Dream House

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Dream House or Dreamhouse or variation may refer to:

Film and television[edit]


  • An alternate term for dream trance, an early genre of trance music that also influenced house music
  • The Dreamhouse, a concert venue and home for the Faroese punk rock band The Dreams
  • Dreamhouse (band), a British dance/pop group
  • Dreamhouse, a 2010 album by Tides of Man
  • Dreamhouse, a 2010 album by Steve Poltz
  • "Dreamhouse", a 1989 song by Xmal Deutschland from the album Devils
  • "The Dreamhouse (Mental Version)", a 1995 song by Suicide Commando from the album Critical Stage
  • "The Dreamhouse", a 1995 song by The Young Gods from the album Only Heaven
  • "Dream House", a 2013 song by Deafheaven from the album Sunbather


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