 2PM, Bae Suzy from Miss A, Hahm Eun-jung from T-ara, singer IU and Kim Soo-hyun were selected for the main cast.[8] Kim was the only non-idol among the cast; but had studied music and dance at JYP Entertainment for 3 months in order to portray his role.[12]

Original soundtrack[edit]

Dream High: Original Sound Track
Soundtrack album by
Various Artists[13]
ReleasedFebruary 14, 2011 (2011-02-14)
  • Korean
  • English
ProducerPark Jin-young
Singles from Dream High[14]
  1. "Dream High" & "Someday"
    Released: January 3, 2011 (2011-01-03)
  2. "Maybe"
    Released: January 10, 2011 (2011-01-10)
  3. "Someone's Dream"
    Released: January 17, 2011 (2011-01-17)
  4. "Winter Child"
    Released: January 19, 2011 (2011-01-19)
  5. "If"
    Released: January 31, 2011 (2011-01-31)
  6. "May I Love You" & "Don't Leave Me"
    Released: February 7, 2011 (2011-02-07)
Original Album Tracklist[15]
1."Dream High" (드림하이)Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Suzy, Kim Soo-hyun & JOO3:46
3."My Valentine"Taecyeon & Nichkhun (feat. Park Jin-young)4:07
4."If" (못 잊은 거죠)Park Jin-young3:54
6."May I Love You" (사랑하면 안될까)Changmin & Jinwoon3:34
7."Don't Leave Me" (가지마)Jun.K & Lim Jeong-hee4:19
8."Someone's Dream" (어떤이의 꿈)San E (feat. Sohyang of POS)3:16
9."Winter Child" (겨울아이)Suzy3:38
10."Dreaming"Kim Soo-hyun3:41
11."If" (Inst.)Park Jin-young3:54
12."Maybe" (Inst.)Sunye3:00
Total length:43:46

Chart performance[edit]

Title Year Peak
Remarks Ref.
"Dream High" (Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Suzy, Kim Soo-hyun and JOO) 2011 41 Part 1 [16]
"Someday" (IU) 1 [17]
"Maybe" (Sunye) 10 Part 2
"Someone's Dream" (San E) 48 Part 3 [18]
"Winter Child" (Suzy) 12 Part 4
"If" (Park Jin-young) 3 Part 5 [16]
"May I Love You" (Changmin and Jinwoon) 5 Part 6 [19]
"Don't Leave Me" (Lim Jeong-hee and Jun. K) 60 [20]
"My Valentine" (Taecyeon and Nichkhun) 16 [19]
"Dreaming" (Kim Soo-hyun) 4 [21]

Plagiarism allegation[edit]

While "Someday" fared well commercially and reached number one on the Gaon Digital Chart,[22] it was embroiled in controversy after the song's writer and composer, Park Jin-young, was accused of plagiarizing the song, "To My Man".[23] Songwriter Kim Shin-il won his plagiarism lawsuit against Park Jin-young in 2013, however, an appeal to the Supreme Court of South Korea led to an eventual High Court retrial in 2015.[24][25]


On October 5, 2011, Japan's daily paper Sankei Sports reported that Dream High was handed the Grand Prize and 'Hallyu award at the SKY PerfecTV! awards which took place in Tokyo.[26]

On October 24, 2011, Dream High was given the Special Award for Foreign Drama at the 5th International Drama Festival held in Tokyo.[27]

On December 31, 2011, Dream High won the following at the KBS Drama Awards: Best Supporting Actress for Lee Yoon-ji; Best New Actor and Popularity Award for Kim Soo-hyun; Best New Actress for Bae Suzy; and Best Couple Award for Kim Soo-hyun and Bae Suzy.

On May 10, 2012, Dream High was honored at the Rose d'Or, the global entertainment television festival ceremony which took place at Lucerne, Switzerland. It won the Golden Rose under the Youth category, the first ever Korean production to do so.[28][29][30]


In this table, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.

Ep. Original broadcast date Average audience share
AGB Nielsen[31] TNmS
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
1 January 3, 2011 10.7% (13th) 11.2% (13th) 11.3% (8th) 14.2% (5th)
2 January 4, 2011 10.8% (14th) 11.4% (13th) 11.5% (10th) 13.9% (6th)
3 January 10, 2011 13.1% (7th) 13.3% (7th) 11.7% (8th) 13.8% (5th)
4 January 11, 2011 13.8% (5th) 14.3% (5th) 13.4% (4th) 15.4% (5th)
5 January 17, 2011 15.5% (3rd) 17.0% (4th) 13.7% (3rd) 15.8% (3rd)
6 January 18, 2011 15.8% (4th) 17.1% (4th) 13.1% (4th) 15.9% (4th)
7 January 24, 2011 15.9% (3rd) 17.2% (4th) 15.3% (3rd) 17.5% (3rd)
8 January 31, 2011 16.3% (4th) 17.7% (5th) 14.9% (3rd) 17.4% (3rd)
9 February 1, 2011 16.7% (3rd) 18.3% (5th) 14.9% (3rd) 16.9% (4th)
10 February 7, 2011 17.6% (3rd) 19.3% (3rd) 16.7% (3rd) 19.2% (3rd)
11 February 8, 2011 17.9% (3rd) 19.3% (3rd) 16.6% (3rd) 19.3% (3rd)
12 February 14, 2011 16.7% (3rd) 18.9% (3rd) 15.8% (3rd) 17.8% (3rd)
13 February 15, 2011 17.9% (3rd) 20.1% (3rd) 17.2% (3rd) 20.1% (3rd)
14 February 21, 2011 17.6% (3rd) 19.3% (3rd) 16.4% (3rd) 18.9% (3rd)
15 February 22, 2011 17.9% (3rd) 19.5% (3rd) 17.2% (3rd) 19.7% (3rd)
16 February 28, 2011 17.2% (3rd) 18.6% (3rd) 18.2% (3rd) 20.7% (3rd)
Average 15.7% 17.0% 14.9% 17.3%
Special March 1, 2011 12.2% (9th) 13.6% (8th) 12.1% (6th) 14.4% (5th)

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Recipient Result
2011 47th Baeksang Arts Awards Best New Director (TV) Lee Eung-bok Nominated
Best New Actor (TV) Kim Soo-hyun Nominated
Park Jin-young Nominated
Best New Actress (TV) Suzy Nominated
Popularity Award, Actor (TV) Kim Soo-hyun Nominated
Park Jin-young Nominated
Popularity Award, Actress (TV) Suzy Nominated
IU Nominated
Eunjung Nominated
4th Korea Drama Awards Best Writer Park Hye-ryun Nominated
Best Supporting Actor Um Ki-joon Nominated
Best Supporting Actress Lee Yoon-ji Nominated
Best New Actor Kim Soo-hyun Won
Best New Actress Suzy Nominated
Popularity Award Kim Soo-hyun Won
6th Seoul International Drama Awards Best Miniseries Dream High Nominated
13th Mnet Asian Music Awards Best OST "Someday" - IU Nominated
SKY PerfecTV! Awards Grand Prize Dream High Won
Hallyu Award Kim Soo-hyun Won
5th Tokyo International Drama Festival Special Award for Foreign Drama Dream High Won
3rd Bugs Music Awards OST of the Year "My Valentine" - Taecyeon & Nichkhun
feat. Park Jin-young
KBS Drama Awards Excellence Award, Actress in a Miniseries Suzy Nominated
Best New Actor Kim Soo-hyun Won
Park Jin-young Nominated
Best New Actress Suzy Won
IU Nominated
Best Supporting Actress Lee Yoon-ji Won
Best Young Actress Ahn Seo-hyun Nominated
Popularity Award Kim Soo-hyun Won
Suzy Nominated
Best Couple Award Kim Soo-hyun and Suzy Won
Taecyeon and Suzy Nominated
Wooyoung and IU Nominated
Cyworld Digital Music Awards Song of the Month (February) "Dreaming" - Kim Soo-hyun Won
2012 Rose d'Or Awards Golden Rose (Children & Youth) Award Dream High Won
7th Seoul International Drama Awards Outstanding Korean Drama Dream High Nominated
Outstanding Korean Actress Suzy Nominated
2013 USTv Student's Choice Award Best Foreign Soap Opera Dream High Won


The drama was adapted into a Japanese stage musical,[32] with Yuya Matsushita and Bright's Nanaka playing the roles of Song Sam-dong and Go Hye-mi, respectively. It had runs at the New National Theatre Tokyo from July 3 to July 20, 2012, and was produced by the "Dream High: Musical Production Committee" (ミュージカル「ドリームハイ」製作委員会), composed of TBS, Avex Live Creative, Nelke Planning and Lawson HMV Entertainment.[33][34][35]

After the publication of Dream High Special Making Book in February 2011 which contained behind-the-scene stories and photos as well as special interviews with the show's cast, a two-volume "image novel" was also released featuring still cuts from the drama.[36]


The sequel Dream High 2 aired a year later with a different cast, starring Kang So-ra, GOT7's JB and Jinyoung, 2AM's Jinwoon, T-ara's Jiyeon, SISTAR's Hyolyn, Ailee, and Park Seo-joon.[4]

In episode 17 of My Love from the Star, Bae Suzy makes a special guest appearance as Go Hye-mi, the main protagonist (and the same character she plays in) of Dream High.[37][38]



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